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Thoma, Harry C. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 38, Number IX (June 1937)

Gillen, Martin J.
The march of Wisconsin,   pp. 339-341

Page 341

June, Nineteen thirty-seven                                             
every department, could be entrusted, only to a man    of Regents made a
careful investigation, with every
qualified by every test, to meet most exacting require-  regard to the high
duty imposed on them and that his
ments.  The Executive Committee, acting for the        selection by the Board
of Regents was free from all
Board, felt there was no high post, among the educa-   political considerations.
tional institutions of the nation, that required severer  Clarence A. Dykstra
will come to captain a valiant,
demands, for the Presidency, than our own. They        loyal faculty.  Together
they will carry on in the
looked for a man, of unquestioned and enduring         best traditions of
the University of Wisconsin known
character, trained in at least one branch of learning,  and honored the world
around wherever scholars
equipped with a broad, collateral, cultivation in the  meet. More than this,
they will cooperate with sev-
world of affairs, achieved from practical experience,  enty thousand living
alumni, forty thousand of them
possessing unlimited devotion to the high standard of  residing in the State
of Wisconsin-alumni only
intellectual integrity and freedom of research, together  loosely integrated,
through the Wisconsin Alumni As-
with a single modest devotion to university work, a    sociation, of only
five thousand members. Yet the
man with administrative ability, in combination with   five thousand members,
in full gratitude for benefits
even-tempered and judicial administrative skill and a  received, from  their
Alma Mater, are shoulder to
pu udent sense of calculation of the fullest resources at  shoulder, valorously
carrying on with uplifted heads
hand.                                                  and undaunted spirits,
singing "Varsity! Varsity!"
                                                       and "On Wisconsin,"
in mental joy and satisfaction
   I HE Executive Committee of the Board holding       over the coming of
Clarence A. Dykstra.
their course to the above chart examined and visited
every proposed candidate, some thirty, in number. As   Special Grant Centers
they reviewed one after another there emerged the        p
thought, that the nation, the State, the people, need-            Radio 
  Research     at Wisconsin
ed in this hour, a man learned and trained in the
Science of Economics. By elimination they came to        THE General Education
Board has granted to the
a strong, silent, outstanding executive-Clarence A.    University of Wisconsin
a fund of $41,725 for re-
Dykstra, with ancestral roots in Wisconsin. He had     search to determine
through demonstration and evalu-
taught economics in four universities, Chicago, Ohio   ation the place of
radio in the class room, and to de-
State, Kansas and California, and then for six years   vise methods for its
effective use. The study is to
as "a student in absentia," put his theorical knowl-   cover the
period from June 1, 1 937 to August 3 1,
edge into practical operation, in the management of    1939.
the great municipal corporation of Cincinnati  ready,    Wisconsin was chosen
as the laboratory for such
with ripened knowledge, to take up again his life's    work because of its
past record in the field of school
work in education.                                     broadcasting, and
because of the radio facilities con-
  After their survey, the Executive Committee made     trolled by the state.
Work will be done through the
a preliminary decision, and then in joint session at   WHA studios in Radio
Madison, submitted their findings, to the Regents and    Four full-time research
workers will be employed
Regional Faculty Committee o-f thirteen, -an-d -re-   -in addition to secretarial
help. Four research fellow-
quested that each member of the Faculty Committee      ships for each of
the two years are also included.
make written inquiry to their friends at Chicago,         The study will
embody an educational analysis of
Ohio State, Kansas State, California and Cincinnati    school broadcasting,
a survey of Wisconsin schools,
as to his qualifications. Within ten days, upon re-    program construction,
production and presentation,
ports from the field, the Faculty Committee endorsed   and tests of the effectiveness
of each.
his selection, unanimously. He was then selected to       The project is
to be administered through the
come to the University to finish his life's educational  Graduate School.
Direct supervision is under a com-
work. He was granted a year-to-year contract be-       mittee consisting
of Dean C. J. Anderson, of the
cause under the law the Board has no authority to      school of education,
Prof. H. L. Ewbank, chairman
contract for a longer period.                          of the University
radio committee, and Mr. H. B.
  After having counselled, with observing minds, at   McCarty, WHA program
Cincinnati, on the qualifications of Clarence A.          This research will
bring to the Campus outstand-
Dykstra-which are well set forth, in the tribute paid  ing persons in the
field, and will make Wisconsin the
him, in the issue of the New York Times Magazine       center of the most
comprehensive study of radio edu-
of April 25th, and after spending days at                      cation ever
undertaken in this country.
Chicago and Madison a firm, unbiased,            v"'--
judgment came to me that:                    ,:                  DEAN LLOYD
K. GARRISON, of the Law
  First: His appointment is timely as to    ; '   .               School,
original chairman of the national
his field of education and that he meets      _                     labor
relations board, doesn't like sit-
in an unusual manner, every dimen-             A    b                down
strikes and    makes no bones
sional test for the office; brings to it/                             about
high character, fine leadership, splen-                                "
\I am stupid enough not to be able
did Executive qualities and an un-      /                               
to appreciate the validity of the sit-
common experience and knowl-                        /             .\    
 down strikes.
edge of the science of economics,    /                                  
  "I see a danger that relatively
and, too, his arrival has been            '                             
   small and sometimes irrespons-
greeted by a satisfied Faculty.                                         
    ible groups could tie up an in-
   Second: That the Execu-                                              
      dustry and break down un-
tive Committee of the Board                                             
      ion discipline."

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