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Thoma, Harry C. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 38, Number IX (June 1937)

In the alumni world,   pp. 352-359

Page 354

                        The Wisconsin Alumnus
fashioned nor antiquated, and there isn't                               
                the Henry Street Nursing service in New
an old one in the crowd.                                                
                York city heginning in the early fall.-
  The new schedule of the reunions which                                
               Hilmar MARTIN of Milwaukee is the in-
was adopted a few years ago to replace                                  
                ventor of a new   instrument for ocular
the old five year plan, threw us out of                                 
                and muscular imbalance which has heen
gear with the result that '1 2 has not fore-                            
               approved hy the Milwaukee Medical As-
gathered for what would seem     a long                                 
                sociation and is on file at the U. S. Patent
time to any other class. We are to meet                                 
                office. It is called the Martin Oculo-my-
now, at commencement time in June to                                    
                ometer.  Proceeds will he turned over to
celebrate the Twenty-fifth Anniversary of                               
                the Milwaukee association.-Prof. Gus-
graduation.  Those of us who reside in                                  
                tave BOHSTEDT of the College of Agri-
Madison   are  making   arrangements to                                 
                culture was the principal speaker at the
make known to all of you that the oc-                                   
                60th annual meeting of the American
casion is worthy of your return, and                                    
                Guernsey Cattle club in New York last
having persuaded you that you should                                    
                month.   He told of University experi-
come, to make you glad we did so when                                   
                ments with grass silage and its henefits in
you get here. We will endeavor to have                                  
                retaining the color and vitamins in milk
entertainment for members of all tastes,                                
                during the winter.-Marvin LOWENTHAL
from those who come with the carnival                                   
                was the guest of honor and speaker at a
spirit seeking good cheer, to the Phi. Beta                             
                Jewish Alliance meeting at Savannah, Ga.
Kappa contingent, if there he any left from                             
                in April.
the small numher selected in 1 9 12, to
the studious and serious souls who have                                 
                          Class of 1917
permitted even a short lapse of twenty-TwnitReio-ue1
five years to moderate their joyous out-               JonS      od0    
                     twernteth ReeuniOn-June 9Lomi
look, we commend the Second Annual                     Jh        od   0 
                    tonyGnrlOln               .LOI
Alumni Institute at 9:30 A.M., June         Past president of the Alumni
Association,   was active in the recent organization of a
1 8th, the beginning of commencement and       who is active in plans to
increase       Dane   county  unit  of  the  American
reunion activities. To all memhers of the                 membership    
               Lawyer's guild.-Edgar DOUDNA, execu-
class, we commend the class dinner on                                   
                tive secretary of the state hoard of teachers
Friday night, June 1 8th, when all return-                              
                college regents, addressed the initial meet-
ing Alumni of 1I 2 will meet at a place    ington was an address hy Virgil
JORDAN,    ing of the Neenah-Menasha peace council
and under circumstances where no inter-    president of the National Industrial
Con-   the middle of April.-O. E. LOOMIS was
lopers will he admitted, and devote the    ference hoard, on   "The
Outlook    for    an applicant for the superintendent of
evening to a reunion in the true sense of   American Enterprise."  
                     schools for Winnehago county in Illinois.
the word.                                                               
                He is principal of Hononegah community
  Saturday, June 1 9th, will he devotedCls                    of1      4
               high school at Rockton, III.-Clifford
to the annual Alumni Association Meet-Cls                      of1      4
               GESSLER, M.A. '17, is the author of
ing, Senior Alumni dinner in the evening,     Prof. Paul KNAPLUND was one
of the       "Road My Body Goes," a fascinating and
and a repetition of old traditions such as  honorary  memhers, with   Prof.
Harry     factual non-fiction account of his life
the annual pipe of peace ceremony and       Steenhock, who were initiated
