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Thoma, Harry C. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 38, Number IX (June 1937)

In the alumni world,   pp. 352-359

Page 358

                    The Wisconsin Alumnus
            She is a works progress supervisor of the
-Albert SMITH, Ph.D. '32, is a plant                                    
            National Youth Administration for Clark
pathologist with the U. S. Department of                                
            and Greene counties, 0. She lives at 504
Agriculture, at the Georgia Experimental                                
            N. Wittenberg, Springfield, 0.- Glen
Station. He and Mrs. Smith (Esther E.                                   
            MCGRATH has succeeded Carl Zielke as
BUBOLZ, M.A. '31) are living at 504                                     
            manager of the Wisconsin Press associ-
Kincaid ave., Griffin, Ga.                                              
         Class of 1933                                                  
                     Class of 1937
  Donald ANDERSON is an engineer witb                                   
              Donald JONES of Kohl~er, a February
J. I. Case co., Racine, Wis.-Hjalmar                                    
            grad, is now a member of the sales di-
BRUHN, M.A. '33, is an agricultural en-                                 
            vision of the Standard Oil company at
gineer department research engineer at the                              
            Milwaukee.-Lois ROEHL, law     student,
University. He lives at 1502 Drake st.,                                 
            was hostess during vacation to Milwaukee
Madison.-Bobby    POSER   and  Wilbur                                   
            alumnae of her sorority, Sigma Kappa,
FRECK, ex '33, are playing with the                                     
            at her home in Wauwatosa.-Art KAF-
Madison Blues baseball team several nights                              
            TAN, another law   student, recently re-
a week.-Herman RAUCH, a grad in your                                    
            ceived recognition in the national pub-
time, has recently been borrowed from his                               
            lication of his fraternity, Chi Phi, with
post as head of the industrial commission's                             
            his brother, Fred, '28, for his feat in
unemployment adjustment board to set up                                 
            winning the Western   Conference saber
new regional offices in Milwaukee for the                               
            title for the past two years.-Emmett
State labor relations board.-Mae-Ellouise                               
            MORTELL, ex '37, football player and
WILKINS is teaching in the senior high                                  
            former softball pitching marvel, is now
school at Canby, Minn.-Joseph FELL-                                     
            a member of one of the "farm" teams
NER is with the Federal Bureau of Inves-            "Tony" Canepa,
'35               of the Milwaukee Brewers.-The wild
   tigtio, U   S.Department of Justice, at  Former Hares! oot star with the
Firestone  and checkered adventure Jean  LACKEY
Washington, D. C.-Jenk JONES is m an-     Tire co., who was a recent Campus
visitor  satdoto              eradahl
aging editor of the Tulsa Tribune, one                                  
            ago has taken her to the Orient on the
of the youngest editors in the country. He                              
            President Taft from Honolulu, latest re-
was toastmaster at the Sigma Delta Chi                                  
           ports have it.  Her impersonations and
banquet May 4.-Ray Van WOLKENTEN,         Maln"Sewrsfo             
hcg.At           readiness to try any job once have earned
Madison attorney, ran for county hoard    Marlin."' shemorkspe from
Chicagobase     her her way so far.   She plans to write
of supervisors in the last election.-Homer  CU irstiNRs  smooth pelihig fromfthirdfbase
 a book, "Bum  Voyage," and conduct a
BENDINGER was elected treasurer of Mil-   tofistiso aan dle  aeblgtn theam
 fans ofthene  national radio program  as results of her
waukee S. A. E. alumni at a celebration   MaioBlebsblltmsthnw           
            round-the-world voyage. She also spreads
of the 81st anniversary of the fraternity'Isseason opens.               
            good will medals to foster good feeling
founding.-Loretta CARNEY of Kaukau-                                     
            between nations.-Father Francis J. HAAS
na, will manage the diet kitchen and din-           Class of 1935       
            made the Wisconsin labor disputes board
ing room of the new $100,000 Michigan                                   
            unanimously Wisconsin-graduate by tak-
City sanitarium which opened Apr. l......    Mildred ALLEN edits The Chase
