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Thoma, Harry C. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 38, Number IX (June 1937)

In the alumni world,   pp. 352-359

Page 356

                 The Wisconsin Alumnus
gram prepared by the Wisconsin Alumni      Your Chairman's Committee has
charge   ford, III.-Joseph GENGERELLI is assis-
Association, and the University Alumni   of the breakfast Sunday morning,
June    tant professor of psychology at the Uni-
Institute, the Class of 1925 has planned  2 0th, at Sunset Point.       
         versity of California.-Virginia NORTH
three special events with its sister classes  Two last admonitions when you
come:   of Green Bay has been awarded a uni-
of '26, '27, and '28. These classes will  register at the Union and make
advance    versity fellowship in law  at Columbia
hold a reunion dance at the Beta House   reservations for the big banquets
Friday  University. She took her LL.B. at Mad-
Friday evening. Saturday afternoon there and Saturday nights.           
         ison in '28.-Ray KUBLY, captain of the
will be a picnic at Burrows Park. Special    A letter giving more detailed
facts will  track team in '25, now is the proprietor
buses will leave the Wisconsin Union at  reach you in the very near future.
      of his own Swiss Colony cheese-by-mail-
2 and 2:30 to accommodate Alumni who           Your Chairman signing off,
        and-express service and cheese-bait-for-cat-
return to Alma Mater without their cars.                       JOHN H. ESCH
      fish business in Monroe and a member of
Refreshments will be served and equip-                                  
         the Ackerman and Abplanalp company
ment for baseball and other sports willCls                of12          
         cheese firm in Monroe. (Say, Ray, that
be supplied. Sunday morning at 9 :30,Clsof12                            
         Monroe paper is talking pig-latin and
breakfast will be served at Sunset Point.      Class Reunion-June 18.19 
         pulling our leg, isn't it?)
  The special events planned by this       Samuel HIMMELFARB, ex '27, was
                  The 1927 Reunion
group of classes will furnish excellent op-  awarded a prize in watercolors
at the re-  Your vacation plans are all made. You
portunities for old friends to get together,  cent 24th annual Wisconsin
art exhibit  have no worry, no fuss, no decisions to
to renew old acquaintanceships, and swap  at the Milwaukee Art Institute.-Dr.
    mae    Alyohvetdoitoseht
yarns.                                   HaroldKULisrcoinpiooh          
                                             KtteUnieLiy, isrucetor ittndphiosohy
 you are in Madison on June 1 8, 1 9, and
         Class of 1926                   a  h    nvriy     eetyatne     
  h      20, and you will find a grand vacation
                                         convention of philosophers at Knox
col-  pormalli          u   o   o   yyu
      Class Reunion-June 18-19           lege, Galesburg, II1.-Dorothy EBBOT
is     program  allmlidtote freo.byu
  Henry WINZENBURG is an engineer        reported in the Davenport, Ia. Times,
as   Together with our friends of '25, '26,
with the Chicago Park board on the con-  having achieved the honor of being
the   ad'8       ewl    ac    rdyeeig
struction of the Outer drive bridge and  first woman employed on the staff
of a   pci     audyatron         n    rafs
approaches. He and his twin brother Er-  large soup manufacturing company.
She    picnicfSaturdayn Snaftrnon  and break faste
win live together at 30 W. Chicago ave.  served as an apprentice in dietetics
and  tiewlbeelfled         ihevnsce-
Erwin WINZENBURG is also an engineer,    worked up to the job of head dietician
  ue    o   lmio      l   lse   eunn
with the U. S. Engineers at Chicago.-    for a chain of New York restaurants
be-  ue    o   lmio      l   lse   eunn
James WHITESIDE is now a sales repre-    fore getting her recent position.
The    for the weekend.
sentative with the BglwLpa corpor-       Times, however, does not disclose
what   b The Alumni Institute on Friday will
ation of Chicago. BielowLpak awre  h      opn     ti   htwne       hr-.R
          eespecially worthy of your support and
                                  He wa awared te  comany  t is hat wntedher.-.
R. presence.  The program will be interest-
degree of J. D. in law from DePaul uni-  AMUNDSON, ex '27, is president of
the    ig   n   twl    otyuntigecp
versity in 1930. He married Ruth Nor-    Bank of Cambridge and active in
work of  the   ndi pric lof our dinne Frtiday evening
ris of Chicago, a DePaul graduate, and   the Agricultural commission of the
Amer-  The sprieial event sponsoredaby oureclass
they have one son, Robert.  Whiteside    ican Bankers association.-Bigsby
MASON   ase lstedia abvet willnbeoree. you las
had formerly practised law until Dec. 1,  is editor of the American Builder
at 30                LOWELL FRAUTSCHI,
