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Thoma, Harry C. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 38, Number IX (June 1937)

Have you heard?,   pp. 350-351

Page 351

June, 1937                                                              
ex '32 Leona Elizabeth Jennings, Stough-      Dindas MEINKE, Madison, April
           Madison-Kipp Lubricating Co.
       ton, to  Harold Albert BUSSE,           14. At home at 3 21 Russell
St.,   ex '38 Jane  Anne PINKERTON, Osh-
       Madison, March 20. Mr. Busse            Madison.                 
              kosh, to Frederick WilliamKo-
       is with the Wisconsin Power and    1 93 6  Goldie Salladay, Beloit,
to Michael       pitzke, Jr., Gary, Ind., April 18.
       Light Co.                               Mathew  MCCALL, Gary, Ind.,
            They will live in Valparaiso, Ind.,
193 2 Elizabeth  Myers,  Greenwood,           May 1.   They will be at home
           where Mr. Kopitzke is with the
       Ind. to Harry E. JENNINGS, Jr.,         in the Dalton apartments,
Gary.         Carnegie Illinois Steel Co.
       Joliet, Ill. Mr. Jennings is con-  1 93 6  May M. ROBINSON, Madison,
to       ex '3 9  Evelyn  Lenna SCHARFF, Rock
       nected with the General Motors     1 93 8  Frederick J. BARLOW, May
15.              Island, Ill., to Meyer M. ALTER,
       Corp.  They will live in Joliet.        At home in Madison.      
              Davenport, April 2 1. They will
1 93 2  June Kehl, Racine, to Charles A.  ex '37  Beatrice McCurdy, Evanston,
Ill.,         make their home at 1722 Wood-
       MARTIN, Racine and Milwaukee,           to Howard S. NILSON, Chicago,
          land Ave., Davenport, Ia. Mr.
       May 1.   At home in the Park'           April 3 0. At home in Forest
           Alter is affiliated with the firm,
       Lane Apartments, Racine, where          Hills, Long Island. N. Y.
              Harry Alter and Sons.
       Mr. Martin is with B. D. Eisen-    1 9 37  Achsah FALCONER, Prairie
   do     1940   Marian   Hanson,   Madison,  to
       drath tanning company.           1 93 8 Sac, to Walter CARD, Stevens
           Julius H. DAWES, Pleasant Hill,
1 9 32Winifred   Atchison,  Houston,          Point, April 10. Mr. Card will
          March 2 7. At home in Madison.
       Tex., to Marshall NORTH, Chi-           enter the University of Wiscon-
       cago, March 27. They will be at         sin law school in September.B1th
       home in Chicago.                 1 9 37 Mildred FULMER, Athens, to
Neal  Brh
1 9 32Helen'E. WELCH, Madison, to             James Ryan, Madison. Mr. Ryan
1 9 33  Philip BUENZLI, Madison, May 8.       is connected with the Federal
De-   191 7  To Dr. and Mrs. Arthur G. TIL-
1 93 3Evelyn  Louise LaPlace, Baton           posit Insurance Co. At home
at    1 91 9 MAN   (Florence WHITBECK), a
       Rouge, La., to Charles A. CAR-          521 N. Pinckney St., Madison.
       VER, Jr., Oshkosh, Wis., April 17.  ex '37  Solveig Elinor Edland,
Madison,          dAugh 2ter Eliabeth, Loraneo
1 93 3Mrs. Esther EWALD Jones, Oak-           to John   K. GRADY, Madison.
     1921   Ap ril. atd Macom. Il. C RM
       field, to Howard Austin, Green          Mr. Grady is in the U. S.
       Bay, March 26. They will be at          ury department at Madison.
They         stAD, Api daghe. MagrtK-
       home in Fond du Lac.                    will be at home at 420 Gorham
          s94Ten Apri n rsal . 6.N
ex '34Charlotte Jane MEYER, Madison,           St., Madison.            
       1924     son Mr. liandmrs Ealode.t YarhN
1 93 3to John Gregory DARLING, Mil-    Grad   Olive  Willson, Milwaukee,
to            a2son, William, BMdgtth Mrc
       waukee, May 1.                    '37   John  Carl  SAUER,   Madison,
          20 7Tat. Detoit Mrch.HryKs
1 934 Cathryne E. HANOLD, Richland            March 20. At home in Madison
     197    (oMar.iand H Mrs.ON Harr Kosster
       Center, to Gerald S. Annear,            where Mr. Sauer is a fellowin
          (Marian, HAMrilTON) at Mdaughter
       Richland Center, Oct. 3 1, 1 936.       chemistry at the University
 of     1 9 29  To Mr. and Mrs. Ronald      G.
       They will make their home in            Wisconsin.               
       1 9 30 STEPHENSON (Alice NIEMAN) a
       Sparta, where Mr. Annear is the  1 9 37 Dorothy SWAFFORD, Madison,
tosoJh                 NimnApl        5a
       owner of a hardware store.              Gordon R. Anderson, Midland,
           soneJhnNimanuArig1           a
