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Thoma, Harry C. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 38, Number IX (June 1937)

Have you heard?,   pp. 350-351

Page 350

           Z~AVE YOU
          1922 Frances Eleanor Mc~eeex '33 Marie Tolzman, Fond du Lac, to
            ~    ~
      homa City, Oklahoma, to Joseph          Their wedding will take place
      Wilbur MAGANN, Madison, June            June 23.                  
             the Air Corps Technical school,
      5 has been set for the wedding.    1 93 3  Margarita Williams, Iowa
City,       Chanute Field, April 24.   At
1 925 Marcia Judd, Watertown, Conn.,           Ia., to Dr. Hermann ERLANGER,
          home in Paxton.
      to Dr. A. Dwight SPOONER,               St. Louis, Mo. The wedding
is    1 925  Mary Gerry Noble, Green Bay, to
      Milwaukee.   The  wedding  is           t  eJn     9              
             William S. MCCORKLE, Jr., Rich-
                planned for June.tobe une29
   197  larbara fchrif Stn. LusMo,     ex '34 Elizabeth Merrill Ames, Montclair,
     land Center, April 3. Richland
   to92HowaacardffS.KAN ChuicagMo.,        N. J., to Douglass L. P. HAM-
          Center will be their home.
                 to Howrd F.  AHN, Cicago.ILTON, Milwaukee. June 1 9 has
       1 9 28  Louise  Seifert, Milwaukee, to
      The wedding will take place June        been chosen for the wedding.
           Harold HAYES, Milwaukee. They
      3 0.                             1 934  Norma Quam, Lodi, to Carl RIS-
         will be at home at 2579 N.
1 9 30  Rose Kerner, River Forest, Ill., to     TAU, North Freedom. They
will          Eighty-third St.
      Philip ICKE, Chicago.   Their           be married in June.       
      1 927  Ellen Janet PAUL, Milton Junc-
      wedding will be held June 26.    1 9 35  Elizabeth GRAHAM, Madison,
to   1 9 28  tion, to Dexter L. MUNSON,
ex '30 Loretta White, Kenilworth, Ill.,   1 934  Frank Elliott HARVEY, Milwau-
        Milwaukee, April 24.  After a
      to Charles Peter JAEGER, Hiigh-         kee. The wedding date has not
          trip to Bermuda they will be at
      land Park, Ill. June 12 has been        been set.                 
             home in Milton Junction.
      set for the wedding.             1 9 35  Valborg Lien, Madison, to
Gerry  1 9 29  Eve Irwin, Waupun, to John E.
ex '30 Leone Phillips, Clinton, Ill., to       M. HALVERSON, Stoughton. The
           CULLINANE, Madison, April 20.
      Larence LEMAIRE,    Rockford.           wedding is planned for July.
           At home in Madison.
      They will be married June 26.    1 93 5  Leona  MIELKE, Madison,  
to    1 9 29  Dorothy Cecilia Bowman, Dur-
1 93 0  Jane Durand Trowbridge, Lake    1 93 4  Fred R. ZIMMERMAN, Oak Park.
          and, to Dr. A., W. OVERGARD,
      Forest, Ill., to PhilipRODEN,           Ill. The wedding will take
place        Stanley, March 29.  They will
      Chicago. No date has been set           early in June.            
             be at home at 605 Franklin it.,
      for the wedding.                 Grad   Jane REINEKING, Madison, to
            in Stanley, where Dr. Overgard is
1 93 1Marion LOOMIS, Whitewater, to      '36  George W. Simmons, Jr., Santa
           a practicing physician.
      John Gach, Whitewater.   Next           Fe, N. M. No date has been
set     1 9 29  Oenia Janith PAYNE, New York,
      autumn is set for the wedding.          for the wedding.          
             to  George  Goodnow   Bradley,
1 93 1  Norma ROSENTHAL, Wauwatosa,     1 93 7  Janet HARRIS, Milwaukee,
to Ar-        Mount Vernon, N. Y., March 26.
      to Leonard Stellwagen, Stockton,        thur H. Davidson, Milwaukee.
           They will be at home in New
