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Schoenfeld, Clay (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 48, Number 8 (May 1947)

With the clubs,   p. 20

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Luberg Talks to Superior Alumni About UW
Badgers Organize
Club Deep in the
Heart of Texas
  A LARGE GROUP of Wisconsinites
got together 'way down in Texas on
Founders' Day, Feb. 5, to commemorate
the 98th birthday of their Alma Mater
and to form a College Station Alumni
  E. M. Hildebrand, '28, professor of
biology at Texas A & M College, was
elected "Chief Badger," a new Texas
title for president. Professor Hilde-
brand also holds MS and PhD degrees
from Wisconsin. His wife is a member
of the class of '31.
  Honor guests at the Texas banquet
were Prof. Emeritus F,. M. Gilbert, '07,
of the -University of Wisconsin botany
department, and his wife. The Gilberts
are spending the winter at New Braun-
fels, Texas.
  Alumni attending the Texas roundup
  included Ide P. Trotter, PhD'33, Melvin
  S. Brooks, PhD'41, Paul J. Talley,
  PhD'32,'L. M. Blank, MS'27, Mrs. L. M.
  Blank, '26, J. F. Fudge, MS'25, I. W.
  Rupel, MS'24, L. P. Gabbard, MS'21,
  Mrs. L. P. Gabbard, '18, D. B. Cofer,
  MA'27, Mrs. Walter B. Hall, '45, T. W.
  Leland, '21, Walter E. Paulson, '17,
  Mrs. Walter E. Paulson, x'25, G. A.
  Russell, '08, L. S. Paine, MA'26, D. H.
  Reid, '19.
  Fred R. Jones, '15, E. H. Templin,
  '23, R. L. Hunt, PhD'34, Donald Bow-
man, PhD'39, Harold R. Brayton, '14,
Winfield Burchard, MA'11, F. I. Dahl-
berg, MS'30, A. A. Dunlap, x'30, Robert
B. Halpin, '37, Everett McQuillen,
MS'21, and Bruce L. Warwick, MS'22.
Five Wisconsin Graduate
Clubs Elect New Officers
  Leslie Andrews, '27, has been elected
president of the Green Bay Alumni
Club, succeeding Philip Desnoyers, '17.
Serving with him will be Mrs. A. E.
Swanstrom, '32, first vice president;
Robert H. Flatley, '35, second vice
president; Mrs. A. W. Bouffard, '26,
secretary; and Mrs. Lincoln Race, x'32,
  The Philadelphia Alumni Club will be
directed during 1947-48 by' Kenneth
Mills, '23, president; Howard I. Cramer,
'28, vice president; and H. E. Jamison,
'23, secretary-treasurer.
  Elected to head the Baltimore Alumni
Club for the coming year are the Rev.
A. J. Stiemke, president; Mrs. Carl
Hessler, '41, vice president; Karl Ehr-
gott, '16, secretary; T. A. Holgate, '40,
treasurer; and Robert W. Black, '24,
board member.
  Calvin Oakford, '24, is the new pres-
ident of the Peoria Alumni Club. The
Badgers in that city celebrated Found-
ers' Day on Feb. 28.
  The new officers of the Indianapolis
Alumni Club are Newell C. Munson,
'30, president; Morris Crain, x'31, vice
president; Elna Hilliard, '35, secretary;
Mrs. Walter J. Hubbard, Jr., x'28,
treasurer; and J. 0. Mogg, '24, and
Mrs. Edwin W. Camp, x'18, board mem-
annual Founder's Day banquet in the
Wedgewood Room bf the Androy Hotel
on Feb. 5. Shown at the speakers' table
are LeRoy Luberg, JPhM'-36, assistant to
Pres. E. B., Fred, Toastmaster.Arthur
Cirilli, '39, and Laurie E. - Carlson, 143,
president of the Superior club and a
member of the board of directors of the
Wisconsin Alumni Association. Mr. Lu-
berg was the guest speaker. Alumni from
both Duluth and Superior were -present
for the event, of which Mrs. Brandon
Crawford, '38, was chairman. Atty. Harry
Larson spoke on the University of Wis-
consin Foundation. Directors named for
the next three years were Mrs. Howard
Russell, '25, Dean Ekstrom, '26, and Theo-
dora Wiesner, '30. Other Superior direc-
tors are John C. Fritschler, '24, Harvey
Sargent, '31, and Mr. Carlson.
Knoxville Alumni Condemn
Regents in McMurray Case
  A resolution conidemning the action
of the Board of Regents in refusing to
appoint Howard J. McMurray to an
associate professorship in the Wiscon-
sin political science department was
passed unanimously by the Knoxville,
Tenn., Alumni Club at its Founders'
Day meeting in the Whittles Springs
Hotel on Feb. 8.
  Norman I. Wengert, '38, and Loyal
Durand, '24, were reelected president
and vice president of the club and John
E. Conway, '31, was named secretary-
treasurer. Other members of the Knox-
ville board are Karl Steinmetz, '10,
Max Edwards, '22, and Harvey Meyer,
La Crosse Alumni Hear
Fred, Pro Arte Quartet
  La Crosse alumni held their Founders'
Day banquet on April 17 at the Stod-
dard Hotel. They heard President E. B.
Fred of the University, Regent Arthur
Holmes, and Basil Peterson, executive
secretary of the UW Foundation.
  The La Crosse club also sponsored
the University Pro Arte Quartet on
Mar. 20.
  President of the group is L. M.
Engelhard, '27.
Chicago Alumnae Hold
Anntial Book Session
  THE WISCONSIN Alumnae Clib of
Chicago has set May 7 as the date of a
gala open meeting when Kathryn Tur-
ney Garten, '22, of Indianapolis, will
present her seventh annual book review
program for members of the organiza-
tion and their friends.
   This program  is sponsored as the
 annual money-making effort to add to
 the Edith Stoner Scholarship Fund,
 established and 'maintained by the Wis-
 consin Alumnae Club of Chicago. The
 scholarship is a memorial to Edith
 Stoner, '29, a former president of the
 group. A dinner at the Cordon Club
 will precede the program, which will be
 held in Curtis Hall of the Fine Arts
 Building on Michigan Blvd. The pro-
 gram has been arranged by, Ethlyn Sell
 McShane, '24.
 The Wisconsin Alumnae Club of Chi-
 cago is completing its 35th year. The
 group also sponsors a $1,500 scholar-
 ship loan fund and the Jessie Shepherd
 Scholarship of $500. The Chicago club
 originated the idea of a $10 annual sus-
 taining membership for alumni clubs,
 and in 1946 gave a $100 centennial gift
 toward the building fund of the Uni-
 versity. Funds for the club's philan-
 thropic projects are raised through the
 annual Garten book review and the sale
 of colored maps of the campus.
 Current officers of the club are Lucy
 Rogers Hawkins, '18, acting president;
 Lucy Rogers Hawkins, vice president
 and program chairman; Francesca Mc-
 Cormick, x'16, vice president and mem-
 bership chairman; Helen Brown Hobart,
 '19, vice president and university rela-
 tions chairman; Florence Collins Weed,
 '19, recording secretary; Helen Wicks,
 '27, corresponding secretary; Helen M.
 Zepp, '27, treasurer; Lida Jamison, '25,
historian; Ethlyn Sell McShane, '24,
Isabel Young Fogo, '16, Dorothy Wil-
cox, '28, directors.
Kivlin Talks at Baraboo
  Vincent E. Kivlin, '18, associate dean
of the College of Agriculture, addressed
Sauk  County alumni at the Hotel
Warren, Baraboo, on Mar. 27.

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