ex '34 Janet Riley, Chicago, to Norman        Mich., April 3. At home in
Mid-          Ce32 arburg. adMs    adnR
       C. HARLOFF, Madison, April 17.          land, Mich.              
       13      oM.adMs             adnR
       At home in Madison.              1 937  Ethel VAN GORDON, Eau Claire,
          JONES, twin sons, Richard B.
 ex34  Arlette Mittnacht, Milwaukee, to    1936  to Rod VAN EVERY, Tomahawk,
          and Robert H., on March 19 at
       William Scott HARMS, Milwau-            May 2.   They will be at home
       kee, March 29.  Mr. Harms is            in Tomahawk where Mr. Van
       with the Carnegie Illinois Steel        Every is editing a newspaper.
   D   ah
       corp. They will make their home    ex '3 7  Jane WILKINSON, Aurora,
Ill., to  D   ah
                 in- Milw -an kee.            -WillYaff 1--Becm-aio
1934  Martha MCNESS, Freeport, Ill.,          They will live at 106 N. Han-
       to George Menard, Jr., Rockford,        cock, Madison, where Mr. Bues-
     died at his home in Brooklyn on March
       April 3. Mr. Menard is associ-          cher is a designing engineer
for    24 after an illness of two months.  He
       ated with radio station WROK.                                    
       was 8 7 years old.
       They will make their home in                                     
         Born near LaPorte, Ind., June 15,
       1 849, he was brougbt to Wisconsin at
 ex34 Rt      ESNEMR          iwu                                       
       the age of two in a covered wagon. He
       kee, to Raymond Reinke, New         -                            
       married Emma C. Zook, Story, in 1877.
       York, March 29. They will live                                   
       They were to have celebrated thair six-
       in New York.                        g                .tieth anniversary
this June.
1 934 Alice Davis, Kokomo, Ind., to                                     
         He is survived by his widow, a brother,
      Ncwton PLACE, Kokomo, Ind..,                                      
      C. W. Smith of Brooklyn, a daugbter,
      April 3. Mr. Place is the Boy                                     
      Mrs. Paul M. Brown of Madison, four
      Scout field executive for the Ko-                                 
      grandchildren and one great grandchild.
      komo area. He and his bride will
      make their home in Kokomro.                          <~,GEORGE IRVING
WRIGHT, LL.B. '80,
1934  Ruth A. SIEBECKER, Wausau, to                                     
       died on May 11, 1934, at Lincoln, Neb.
      Dean B. Rollins, Madison, April                                   
      Death resulted fromheart failure.
      17. They will live in Madison                                     
        Mr. Wright was 75 years old. He prac-
      where Mr. Rollins is assistant in-                                
.     ticed law for a time after leaving the Uni-
      structor in chemistry at the Uni-                                 
      versity. and later became a minister.At
      versity of Wisconsin.                                             
     - one time he was judge of Saunders
1934  Ruth  Elizabeth SMITH, Evans-                      ~              
       County, Neb. He married Delia Darrah
ex '35 ville, toJohn  G. HOLCOMB,                                       
>      in 1882 at Wahoo, Neb.
      Madison, April 28. They will
      be at home at 157 Dunning St.,                                    
        JAMES L. BONHAM, '91, died in Bara-
      boo April 30 of a heart ailment. He was
ex 35 Jean  Stuart Black, Montclair,                                    
       75 years old.
      N. J., to Lewis Robert BEST,,                                     
        Known as "Judge" to his friends, Mr.
      London, England, May 1. They__,                                   
      Bonham   had  practicedlaw  in  Sauk
      wilmaeterhm        inEgad                                         
      county since 1 89 1. He had been district
1 935 Jane Hedges Brucker, Mansfield,            "Bill" Purnell,
'22           attorney, justice of the peace, and at his
       0., to James L. EBERLY, Nov.     This year's Hares foot show was dedicated
 death was public administrator in probate
       2 5, 1 9 36.                      to him in recognition of his years
of  court and divorce counsel of Sauk county
ex '35 Grace Schultz, Madison, to Karl           service to the club    
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