for       ing his LL.D. in '36. He is president of
Horace  MERRILL, Ph.M. '33, debate        the Chase National Bank in New
York.       St. Francis Seminary in Milwaukee. Other
coach  and  instructor at Amery   high    -Williamn BUSH    in April joined
the     members are Voyta WRABETZ, '03, and
school, will be an assistant in the history  engineering  staff  of the 
Oliver  Iron  Prof. E. E. WITTE, '09. -      Clarence
department at the University next year,   Mining Company     of Duluth  
and has     KAILIN, ex '36, who has been fighting
working under Prof. John D. Hicks.        been assigned to work at Virginia,
Minn.   with the Spanish loyalist forces, has been
Fred PEDERSON is the author of Warner     -   arden S. PIERSON is a steel
observer   wounded in a battle on the Jarama river
Brother's  new  picture, the  $750,000    with the Carnegie, Ill. Steel co.,
at Clair-  front not far from Madrid, it is reported.
"Varsity Show."  The company was re-      town, Pa.  He was married
on Jan. 4,      -Don    OLSON, U. baseball player, is
fused permission to use the University    1936, to Sarah Page. They live
at 418      again working with the Madison Blues
campus for scenes in the picture.         Caldwell st., Clairtown.-Mary Louise
      baseball team as it starts its new season.
                                          MILLER, M.S. '35, is an instructor
in     Poser, Schneider, Mansfield, Cuisinier and
                                          physical education and assistant
in chernis-  Freck are other University contributions
          Class of 1934                   try at Heidelberg college at Tiffin,
O.-   to the Blues.-Odin ANDERSON, now a
  Charles CLARK joined the staff of the   Wilson OLBRICH has opened law offices
at  graduate student at the University, has
U. S. Army engineers office at Louisville,  4 13 First Central building in
Madison.  been awarded a scholarship for ten weeks'
Ky. on April 12.-George BURKHARDT,        He has been an examiner for the
Madison    travel in Norway, Sweden and Denmark
who took degrees in '33, '34 and '35,     district office of the unemployment
com-   with a seminar group led by Prof. N. G.
          is anassocate  nginer wih theU. S pensation  department of the
industrial   Salin of Yale university.-The first Span-
Department of Agriculture at the Puerto   cosmissifornitedmAi TLKneRs aewen
  air    ish concordance ever made won for Prof.
Rico experiment station  at Mayaguex,     hostssfo UnCitedair Lines betwend
a  Neown  Bart E. THOMAS, acting head of the de-
Puerto Rico.-Art BENKERT, who took        Yr     n   hcg     n   led    a
  lw       partment of modern languages at the
his law degree in Feb. '3 6, has opened a  well over 200,000 miles.    She
recently  University of Montana, his doctor's de-
branch of the Monroe law firm of Love-    told of her experiences to the
Kenosha     gree from  Wisconsin.  It is the longest
land and Benkert, at Brodhead.-Carl       Kiwanis club.-Michael DROZD, formerly
     thesis ever accepted by the university. He
ZIELKE recently was appointed manager     ingtecr at Eragan, Sin.-D.,isnowd
of the Wisconsin Press Association by the  sng  taugtagrad  Minnlt -Donastydra
ROW,  hsuentacigsnc         95
board of directors.-Paul KAISER, Ph.M.    wotuh        giutr     atya   
'34, recently ran for re-election as superin-  land, S. D., is now at Flandreau,
S. D.  Deaths
tendent of schools in Dodge county. He                                  
                  (Con tin ued f rom page 3 51)
is president of the State Association of            Class of 1936       
            crutcut         ewstesrro             h
County Superintendents. -  J. Edward                                    
            crutcut         ewstesrro           h
SWEENEY has succeeded his brother as city     Harry SHEER, former Cardinal
sprt     Sauk county bar association.
attorney of Edgerton.-Bill KINNE repre-   ed, is working with the Associated
Press     His widow; a daughter, Mrs. Paul
sented the second generation of Phi Gains  bureau in Madison, covering state
capitol  Cross, Minneapolis; a brother, William
when he attended this year's annual "pig  offices.-Gene DANA is studying
this year   Bonham, Prairie du Sac; and a sister,
dinner" at the chapter house with his     with Cameron Booth in St.
Paul, Minn.      Mrs. A. D. Henry, Larimiore, N. D., sur-
father, Bill Sr. '04.-Ginny TEMPLES       -Mary MADIGAN of Beaver Dam   
    has     vive him.
may be the girl behind the next baby's    taken over home ec and gym activities
cry you hear on the net works.  She is    the Elkhorn high school.-Una HISLOP
         ERNEST ALBERT BAKER, LL.B. '93,
on the "Ma Perkins" hour, "Girl in a      writes that she
wants to keep in touch     died in Appleton July 27, 1935. Death
Million, ". .Chief Waldo"  and  "Mary      with her classmates
by joining the A. A.  resulted from  arthritis.

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