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Thoma, Harry C. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 38, Number II (Nov. 1936)

Hibbard, C. V.
The student goes to church,   pp. 48-49

Page 49

November, 1936                                                          
Campus as prima facie evidence of                                       
 terested in religion now than was
the moral and religious degrada- pel                                    
 ian the case before 1930. Their atti-
tion of the university community.                                       
 tudes indicate more serious inquiry,
The writer apparently thought of a                                      
 less hostility, much continued in-
the churches as so many machine                                         
 difference, and little deep apprecia-
guns strategically mounted to sub-                                      
 tion.  The trend seems to be to-
due a rebel campus. It is precisely                                     
 ward attention to possible religious
that  interpretation of  religion  m                                    
 values. Interest is directed less to-
which alienates many students. It                                       
 ward dogma and institutional re-
should be clearly stated that the          dligion and more toward the possi-
leadership and practice of the Cam-                       Oudo          
 bilities of religion as a philosophy
pus churches interpret their task                                       
 of life and the practical values of
in quite another way. They seek                                         
 religion in human relations. There
to conserve the religious traditions                                    
 is confusion among students as to
in which a student has been reared.                                     
 the nature of religion and little
At the same time, they enter sym-                                       
 knowledge or understanding     of
pathetically into -his personal prob-                                   
 specific religious principles or ap-
lems and help him to make adjust-                                       
 plications. There is evident a de-
ments to new knowledge.    They                                         
 sire, expressed in increasing meas-
interpret religion in terms of mod-                                     
 ure, that religion should provide
em. life.                                                               
 an  experience of reality  which
  Still the editor's interpretation                                     
should   not only   apply to in-
of religion as a policeman with a                                       
 dividual needs but which should
club persists in the minds of some                   - ----also function
in socially helpful
students and so not all students go                                     
 ways in the community at large.
to church. Some sleep Sunday mor-                                       
 The interest is in religion and not
ning, some read the paper, some         The St. Paul's Catholic Chapel  in
the institutions of religion."
take a walk, A good many never       One of many surrounding the Campus 
  Young Men's Christian Associa-
went to church, others went under                                       
 tion committees of older students
compulsion at home, and joyously abandon the prac-    call on freshmen in
their rooms, talk with them about
tice when they get away from home. Here and there     their special interests
or difficulties and show them
a man will be found who regards religion as a men-    how   to get help through
the many agencies that
ace, something that would cramp his development       exist to meet various
student needs. Each freshman
and limit his experience. However, most of the non-   was asked to check
his special interest in the list be-
church goers are not essentially irreligious. The pro-  low. The subjects
of greatest interest are indicated by
gram of the University Y.M.C.A. is intended especi-   the number opposite
ally for the men who do not go to church. This group     How to act on dates
..    .......760
includes men of ability-and high ideals who are trying  Outdoor sports ..
   .....       ....1072
to understand life and live worthily. Many will be        How to choose a
vocation .......944
leading men in the communities where they live. In        Playing fair with
the next generation. . ... 1 68
honesty, personal morals, unselfishness and nobility     How best earn economic
security .....768
of purpose the agnostic is not necessarily inferior to   Religion as part
of my education .. ...232
the zealous churchman. When Babson Institute un-        Value of extra-curricular
activities.... 560
dertook a survey of the religious attitudes of students,  Paul Bunyan and
the Blue Ox in Wiscon-
they found "that students generally were more in-                  
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                    St. Francis House                               The Calvary
Lutheran Church
              The Episcopalian student center                       Weary
students find rest he-re

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