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Thoma, Harry C. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 38, Number II (Nov. 1936)

Up and down the hill,   pp. 41-42

Page 41

                      up amrid dJwIr 1he Hil
]  SHE blame for the revival        WHENEVER     you get 10,000      dangers.
"That's why I'm here,"
   l  of this column in all justi-  students together, you are bound  says,;
       fication cannot be placed    to find some interesting personal-  
From far off Siam comes Chava-
   L  upon the shoulders of your  ities, and this year's record-break  la
Stikumalanandana-or just S.
       humble editor. It was en-   ing enrollment is no different. A   Chavala
for American consump-
tirely the fault of several of your  four-foot midget from  Water-    tion
  to train himself for a pub-
fellow readers who prompted the    town, Wis., did his part to make   lic
relations post in his native land.
disinterment of this pillar of wis-  new enrollment records this fall  The
small, alert Chavala, a grad-
dom and wit. Be that as it may,    by entering the School of Com-      uate
of Chulalongkorn University
the editorial we during the re-    merce. Meinhardt Raabe, 19 years    in
Bangkok, Siam, has been sent
mainder of the year will attempt to  old, is a seasoned trouper, having 
here by his government to study
recount interesting little sidelights  appeared with midget acts at the 
journalism and to master modern
of Campus activities as they come  Chicago World    Fair, the San      publicity
to our attention in the hopes that  Diego Fair and the Great Lakes      
Nurset Kemal Koyman, a con-
the brighter side of student life  Expo at Cleveland. He graduated    fidante
and ally of Dictator Mus-
may rekindle some of the pleasant  from   Northwestern  College  at    tapha
Kemal of Turkey, is here on
memories of your own school days   Watertown last June and is now      a
Rockefeller Foundation award to
which may have been long forgot-   brushing up on the finer points of  study
the decentralization of in-
ten.                               accounting under Director Fay El-   dustry
and rural sociology. In
               *                   well, '0 8.                        Turkey,
Mr. Koyman served as
                                      Freddie March was not content    editor
of adult education for the
  WHEN your editor was a stu-      to send only a trophy for our Dia-  Ulku,
organ of the Turkish na-
dent, there was only one tempting  mond Jubilee Sweepstakes, but he   tionalist
brick wall in the Latin quarter    also saw to it that his niece, Bar-  
During the 1935 legislative ses-
which offered sufficient inducement  bara Bickel, daughter of John, '16,
 sion one of the University's most
to the fraternity pranksters to war-  and Mary Dupuy Bickel, 'I 6, en-  bitter
and unrelenting critics, the
rant a coat of bright yellow paint  rolled  at Wisconsin  this fall.   man
who more than anyone else
during the football season. Time   Along with Barbara and pledging     was
responsible for the red-baiting
marches on, however, and now not   Kappa with her is Dorothy Boet-    carried
on by the Brunette investi-
only does the     traditional Kiek-  tiger, daughter of John Boettiger, 
gation  committee,  was  Harry
hofer     wall receive  its  annual  Chicago  Tribune  correspondent   Croy,
staff writer for the Milwau-
dousing of vividly painted slog-   who recently married Anna Roose     kee
Wisconsin News.   All could
dsng but teAOPi's nice stucco re-  velt Dall, daughter of President   not
have been as bad as Mr. Croy
taining wall gets its fair share Of  Roosevelt. Dorothy's father was   painted
it for today Harry Croy,
tamingn wall gets itshfair ser-per o assigned the task of investigating 
Jr., is a freshman student and out
  aTtention from sthde pepper-uprs.  the "subversive elements"
on the  to make the freshman football
  This-- year s- student - body has
adopted as their favorite slogan,  Campus for the Tribune several     squad.--
"The Spirit's Back." Every indi-   years ago. In conducting his
in-                   0
cation points to the truthfulness  vestigation Boettiger found that
of their contention. More than     Wisconsin was being maliciously      
AFTER a lapse of only one year,
5000   students,  alumni,   and    maligned and that it offered no     1936,
Haresfoot club, the men's
townspeople gathered on the Low-
er Campus on the Friday night be-
fore the Marquette game for a
rousing  massmeeting.   Over a
thousand students gave the team a
grand sendoff to Purdue and near-
ly five hundred were on hand at
one o'clock at night to welcome
them back after their 35-14 de-
feat. Yes, the spirit i's back.
  DURING the medical convention    E.
here in September, one of the doc-
tors present at the Cancer Clinic
approached President Frank after
a dinner at which the Prexy had
spoken and asked him whether it
was proper to call him Mr. Frank,
Dr. Frank or President Frank.
  "Well," grinned Mr. Dr. Presi-
dent Frank, "anything will do just                     The AOPi House
on Langdon Street
so it isn't ex-President Frank."                        The spirit came
back on their wall

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