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The Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 46, Number 3 (Dec. 15, 1944)

Faculty,   pp. 7-8

Page 7

Scientists Win Awards
  Dr. A. 0. HOUGEN, professor of chem-
ical engineering, was made recipient of
the 1944 William H. Walker award of the
American Institute of Chemical Engineers
for his 'outstanding contributions to chem-
ical engineering literature.
  The award was based on two papers
Dr. Hougen prenared for the Institute's
transactions on the subjects of the drying
of solids, and heat, mass, and momentum
transfer in the, flow of gasses through
granular solids.
s, director of th
!, has been raise
i of the sumine
by, the board o
tained that "Be
  Malcolm   Robert IRWIN, professor. of
genetics, was awarded the 1938 Daniel
Giraud Elliot medal by officials of the Na-
tional Academy of Sciences, when they met
recently in Washington, D. C,
  The medal. was given for the "most
meritorious work in zoology or paleon-
tology published during the year." The ar-
tile published by Irwin appeared in the
Journal of Genetics and dealt with the
general subject of hereditary differences
and similarities in closely related species
of pigeons and doves.
  This medal originated during the period
of the Civil War, having been established
by Congress then and approved by Pres.
Write History
evringhaus and Coach
may carry the fame of
Dus abroad soon.
hias been given permis-
to take a leave of ab-
.o to Italy to study the
ies of the civilian pop-
of approximately four
in a 12 man team of
erican universities on
is departure date de-
pproval of the 'United
Rehabilitation Adsin-
e will serve as clinical
n and will be continu-
iutritional research he
sin.. The results of tthis
1i help determine the.
abilitation of the sta .rv -
accomplished by nutri-
r    Two faculty members now on leave from
   their duties on the campus are busily
   engaged in writing war histories for the
   United States Army. They are Prof. Merrit
   Y. Hughes, former head of the English de-
Spartment, and Prof. Mary C. Devereaux, of
r  the library school.
ot the summer session."
   Dean Fowlkes has been a member of
 the faculty since 1922 and' has been a full
 professor since 1927. He holds a Ph.D. de-
 gree from Columbia university, is a mem-
 ber of many educational assocations, and
 is the author of many books in the field
 of education.       -
 National Committees
   Three faculty members, will serve on
committees of the Association of Land-,
Grant Colleges and Universities next year,
it has just been announced.
. 'President Dykstra served as chairman of
the executive committee for 1944 and will
continue to be a member of this committee
in 1945. He. will also continue to be a
member of the committee on relationships
with the federal, government.
Miss Frances Zuill, director of home
economics, will serve as vice-chairman of
the home economics section of the' asso-
ciation for 1945.
   Noble Clark, associate director of the
agricultural experiment station, will re-
main chairman of the post war planning
committee and will also start a term- as
-member of the- experiment station organ-
ization and policy committee ;
the western front where Patton's troops
have engaged in successful campaigns for
the Metz fortress.
   After enlisting in the army, Maj. Hughes
 was returned to. the campus' briefly for a
 course of study with the civil affairs train-
 ing school for officers who were later as-
 signed as aides arid attaches to Allied gov-
 ernors of liberated territorities in Europe.
   Miss Devereaux is on leave to work with
 the army air .forces where she is writing
 the history of the'army air- forces technical
 command, including flying and technical
 training.    ,
   She has recently been transferred from
 St. Louis, Mo. to Ft. Worth, Tex., where
.she is-located at the headquarters of the
technical command.
  Miss Devereaux' expects to complete the
  history by, September 1945.
  Curry's Painting.
  John Steuart .-Curry's painting, "Our
  Good Earth-Keep It Ours!" will be given
  to the' College -of Agriculture for its per-
  manent art collection. -It was originally
  painted for the U. S. Treasury department
  at the request of treasury oflicials,ý and-has
  been widely used on war posters.;:... "
  .Currently an editor of the new Ameri-
  ca rokman, he. is a former editor , of
  Kenyon Review, has contributed to schol-
  arly quarterlies, reviews, and technical jour-
  nals of philosophy, esthetics, and literary
'criticism. In 1939 he was visiting professor
.of contemporary philosophy at Columbia
university, and the same -year accepted a
Guggenheim fellowship, publishing a study
of the esthetics of George Santayana.-
  When Rockford College arranged its In-
stitute on Contemporary Russia which it
conducted- during November, three Wiscon-
sin faculty- members were chosen to lead

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