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Thoma, Harry C. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 38, Number IX (June 1937)

In the alumni world,   pp. 352-359

Page 353

June, 1937                                                              
765 No. Mentor ave., Pasadena, Cal. She of Columbus, Wis. in April.-ThroughCls
has been a teacher and gift shop proprietor  error the last issue of the
magazine statedCls            of10
and during the war served for a year in   that the daughter of Robert Dunlap
-mar-      Vernon EDWARDS is an assistant engi-
the Military Intelligence division and the  ried recently.  It was Guy DUNLAP's
     neer with the Spokane, Portland, and
Adjutant General's office in Washington.   daughter, Janet, who was married.
 Guy    Seattle Railway co. and lives at 3327
                                        still lives in Mazomanie. Sorry.
       S. E. Ankeny st., Portland. He is mar-
         Class of 1900                    One of the most delightful entertain-
 ried.-Amy COMSTOCK is one of a board
                                         ments presented in the University
theater  of 1 5 educators asked to make a longtime
  Carlisle HIBBARD, general secretary of  this year was the performance of
"Mac-     critical survey of Oklahoma schools. She
the University Y.M.C.A. since 1924, was    beth," directed by Alexius
BAAS. Mr. Baas  is from  Tulsa.-C. E. RIGHTOR is the
a recent speaker before the Men's Fellow-  also played the lead role in this
studio  chief statistician for financial statistics of
ship club of the Oak Park First Metho-     production.  Speaking of Baas'
perform-   states and cities in the U. S. Department
dist church.                            ance, a member of the staff of the
Depart-of Commerce and recently supervised the
                                         ment of English said, "He speaks
the great  compilation of a booklet on financial sta-
         Class of 1901                  poetry of the part in a voice that
combines  tistics for cities of over 1 00,000 popula-
                                         richness and power."  Mr. Baas
has long   tion.
  Herbert M. WOOLLEN is president of    been known in and about Madison as
the merged American Central Life and the   excellent Shakespearean actor
and the pos-          Class of 1910
United Mutual Life Insurance companies.    sessor of a pleasing baritone
voice.  For
                                         many years he has done stage and
concert     "Bill" WHITNEY has sold his Pyra-
                 Class of 1902          ~work in addition to his teaching
and ora-  mid Motor co. to General Motors Hold-
                 C lass of ~    ~       tri   ietig                     
        ngcrorto        nda   eattmprrl
      Class Reunions-June 18.19                                         
        retired. He will continue to live in Mad-
 G.)adreco ofWthe Russell Sage. Founa-tCas                f10           
        ison where he has been active in alumni
 Ma) dryctSWAINt Routzahn(Mrs. EvunartCas-f10                           
      and civic affairs and has been general chair-
 tion's department of social work interpre-       Class Reunions-June 18.19
          man of the ways and means committee of
 tation, is co-author of a recently pub-    Miner T. MEADOWCROFT is a design-
    the Madison Shrine for two years.-
 lished study course on "How to Interpret   ing engineer for the Ford
Motor co., and  J. M. PFIFFNER of Stevens Point attend-
 Social Work."  Her office is at 130 E.  lives at 2725 Boston blvd.,
Detroit, Mich.  ed the Phi Gain annual "pig dinner" May
 22nd st.. N.Y.C.-Henry ESTERLY is a     -Robert W. LEA lives at 900 N. Michi-
   2 to see old friends and his son, recently
 lawyer with offices at 501 Corbett build-  gan ave., Chicago, I11.-Albert
JOHNSON    initiated. -Kenneth  BURGESS,   general
 ing, Portland, Oregon, and a long list of  of Springfield. Mass., rates
space in Who's  counsel for the Illinois Bell Telephone
 public offices held. He is a former deputy  Who in America. He is at present
in the  company since 1 9 3 1, was the chief speak-
 district attorney, member of the executive  "European  Russian Economic
Service."    er at the annual law banquet in April. He
 board of the city of Portland, commis-     His son Albert lives in Radio
City and    is widely  known   for his professional
 sioner of the Port of Portland, special   designs sets and mechanical effects
for    articles in law reviews.-Professor Law-
 prosecutor for the State of Oregon, at-    many of Broadway's hits.    
         rence F. GRABER, agronomist at the Uni-
 torney for the Public Service, and deputy         1907 Reunion Year    
         versity, is a member of the advisory com-
 district attorney for the county commis-     The trails to Madison are well
marked.  mittee of the agricultural commission of
 sion.  He is married and has one son.     June 1 9th is on everyone's calendar.
Al   the American Bankers association.
