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Haight, Polly Coles (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 47, Number 1 (Oct. 20, 1945)

Fighting Badgers,   pp. 14-18

Page 17

Wisconsin Alumni and Former Students at the Naval Ordnance Laboratory
  Wisconsin leads all other universities and colleges in the num-
ber of representatives at the Naval Ordnance Laboratory in Wash-
ington, D. C. Altogether there are 37 Badgers there. The Officer-in-
charge is Capt. W. G. Schindler, who attended in 1916-17.
  Pictured above are: front row: Melvin C. Terry, '30, Ens. Eliza-
beth Wing Loomis, '37, Ens. Blakeslee G. Wheeler, '42, Specialist
Willard M. Swanstrom,_'44, Arleigh G. Larson, '44,- Mrs- Helen G.
Parish, CPO W. E. Skinner, '41, Specialist George Hoeffel, '44,
Ens.-C.F. I- - wer.m, "41, andWi so-Mltby, '33.
  Back Row: Adelbert C. Plautz, '32, Ens. Charles A. Borcher, '41,
Robert B. Hopkins, '39, Arthur H. Luebs, '44, Capt. W. G.
Schindler, '20, J. V. Atanasoff, '30, Ens. John W. Cremer, '44,
Ens. Harold P. Hanson, '42, Davis L. Bobroff, '39, and John N:
Fedenia, '40.
  Not appearing in the photograph: John Bardeen, '28, Cornel-
ius B. Browne, '44, Walter H. Ehlers, '44, Hubert H. Ewinger,
'28, Sidney Hedelman, '37, James N. Humphrey, '41, Robert W.
Kuenning, '41, Joseph G. Marsh, _'44,_ Frederick _A. -Maxfield, '29,
Mainrad M. McGinley, '43, George Olmsted, '41, Alexander F.
Robertsn, ,35, Dav     . 3-cF7 t7T4,, John H. Sell, "43,Ard-
more F. Vitulli, '44, John S. Welles, '44, and Lt. Louis Kaplan,
U. W. librarian.
positions with  a  high-powered  captured
enemy telescope when his own binoculars
failed. I% After serving overseas for more
than 32 months, Sgt. Richard J. TUITE
will be sent back to the States. ft Maj.
Charles G. VAUGHN is now at the AAF
Overseas Replacement Depot, Greensboro,
N. C. ?% Capt. Maurice B. WIGDERSON
has been awarded the Air medal for flights
from bases in Assam and Burma. 1% If Lt.
Harry J. WILLIAMS' luck holds out, he
will be able to see football games at Camp
Randall instead of reading them in the
Football Letters, as he has done the past
two years. W% Willard A. WITZELING,
technician fifth grade, returned from Europe
aboard the Argentina, the Army has re-
vealed. ?% Harry F. ZEMAN, technician
fourth grade, is an administrative and tech-
nical clerk in the 80th "Blue Ridge" in-
fantry division's field artillery battalion.
  The present address of Morris A. ARNE-
SON0    i'-id'nis 6Mennen HallIthfaca,
N. Y. ft The new address of Cpl. Ralph
BEHRENS is APO         3, N. Y. t    Lt.
Mary A. BOYCE's military address is Waco
Annex of the McCloskey hospital, Waco,
Texas. ft Pfc. Paul F. BRONSON served
eight months as a paratrooper in France and
recently came home. ft Horace W. BURR,
who is leading petty officer on a Coast
guard manned assault transport, plans to be-
come aĆ½ minister after his military service
is over. 1% Second Lieut. Loren T. COCK-
RELL is on Tinian in the Marianas, where
he is navigator on a Super-Fortress. f
First Lieut. Karl-H. EISELE, spending a 60-
day furlough at home, was awarded the Air
Medal with three Oak Leaf clusters, the
European Theater of Operations with two
battle stars, and the Distinguished Unit ci-
tation. ft Cpl.. Leonard Prentice EAGER
writes that "Venice was the best city for
having a good time that I have seen since
I left home." ft Patrick H. FASS has been
promoted to Lt. (jg) in the navy in the
western Pacific. f Sgt. Frederick W.
FISHER's new address is APO 75, San
Francisco. f Pfc. Irving GINSBURG in-
quires from Manila as to the football pros-
pects this year. ft Lt. Ellsworth F. HEM-
INGWAY, recently graduated as a navi-
-gator-from-the-aido-arm-air feie _na viga-
tion school in Texas, is home on furlough.
ft Lt. (jg) John HICKS has been made
skipper of an amphibious flagship in the
Pacific area. ft Benjamin S. HOAR has
been promoted to Technical Sergeant. f
Bernhardt LANDER has recently been com-
missioned a second lieutenant in France. f
From Italy came a letter from Major Roy A.
LANGE, who has received numerous calls
from Badgers, and has yet to see one who
hasn't proven his mettle. f Lt. Kenneth R.