into the     among the primitive people in the Tua-
parade of classes, which most of you have  Wisconsin chapter of Phi Beta
Kappa in     motu islands while accompanying an ex-
not seen since 1 912, and which some of    April.-James L. DOHR is a member
of        pedition of the Bishop museum.     The
you will never see again,                   the law firm   of Greene and
Greene at       Herald-Tribune hook section calls it the
  Monday   is commencement day, and         61  Broadway, N.Y.C.-Joe    
   GALLA-      most worthy South Seas hook in recent
now the exercises are held in the Men's   GHER, head of the claims department
for    years.  He is completing another hook,
Field House-a truly magnificent and im-    the Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance
     "Hawaii; Isles of Enchantment"     this
posing event, although it probably has no  company at Milwaukee, represented
his      spring for Appleton-Century company.-
more lasting effect on the hlase student   class at the recent Phi Gain "pig
din-     Arthur HITT is serving his sixth succes-
of today than did our gathering in the     net. -A. R. TAYLOR        has
announced     sive term in the Wisconsin assembly. He
old Gym on Langdon Street in June of        the opening of a complete service
in so-   spends the time not required hy legisla-
19 12.                                      cial security and taxation prohlems
at      tive duties, in managing his farm in Alma.
  First and foremost, give thought now     Winona, Minn.     His wide and
varied      -Alice KEITH, director of the National
to getting away for that hrief four day    affiliations with affiliates of
the Cities Ser-  Academy of Broadcasting, is the author of
period June 1 8th to 2 1st. I know that    vice company have formed     a
splendid    an article "Women Seeks a Place in Ra-
whatever activity you are in will stop for  hackground for the work.   Offices
will   dio" in the April International Altrusan.
those four days, hecause that is the way    he at 11 2 W. Broadway.-Maud
         E.             The 1917 Class Reunion
of 1 9 12. Let it stop for once in twenty-  NEPRUD   (Mrs. C. J. Otien) responded
       In addition to activities of the general
five yearsI                                 for Milwaukee women at the Matrix
han-       alumni association there will he an infor-
                 WILLIAM J. P. ABERG        quet of Marquette's Theta Sigma
Phi         mal picnic at the home of Eleanore Ram-
                                            chapter in April.-Ruth KLEIN
is one of     say CONLIN in Maple Bluff.     Expenses
                   Class of                ~~~~~Marquette's newest and most
attractive  will he defrayed from class funds hy Art
             Classof1913                    professors. She teaches dramatic
art.       Trebilcock (I hope)
  Dean William S. TAYLOR, M.A. '13,                                     
                  1917 classmates returning from out of
of the College of Education at the Uni-               Class of 191      
                town will include Ray ALBRIGHT, Al
versity of Kentucky delivered the corn-                            1I   
                LANGE, Herman ZISCHKE, Billy Ross,
mencement address for Beattyville, Ky. high   Jack  EDWARDS attended    this
year's   Dave RouTT, Carl LEDERE, Ruth TIL-
school.-Riddell "Dod" DICKENS, for-         annual "pig dinner"
at the Phi Gain        LOTSON Ames, and Helen BARR. Madison
merly assistant treasurer of the ancient   house May 2 at the chapter house.-Dr.
     classmates will include  Arlie MUCKS,
Layton packing company before its ab-       E.   E.    SCHATTSCHNEIDER  
   was    a     James MARCH, Esther GLASSNER Wol-
sorption by Swift, has turned to real       speaker at the general council
meeting of  denberg, Evelyn DICKENS Alexander. and
estate and will be associated with the firm  the National League of Women
Voters      Helen HULL Blake.     You must have a
of Nicoud-Kalvelage.  He is a fine gar-    held in Washington early last
month. He    friend scattered somewhere among that
dener and a pioneer breeder of wire haired  is a professor of political science
at Wies-  herd.
terriers and Scotties. He lives in White-  leyan, where he has been since
1930.-           5 0-75 classmates are expected to re-
fish Bay.-Judge Alvin C. REIS recently     Louis REUTER is assistant junior
engi-     turn for this 20th anniversary of their
approved  claims of the Kappa Sigma         neer with the Milwaukee county
high-       graduation.  Try to be among them.
building association that its property was  way department and lives at 1550
E.                                            M. B.
worth only $46,000 and not the $60,-        Hampton rd., Milwaukee. -   
  Katherine               Class of 1918
000 assessed valuation placed on it by the  FAVILLE, now associate dean of
the Bol-
city.-A highlight of the national Associ-  ton School of Nursing at Western
Reserve      Luella VOIGT   (Mrs. Curtis Jacobs),
ation of Commerce convention in Wash-       university, has been appointed
director of  retiring state A. A. U. Wi. president, was

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