 Henry, Jr. and a daughter, Louise.      Goedjen and Jerry Coe have made
                                         selves a self-appointed committee
to start        Class of 1912
         Class of 1903                  something, and you of 1907 should
come         25th Reunion-June 18-19
  Voyta WRABETZ is chairman of the      and see what it is all about.   
          Lran      AKAD        a  aldo
Wisconsin  Industrial  commission  and     Children, sure, we will have a
launch   Lheorrain     MAurKAD   has sailend  ond ah
        ch~airtni~i of hheW15~ ap~iiit - "i t - ride- -on -- the---lak-e,
- --pinic --at -Jerry - Coe's- tremnh  oro  nln  n  h
W-hragner"o act'slbor-ne-wdis---pputes-oar-td.-"eth e cottage across
the lake, then the alumni  continent.  He will- attend several1 con-_
RICaRDSON acts alawyer aipte  Washington   dinner in the evening. There will
be no   ferences of forest products testing groups
D.IC.,ARSNd livs at 3aye 11 5 aChaingBridg  parades to march in.        
        while abroad and will inspect plants cor-
rD.., Washngtn liet31     hi    reJ. H. COE                             
        responding to the U. S. Forest Products
                    rd., Washington.                                    
       ~~~~~~~~~~laboratory.Mrs. Markwardt   (Lulu
        STARKS, '08) is accompanying him.-
         Class of 1904                           Class of 1908          
        Lucy Roger HAWKINS, '18, wrote a page
  J. S. HODGE of Oakfield, Wis. is the    Prof. Harry STEENBOCK of the de-
      under the title of "North Shore Person-
          autho of  lon  disours on  The  urse partment of agricultural chemistry
was an  alities," on George Enfield FRAZER, of
auhrof God, rlatng ditcuseffc on "The world  honorary initiate at the
last Phi Beta Kap-  Winnetka, a member of the firm of Frazer
siuaio toldaywhichihehas efetohad porintd  pa annual initiation,        
        and Torbet in the Board of Trade build-
fosisutributionay Prof.c Billa KhNd prine-                              
        ing in Chicago. He has two sons at the
turned with Bill, Jr. to the Phi Gain                                   
        Unvriynw1i aidcre                   n
annual "pig dinner" at the chapter house                      
                  abilities would fill a column.-Williamn
                    May 2.                                              
       ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~MULHOLLAND is a civil engineer with the
                    May 2.                                              
       ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~U. S. Army engineers at Memphis. Tenn.
                           Class of 1905                                
       ~~~~~~~~~~~~He lives at 1972 Vinton ave., Memphis,
                           Class of 1905                                
       ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~with his wife and three daughters.
  Henry K. LEONARD's son, Ken. was                                      
                To the Class of 1912
the star, manager, and guiding light of                                 
          The lapse of twenty-five years must
this year's Haresfoot show. Henry is ex-                                
        have brought to all oo     enraia
port manager for the Toledo Scale comn-                                 
        tion of what a wonderful class 1 91 2
        really was. Back in that year we    h
        University of Wisconsin favored an ex-
                            Class of 1906                               
        ~~~~~~~~~~~~pectant world with six hundred odd. new
                            Class of 1906                               
       ~~~~~~~~~~~~~and inspired graduates armed with degrees
  Frank BRUCE is the newly elected pres-                                
        of all sorts then current, we considered
ident of the Marquette university alumnitertungalmiwohdbnot
                     association.He is in the publishing busi_          
        ~~of school twenty-five long years. not only
ness in  Milwaukee  with  the  Bruce                                    
        old fashioned and antiquated, but posi-
Publishing company. -  Major Arthurtieyod                               
                   An     reswheteCls
                    KUEHMSTED of  Appletonrecently re-                  
                      ~~~~~of 1 9 1 2 is so unique and so different
tired as president of the Sixth sector Re-                              
        from any other class ever graduated from
serve Officers association. He is a mem-           Win. S. Kies, '99    
        the University-prior to that time, if not
her of the 572nd Field artillery.-Herbert  He will be git'en an honorary
M.A. by     thereafter:  The members of 1 9 12 are
ZEIDLER began his sixth term as mayor     the University this June. (See
page 345)   still up in front, they are neither old

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