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Thoma, Harry C. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 38, Number II (Nov. 1936)

Bullis, Harry A.
The president's page,   p. 45

Page 45

      The Presidewnl s Page
The live-wire twins, Stuhl-
                 A  Platform     of Progress                          dreher
and Berge, are recharging
batteries of the Athletic De-
                 An Alumni Obligation                                 partment
and of the Alumni, and
                                       An Alumni Obligation            are
bringing about a new era in
                 /y  Harry      A. B      lls, '17                    Your
Immediate Responsibility-
              President, The Wisconsin Alumni Association             Securing
New Members in the As-
To carry out the platform, we
THIS IS A PERSONAL MESSAGE TO YOU-                   must have, first of
all, additional members. Increas-
LOYAL ALUMNUS OF WISCONSIN!                          ing the membership of
the Association may not be one
                                                     of the most interesting
of our Alumni problems, but
The Alumni Platform:                                 frankly, we must have
new members to furnish in-
                                                     creased income for the
  At a meeting of the Board of Directors of the Wis-  In order to make the
Diamond Jubilee Year our
consin Alumni Association on October 2, 1936, a      gets    er    ems  
  cr    ebrhptuhon
platrm was adopted as the basis for the year's pro  -not one, but thousands
of them! We must un-
gram. This platform appears on the editorial page  leash an offensive in
this Diamond Jubilee Year
of this issue. Your Directors ask you to make it    which will knock our
quota of 3,500 new member-
YOUR platform and YOUR program by putting            ships way out of the
whole-hearted drive behind it to make it effective.   Our immediate success
will be measured by the re-
  The five planks of the platform represent five ways  sults of our membership
drive. Just as the Wisconsin
of achieving a successful year. Each one is a goal to  football team can't
score touchdowns in the locker
be reached in order that we may make constructive  room after the game, so
the Alumni Association will
progress in celebrating the seventy-fifth anniversary  not score membership
touchdowns from the side lines.
of the Association.                                  The only place to win
is on the field where actions
  In adopting an aggressive and well-balanced pro-  and determination decide
the final score.
gram, the Board of Directors recognizes that the       We do not need to
beg the Alumni to join the
Alumni Association has a deep responsibility and   Alumni Association. The
improved character of the
duty in working toward the betterment of all Uni-  monthly magazine, The
Wisconsin Alumnus, and the
versity activities. In building this platform, no one  weekly letter to each
member from  Coach Stuhl-
activity has been given undue attention to the detri-  dreher, giving the
"dope" during the football season,
ment of other activities, and in making the program  are samples of the service
which the Association is
effective, the -Board- will keep the program propor-  -giving, and in themselves
are sufficient selling points
tionate as a whole.                                  to gain many new members.
There is, however, a
                                                     much greater sales argument
the necessity of measur-
Your Responsibilities in Putting Through the Asso-  ing up to our obligation
to the University. We all
ciation's Platform:                                  feel that it is a privilege
to be an Alumnus of the
                                                     University of Wisconsin.
With every privilege comes
  A. John Berge, your Executive Secretary, has been  an obligation. The University
does not owe us any-
a real spark plug in rejuvenating the Alumni Associ-  thing, but we do owe
the University our support
ation. He is the quarter-back of our hard fighting,  and cooperation.
spirited team which has seventy-five years of rich
tradition behind it. Our platform is our winning   Your Continuing Resonsibility-Intelligent
strategy. The Board members are ball carriers. The  eraton and    g A o 
 gon Uivrity Problems:
Alumni, a line which must open holes for the ball   eration and Action on
University Problems:
carriers in order that we may reach our goal. We must  Every one of us who
is an Alumnus or an Alumna
not waste time in the huddles arguing about our    of Wisconsin has an obligation
to consider and act
plays. We must have team work though it calls for   on the problems of the
University in the way our
self-sacrifice  team work that will ultimately place  University training
taught us to study every impor-
the ball behind the goal line. We cannot win if any  tant problem, by:
member of the team loafs on his job and we cannot       1. Facing the facts
as we see them.
lose if we dig in our cleats and drive straight ahead.  2.  Thinking fearlessly
about these facts.
A. John Berge and Harry Thoma can carry the ball        3. Acting with intellectual
courage in ac-
in All-American fashion. They must have some place              cordance
with our thoughts.
to carry it. It is up to the Alumni to blast open day-  We Alumni must become
aroused to our full re-
light in the opposing line.                          sponsibility. Unless
we, who have been prepared and
  A vast stride in the improvement of Wisconsin    educated at Wisconsin
for the great adventure of life,
athletics was taken when Harry A. Stuhldreher was  realize our responsibility
and sense our obligation to
appointed Athletic Director and Head Football Coach.  the University, we
cannot truthfully say that we have
We can now look forward to the day when Wiscon-    fought her fight.
sin will again enjoy a full measure of athletic success.  The Alumni Association
furnishes the only oppor-
The way to renew a battery is to attach it to a live  tunity for the Alumni
to ex-  (Please turn to page 77)

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