1 936.-Dr. Selmar C. LARSON, M.A.        Church it., New York city.-Harry
DAV-                         Reunion Chairman
'26, father of Robert Larson who will    ENPORT, ex '27, is assistant credit
graduate from  Wisconsin in June, has    of the B. F. Goodrich Rubber co.,
been made registrar of Iowa State Teach- Albany, N. Y.-Mrs. Joseph A. ChuckaCls
ers college at Cedar Rapids, Ia.  For    (Agnes SCHERNECKER) , was the subject
of       Class Reunion-June 18-19
three years he was a member of the de-   newspaper comment when she appeared
in      Ruth COLE was on the program with
partment of education at Carleton college  the Mar. 27 edition of the Bangor.
Me.,  Mrs. Clarence A. Dykstra, former pres-
and has been a professor and registrar of  News, pictured with her four children,
  ident of the Cincinnati League of Wo-
Oswego Teachers college at Oswego, N. Y.  Robert, Mary, Joseph, Jr., and
Donald.    men Voters and wife of the University's
for the last two years.-Frederick LEMKE  Her husband is head of the department
   new president, when a number of Cin-
is English professor at Heidelberg uni-  of agronomy' and agricultural engineer-
 cinnati women led a meeting at Wilming-
versity at Tiffin, 0.  He received his   ing at the University of Maine and
is also  ton, 0., of women interested in forming
Ph.D. from the University of Illinois.-  a graduate of Wisconsin. They have
been  a women voters' league. Ruth is executive
Herb LANGE, who did some of his finest   at the university since their marriage
seven  secretary of the Ohio league and had pre-
bowling while a student at Madison, ac-  years ago.-John SONTAG, ex '27,
is a     viously served in the same position in
cumulated 1,901 points for third place   teacher at Harlem high school in
Rock-   Wisconsin for two years.-John ZOLA
tie i all events at the A.B.C. in New                                   
         is a chemist with the Ditzler Color comn-
         pany in Detroit and lives at 2051 W.
          The 1926 Reunion                                              
         Grand blvd., Detroit, Mich.-Dr. Robert
  Your 1 937 Reunion Chairman is again                                  
         MORSE, formerly house physician at the
                    broadcasting to you through the "Wis-          
             ~~~Palmer House in Chicago, is now a psy-
crondcsting Alumnus."hth        "i                            
                   chiatrist with the Menninger clinic in To-
                    consin Alumnus."                               
            ~~~~~~~~~~peka. Kan.-Ruth JEFFRIS, M.A. '28,
                      The members of your Committee here                
        ~~~~recently ran for election as a member of
in Madison who will take the responsi-                                  
         the Janesville school board on which she
bility of seeing that you have a good time                              
         has already served nine years.She has
when you come are: Mrs. Louise MAUTZ                                    
         also been president of the Y.W.C.A. and
Matrox, Don HUSEBY, Mrs. Elna MYG-                                      
         the Woman's History club.-Jack KYLE
DAL Hartenberg, Miss Gertrude BEYER,                                    
         of Whitewater is the new executive secre-
Mrs. Marion REYNOLDS Sarles, Frank R.                                   
         tary  of the Wisconsin labor disputes
                    LATHERS and John HOBBINS.                           
        ~~~~~~~~~~~~board. He has been secretary of the state
  Our Class dance, in conjunction with                                  
         planning board and for a, time was secre-
the Classes of '25, '27 and '28, will betayoGv.LFlet.
held Friday evening. June 1 8th. at the
Beta Theta Pi House, 622     Mendota                                    
                   The 1928 Reunion
Court, the arrangements being handled by                                
           Have you made preparations to come
Gordon DAWSON, '28, and his Class Re-                                   
         back for our class reunion   on  June
union Committee.  The picnic Saturday                                   
         19, 20, and 21?    If not, it would be
afternoon, June 1 9th, will be held a                                   
         a minghty fine idea to start today so that
Burrows Park (same place as last Reunion  *~i<you won't miss a weekend
of fun and
picnic) and will be engineered by Glen                                  
BELL, '25, and Lowell FRAUTSCHI, '27,            Norris Wentworth, '24  
           In a short time, you will receive a
and their respective Class Reunion Cam-  He played the carillon in the May
19     letter giving you the information about
m ittees.                                   N.B.C. broadcast. (See page 333)
     the plans for the weekend, which include

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