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Thoma, Harry C. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 38, Number II (Nov. 1936)

Vox alumni,   p. 43

[Contents] The Wisconsin alumnus,   pp. 43-[44]

Page 43

                  Vow Alii7
Dear Sir:                                                               
   Your recent letter received and I assure you that I will do
everything that I can to aid in increasing the membership of the
University of Wisconsin Alumni Association. I attended the last
Alumni Dinner and was quite enthused by the report of Myron
Harshaw and the future prospects of having a large University           
     I v      C                     S    IN
Alumni Association.
   You enclosed in your letter an editorial from the Alumni             
A    -     r    rv               _
Magazine and the Milwaukee Journal. I regret exceedingly that          /
           l    l   \   /     \      l    |i
the Alumni Magazine took such a radical and what I think an          A  
 \                                   I   i
unjust view of the situation. It impugns the honesty of the            A
h                     VJ      N      '   '
Governor of Wisconsin and of Harold Wilkie, both distinguished
alumni of the University of Wisconsin.   Both have the re-
spect and confidence of a very large majority of the people of       Published
at 1300 National Avenue, Waukesha, Wis., by
Wisconsin and I think of the University alumni, and both, I be-   THE   
lieve, are working for the best interests of the University of    T   E 
  WS     O   SN     A   U    N      S  O   ITO
Wisconsin.                                                             Editorial
and Business Offices at 770 Langdon Street,
   If Harold Wilkie as President of the Board of Regents made           
                 Madison, Wis.
a mistake in his ruling that President Frank could not vote at a
Regent meeting upon a question where his own salary was in-             
volved and his ruling was not legal, it would have been an easy  Harry A.
Bullis, president; Howard T. Greene, vice-president;
thing to have tested it in the Courts.  As a lawyer of forty     Basil I.
Peterson, treasurer; A. John Berge, executive secretary;
years practice, I think that Wilkie's ruling was absolutely correct.    Harry
C. Thoma, editor and assistant secretary;
   I think that I voice the sentiment of the majority of the            
   Mrs. A. M. Kessenich, '16, women's editor.
Alumni and the people of Wisconsin when I say that I am
strongly opposed to increasing the tuition fees of the University Vol. XXXVIII
            November, 1936              No. II
   To say that the Regents appointed by Governor LaFollette
who opposed this increase of tuition fees are guilty of partisan-
ship is an unjust accusation and on the same theory could be            
             In   this issue:
used against the Regents appointed by Governors Kohler and
Schmedeman who voted with President Frank for an increase in            
fees.                                                             On Bascom
Hall Steps         .t   es...                Cover
   One of the greatest stains upon the fair name of the State of  up and
down the Hill                      ....          . 41
Wisconsin and the University of Wisconsin was the unjust cen-    The President's
sure of Robert M. LaFollette, Sr., for his vote against war. The
statue of Robert M. LaFollette, Sr., stands in the Hall of Fame  ' that continual
and fearless sifting and winnowing".    46
in our National Capitol, Wisconsin's most illustrious alumnus, a  The Student
Goes to Church ....................... 48
living refutation and condemnation of the action of the Legisla-  Football-a
Game or a Business? .50
ture of Wisconsin and the University alumni.                      The First
'Annual Alumni Conference. 51
  I believe the Alumni Association of the University of Wis-            
                  Conference.5 1
consin and the magazine it publishes should be very careful and  Alumnae
Aces .52
sound out not only the opinion of the Alumni Association but     The Fightin'
Badgers .54
the people of Wisconsin before it attacks its own Alumni who     Progress
of the Diamond Jubilee Sweepstakes .56
are practically its children, and should be very careful about   Badgers
You Should Know .58
taking any course which will divide the alumni. The only way     While the
Clock Strikes the Hour.60
we can have a powerful Association is to work in harmony.
-I have a high opinioniof President Frank and a1 of the         Edi.torials.
             ...........                        .... 63
Board of Regents and do not wonder that a body of bright, in-    Have You
Heard? ............................... 64
telligent men differ upon the questions and policies regarding the  In the
Alumni World ............................. 70
University. On the Athletic situation I agreed with Pres. Frank
that the faculty should run the athletics of the University and  This and
That About the Faculty.76
not the Board of Regents.
  I was sorry that Emerson Ela dragged in partisanship in his
remarks at the Banquet and a great many alumni present that I      Subscription
to The Wisconsin Alumnus is obtained by membership
talked with felt that his remarks were not appropriate on such   in The Wisconsin
Alumni Association for which annual dues are
an occasion where we were all working for unity and for the       $4.00,
$3.00 of which Is for subscription to the magazine. Family
                advacemet oftheinteestsof he Uiverityof Wsconin. rate membership
(where husband and wife are alumni) $3.00. Life
advancement of the interests of the University of Wisconsin.     membership,
$50.00, payable within the period of five years. The
  I am writing this in full because I want your administration   Association
earnestly invites all former students, graduates and non-
to be very successful and believe that it will be, and as a former  graduates,
to membership. Others may subscribe for the magazine
member of the Board of Regents and an alumnus who has always     at same
price, $4.00 per year.
as second class matter at the Post Office of Waukesha, Wis.,
taken a great interest in the University, I feel deeply concerned.  October
19, 1934, under the Act of March 3, 1879.
                                         EDWARD E. BROWN            Change
of Address must be reported ten days before date of Issue.
                                         Class of 1890            Otherwise
the Association will not be responsible for delivery.
                                               Law  1 892         ~~~Discontinuance-if
any subscriber wishes his magazine dlsrontinued
                                        Law  1892                at the expiration
of his subscription, notice to that effect should be
                                                                  sent with
the subscription, or at its expiration. Otherwise it is un-
that a continuation is desired.
                                            October 3, 1936        Issued
Monthly-Except August and September. Member of Alumni
Dear Coach Stuhldreher:                                           Magazines,
Associated. National Advertising Representative: The
Group, Inc., New York, Chicago, Detroit, San Francisco,
  For the first time in twenty-six years as an alumnus of the    Los Angeles
and Boston.
University of Wisconsin I not only feel closer to the athletic
department, but also feel very happy in the thought that I know  _   ___________________
what is going on in the football division.
  I am not sure whether you thought up the idea of the weekly    shall look
forward to your next letter and know that there is
letters to the alumni or whether you even write them or not, but  something
real and worthwhile behind the football division of
from your record I would suspect that you do not employ a         our athletic
                                      JOHN BREWER, '10
  I am very grateful for your first football letter and I am
looking forward to the rest of them, and shall enjoy them and
feel better about the prospects of Wisconsin,-win, lose or draw.  Gentlemen:
  This is the first time that I have not started and begun the     I found
on my desk this morning Stuhldreher's football letter,
football season hoping, wishing and straining, but still doubting.  and hasten
to express my appreciation of this service. It makes
I never saw you or met you, but I am back of you 100%-win,        one feel
as though he were right on the inside even though he is
lose or draw!  Whatever you do to Marquette or fail to do, I      many miles
away.                    (Please turn to page 79)

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