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Thoma, Harry C. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 38, Number II (Nov. 1936)

Badgers you should know,   pp. 58-59

Page 58

        The World Is His Office                        Ameche will soon be
taking his place along side of
                                                       Fredric March, our
other film celebrity, as one of the
       LL   aboard  for Mozambique, Morocco,        nation's most capable
leading men. Ameche's work
         Rhodesia, Maylasia, Manchukuo, and Nip-     as Alesandro, playing
opposite Loretta Young, easily
         pon. Sounds interesting, doesn't it? Then   stamps him as "tops."
  His next picture will be
         how would you like to get paid for taking   "Ladies in Love,"
to be followed by others as yet
         a trip around the world and visiting more   unnamed.
than thirty-six countries? Not bad, is it? Yet that
is just what James F. Jenkins, '15, is doing at the                Meet "His
present time.
  Jenkins sailed from New York last month on the      ALVIN C. REIS, '13,
chief council for the Wis-
"Conte d' Savoia" bound for Gibraltar as the first  consin public
service commission for the past five
stop in his fascinating world cruise. At each of the  years, was appointed
to the circuit judgeship of Dane
countries he stops, he will write a letter telling of the  county last month.
 He was installed in his new
geography, the people, customs and the like and this
letter will be read by more than 400,000 school chil-  U. S. Am foellowngeis
graduatio   marvard
dren in the U. S. His trip is sponsored by World    U. S. Army following
his graduation from Harvard
Letters, an American corporation which provides this  law school in 1917
and participated in the Chateau
interesting type of geography lesson for its young  Tbierry, St. Mibiel,
and Meuse-Argonne offensives.
readers.                                                 He served as assistant
attorney general and counsel
  With Jenkins on this trip will be two other cor   for the department of
agriculture and markets from
lege graduates, R. L. Person, Cornell '34, and Delmar  st           t which
time he was elected to the
Curry, Kansas '36. Jenkins will have full charge of       st          a 
  te assembly. He was elected to the state senate in
the preparation of the letters while the other two   1932 but resigned before
his term was completed in
will handle the custom details, bookings, etc., and the  order to take over
the duties on the public service
printing and mailing of the letters.                  commission.
  Before assuming this new duty, Mr. Jenkins had
a most interesting career. After graduating from the  The Grandfather of
"Brain Trusting"
University he spent some time on a coffee plantation
in South America, returning to the States to do some   IN a dignified fox-brown
house perched on a high
teaching in the language department of the Univer-  rolling hill up from
the blue waters of Lake Mendota
sity. He left the "Hill" to take part in the world  lives an old
man who looms large in the story behind
war. He received his M.A. from Wisconsin in 1918.   the social security legislation
of the present admini-
Then followed a succession of jobs in this country  stration.  John R. Commons,
at 74, lives pretty
and abroad. He served as secretary to the Director  much apart from the bustle
of Campus activities. He
General of Instruction at Lima, Peru, as regional di-  has aged with his
advancing years and takes only an
rector of education at Cajamarca,                                       occasional
seminar for advanced
Peru; director of the Colegio Na-                                       students,
preferring to devote his
cional de San Jose in Moyobamba,                                        newly
found leisure to study and
Peru. In addition he has contrib-                                       contemplation.
uted many articles to Travel, Re-                                       
 He is probably the most famous
view of Reviews, The New Yorker,                                        faculty
member the University has
and other magazines,                                                    ever
been privileged to have on its
He certainly has had more
   Don Ameche Again                                                     far-reaching
effect upon the outside
both through his teachings
  WE have already told you to                                          and
his writings than any other
be on the lookout for a rising new                                      faculty
member in the history of
star in Hollywood's film circles in                                     the
the person of Don Ameche, ex '3 1,                                      
 Friday nights at the Commons'
but after seeing his most recent tri-                                   home
have long been a ritual.
umph we want to urge you to be                                          Every
Friday night since he first
sure and follow   the promising                                         came
to the University at the turn
paths of Hollywood's latest "find."                           
         of the century, John R. Commons
  After seeing that lovely all-color             ~-has always invited his
students to
picture, "Ramona," there is little           James F. Jenkins 
         gather at his home. There were
doubt in our minds but that              Writes to 400,000 Children   always
an abundance of subjects

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