LARSON is stationed at Ft. Bragg, N. C.
f Pvt. Robert H. LAUCK has been grad-
uated  from  an  eight-week radio  repair
course at Truax Field. ft T/4 Anthony R.
MEGNA was an instructor in Message Cen-
ter School in Germany before V-J day, and
intercepted Reuter's dispatches which re-
ported Japanese surrender offers. YN One
of the newly commissioned officers of the
WAC is Lt. Mary Louise MEYTHALER.
f Lt. (ig) David H. MILLER writes a
letter from the Pacific. ft Ensign Paul H.
NOLTE has been promoted to Lt. (jg) at
the naval base on Okinawa. ft Lt. (jg)
J. R. OBERLY may be reached on APA 46,
out of San   Francisco. f Lt. Joseph J.
PIALA's address is APO 331, S. F. f Lt.
Robert L. REISINGER's address is APO
334, San   Francisco. ft Pfc. Roger W.
RHYNER has changed his address to APO
28, N. Y. f   Sigmund SHAPIRO, SKD3c,
reports from the Pacific that steak and ice
cream are by no means rare on their menu.
ft The Struck family has three lieutenants
serving in the armed forces. They are: Lt.
  (jg) Howard J. STRUCK, who has been
  promoted to chief engineer of the USS
  Register; Lt. Louise STRUCK, '41, of the
  Army Nurse Corp; and Lt. Norman F.
  Struck, serving in the Army quartermaster
   First Lt. Carl H. ADAM spent V-J day
 in Madison with his brother, Norman, after
 34 months in Europe with the American
 Field Service. M Ensign James N. BEYER,
 had a part in the development of the atomic
 bomb at a secret New Mexico testing spot.
 M The Navy has promoted Roger D. BID-
 DICK to Lt. (jg). M   It was a happy day
 when Sgt. Richard R. BILSTEIN met his
 sister at a Manila general hospital. M
 Second Lt. Betty BLACKMER recently spent
 a 15-day furlough with her mother. YM
 Congratulations to Lt. William R. BOYLE,
 who has been awarded the Air medal for
 meritorious achievement while flying A-20s
 in aerial operations against the enemy in
the-Pacif-c.    Congratulation als g   Lto
Lt. Edward J. BUTCHER, who has been
credited with rescuing 34 wounded marines
during the Okinawa battle. 1 Herbert L.
CANNON, Sl/c, is aboard a troop trans-
port, and may be reached at FPO, San
Francisco. f   Sgt. John  G. CAWLEY's
address is APO    719, Frisco. f  Recently
assigned to the army air field in Roswell,
N. M., is Second Lieut. Richard E.
DRENER. ft     We wish Lt. (jg) Louis
GOET'IE, recently promoted, better luck in
the future in running into U. W. friends.
M Walton GRAHAM is stationed at Cor-
pus'Christi, Texas. P% Ensign Theodore C.
HASPELL is home on a 38-day leave from
the Philippines, where he served a year as
a pilot on a PBM plane. 0 Lt. Wil-
liam H. HERWITZ is back in the States
after seeing service in Italy. ft One may
write Cpl. Wallace I. KALBACKEN %
APO 251, N. Y. ft Pvt. William A.
KRASKE's new address is APO 75, San
Fran. M FPO, Frisco, aboard a carrier, is
the address of Ensign Glenn L. KRAUSE.
ft   Arthur  J. LANGLOIS, returned     to
Washington after 31 months of overseas
service, is hoping to be back on campus for
second semester. 1 Lt. Bernice E. LAR-
SON is at the Percy Jones hospital at Bat-
tle Creek, Mich. f  Cleo M. OLDS, phar-
macist's mate second class, is aboard the
USS North Carolina. f Sgt. Leonard M.
NEMSCHOFF's address is now APO 70,
San Francisco. M Pfc. Richard C. MUEL-
LER may be reached at APO 255, N. Y. f
After a 32-day leave, following overseas
From WHA to JOAK
  Radio Tokyo, onetime source
of propaganda programs aimed
at American servicemen in the
Pacifc, is undergoing a complete
renovation, and the renovator is
a Fighting Badger.
   Capt. Mel BARTELL, '38,
university WHA favorite, isnow
in charge of Tokyo's 10,000 watt
station, JOAK. Attached to Gen.
MacArthur's headquarters and
in charge of the armed forces
radio servce unit there, Bartell,
his staff, and about 20 enlisted
men will still aim JOAK's pro-
grams at American ears, but
their policy will be a new one.
  Programs will be sent out 18
hours a day. They will include
American network s h o w s re-
broadcast, shows by and about
occupation forces, and, guess
what-music from the large rec-
ord collection used by Tokyo

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