      Minn. No date is set for the wed-       They plan to be married July
1 7.       York after a trip to the West
      ding.                            1 9 37 Janet A. BENKERT, Monroe, to
ex'3  Ruth   Elizabeth Cooper, Pied-    1 93 5 Homer L. BAKER, Columbus,
0.     e 2     aln     ONN       hcgt
      mont, Cal., to Ensign Harold            The wedding is planned for
early        Howard E. Moot, Chicago.   At
      Douglas FULLER, U.S.N., Madi-           fall.                     
             home at 81 9 Washington St.,
      son. The wedding will take place   1 9 37  Elsie A. BIGGAR, Fulton,
to Bur-        Evanston, Ill.
      May 3 1, when the Pacific fleet    1 9 36  bank MURRAY, Milwaukee.
  No     ex '3 0 Elaine Geidel, Elmhurst, Ill., to
      will be anchored in San Fran-           date has been set for the wedding.
     Alois J. AsCHENBRENER, Ste-
      cisco Bay for the dedication of the     Mr. Murray is the son of the
           vens Point, April 24. Mr. As-
      Golden Gate bridge,                     former governor of Oklahoma,
           chenbrener is district attorney of
ex '32 Elva Katheryn Cribb, Evanston,          "Alfalfa Bill" Murray.
                 Portage county.
       Ill., to Carl B. SKAGERBERG,     1 93 8  Lee E. FISHER, Milwaukee,
to    1 9 30  Phyllis Perrig Nott, Richmond,
       Spirit, Wis. The wedding will    193 8  David  D. LEVINE, Brooklyn,
            Va., to Dr. James John CLARK,
       take place in June.                     N. Y. No date has been set
for          Pleasant City, 0., April 28. Thair
1 93 2Leona  TORMEY, Madison, to               the wedding.             
              home will be in Pleasant City
1 9 38Hugh   JOHNSON, Tunnel City,      ex '3 9 Dorothy WURSTER, Milwaukee,
           where Dr. Clark practices.
       Wis. The wedding will take place        to Walter Jaho, Milwaukee.
The     ex 3   Mona Graham. Rockton, to Ho-
       early in the summer.wednwilbhedJn26meH.HBN                       
                      1 9 3 3 Janet DEAN, Madison, toW.                 
                               ~~~~~~Belmont. Mr. Hubenthal, who is
1 9 35Llewellyn MILLAR, Jr., Madison.                                   
              a consulting engineer with the
       The wedding is planned for this    Nlri~sI. F. Laucks Co.. is being
              ferred from Seattle. Wash. to
ex '3 3 Charlotte  HENSCHEL, Wauwa-     1 9 22  Louise Catherine FRITSCHE,
New         Portsmouth, Va., where he and
1 9 30  tosa, to George H. GOEHRIG, Jr.,      Ulm, Minn., to Walter R. Men-
          his wife will be at home.
       Milwaukee.  Their wedding will          zel, Minneapolis, Minn.  They
   1 9 30  Bernice TWEED, Duluth, Minn.,
       take place June 23.                     will be at home in Minneapolis.
 1931   to John Wilbur BRICKSON, Mad-
1 93 3  Florence JENSON, Stoughton, to    1 92 2  Eileen Elizabeth Sullivan,
Janes-    ison, April 17. At home in Du-
ex '3 3Richard MALTPRESS, Edgerton.            ville, to Clarence MCINTOSH,
       The wedding is planned for the          Chicago.  Mr. McIntosh i con-
   ex '3 1 Coila Bender, Madison, to Ed-
       latter part of June.                    nected with Ritter and Co.,
Chi-        ward  Dennis ESSER, Madison,
1 9 33  Eleanor May Lefeber, Wauwatosa,        cago. They will make their
home         May 3. The couple will live at
       to Dr. John James ROBINSON,             in Chicago.              
              8 09 E. Johnson St., Madison.
       Portland, Ore. The wedding date    Spec.  Emily Johnson, Paxton, Ill.,
to   1 93 2  Marian W. ANTISDEL to Charles
       has not been set.                 '23   Capt. Richard Dodge REEVE,
of           G. Hallett, Sept. 5, 1936.

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