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Thoma, Harry C. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 38, Number II (Nov. 1936)

Progress of the Diamond Jubilee Sweepstakes,   pp. 56-57

Page 57

1ibilee Sweepslakes
       on the number of alumni residing                           The President's
       in that city. The same factor will
       determine  the  winner of the       You may be small, but we'll bet
you're mighty. Even though you
       George I. Haight Cup in the cities  have less than two hundred alumni
in your community there is plenty
       having more than 200 alumni. In   of "fresh meat" to work
on. With fewer alumni to see, you should be
       determining the winners, member-  able to put the "big city folks"
listed on the other page to shame. We're
       ship as shown in the Dilamond
       Jubilee Directory will be used as  off, folks, pretty soon we'll be
rounding the turn and coming down the
       the basis. That is, all member-   home stretch. Will you be in the
neck and neck finish next June? We
       ships secured since the Diamond   certainly hope you are.
       Jubilee issue was published in
       August will count for your club in           (Cities with less than
200 alumni population)
       this campaign.
         Charts like the one on this page   1. Ithaca                   
       will appear from time to time dur-
       ing the Diamond Jubilee year so      2. Knoxville                
       that you can watch your club s
       progress during this campaign.       3. Pittsburgh               
       Since the winner is determined by
       percentage of increase, every club   4. Honolulu                 
       has an equal chance. It's imma-
       terial where your club ranks to-     5.   Philadelphia           
       day; the important question is
       this: Where will your club stand     6. Akron                    
       at the end of the campaign?
         And don't expect your club of-     7. Sacramento               
       ficers to do all the work. Logical-
       ly, you have a right to expect them  8. Cincinnati               
       to take the lead in putting this
       drive over, but they cannot do the   9. Columbus                 
       job alone. This is a campaign to
       regain in one year all the ground   .10. West Allis              
       we lost during the depression.
       This is a task which offers a real  11.   Kansas City            
       challenge to loyal alumni every-
       where.                              12.  Louisville           _  
         Start your campaign now. Sev-          Portage                 
       eral clubs have already started
       their drive. The longer your club   13. Menomonie                
       waits, the more difficult it will be
       to catch up with the clubs that are  14. Richland Center       5.7
       already working.
         The class campaigns, described    15. Peoria                   
       on page 15 of the October Wis-
       consin Alumnus, are also coming     1 6. Lafayette               
       along in fine shape. Almost every         Platteville            
       mail brings information about
       new plans and new offers of co-     17. Neenah-Menasha           
       operation to make this campaign a
       success. Alumni everywhere are      18. Ft. Atkinson             4.0
       eager to help.
         Look out for the class of '33   19.  Chippewa Falls       3.5
       President Hugh Oldenburg took
       one glance at the chart on page 15  20. Marshfield          3.4
       of the October issue which showed         West Bend             3.4
       '33 at the bottom of the list with
       only 3.5% of its members affiliat-  21.   Syracuse              3.0
       ed with the Association and then
       swung right into action. Within a   22.  Monroe                2.5
       few hours after this issue came off
       the press, Hugh was in the Alumni  23.  Rice Lake      - 1.6
       Association office working out
       plans for pulling '33 out of the  24.  San Francisco    * 1.5
         The race is on. Let's go!         25.  Edgerton          I .6

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