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Thoma, Harry C. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 38, Number I (Oct. 1936)

Berge, A. John
Direct from the sidelines,   p. 16

Page 16

                       Dir~gifrom" dine Sideijies
                                              Associa tion Members to Receive
   ABOUT the time this issue is
       off the press you will get       Stuhtclre her 's       Special Football
       your first edition of the
       Stuhidreher FOOTBALL LET-
       TER. In this new publica-
tion Coach Stuhldreher will attemptA.K                                 IB
to give you and your fellow membersExctvSeray
of the Association, his impressions of
the game as he sees it from the bench;
first-hand information that only a coach can give you.  the Stuhldreher FOOTBALL
LETTER -so that they can
  Author as well as coach, Harry Stuhldreher is just  become members and
enjoy it also. You are doing
the man to write this FOOTBALL LETTER. His novel   them a good turn by letting
them know about this
"Blocking Back" is now running in The American    new service to
Association members. Obviously, only
Magazine. He has had several articles and stories in  members can get this
The Saturday Evening Post. A football article has    This FOOTBALL LETTER
is just one of the fea-
just appeared in Liberty. Another story by this   tures developed to make
our Diamond Jubilee Year
famous member of the Four Horsemen was made       the greatest since the
Association was founded seven-
into a movie,'                                      ty-five years ago. Few
organizations are privileged
  This FOOTBALL LETTER will bring you behind-     to celebrate their Diamond
Jubilee and we should
the-scene accounts of the high spots of each game. It  make the most of this
will NOT be a play by play account.' Coach Stuhl-    The primary objective
for the year, of course, is to
dreher will tell you about the "breaks" of the game,  regain all
the ground lost during the depression. Like
his personal impressions, interesting side-lights from  other organizations
in the same field, The Wisconsin
bench and dressing room which neither radio nor   Alumni Association suffered
severe losses during the
newspaper can give you. He will also say something  last few years. Membership
dropped to one-third of
about the next game on the schedule.                what it was before the
  YOUR association is sending you Stuhldreher's     H  OWEVER, the tide has
turned and we're stead-
FOOTBALL LETTER for two reasons.                    ily climbing. During
the last six months, our
  In the first place, we want to make your member-  membership has gone up
44%. That's a fine begin-
ship increasingly valuable to you. We want you to  ning-but it's only a beginning.
To become a real
feel that membership in the Association is worth-  factor in promoting the
best interests of the Univer-
while; that you are not only helping to promote the  sity, we must double
our present membership.
best interests of the University of Wisconsin but you  This is a big job,
but Wisconsin Spirit has licked
are also getting satisfactory dividends from  your  bigger jobs. Big as it
is, this job can be completed
membership fee. The Diamond Jubilee Issue is an-  easily and quickly by the
right kind of team-work.
other illustration of this same idea. As fast as finances  In every community
are alumni who can and should
permit, we shall add other new services and features  be members of the Association.
 They would be
so that you will feel that you cannot afford to miss  members, too, if the
Association were able to tell
the advantages of membership in the Wisconsin     them the story of its work
and program of activities.
Alumni Association.                                 But-telling this story
to 70,000 alumni is a mighty
                   Secondly, we believe that as you               ~~expensive
                   Secondly, we believe that as you  ~Here's where you can
help. Con-
                 become more and more satisfied with  ~tact one or two of
the alumni in your
your membership you will also be-                                 city and
tell them about our program
come more and more inclined to co-ofatviefrthDamnJule
operate in making our Association a                               ofar aTivteslfo
them Damond J ubilee
greater factor in the life of the Uni-                            Ya.Tl 
                 versity.                                         ~~~~~~~~~~~dreher
   You are helping yourself when you                               easy it
is to get this new service. Sug-
help the Association. The amount                                  gest that
they.follow your example
                                                                   and become
active members of the As-
of service we can render to you de-                               sociation.
Explain that one of the
pends primarily upon the size of our                              finest
ways to celebrate our seventy-
membership. By helping to build up                                fifth anniversary
is to take an active
                 the membership, therefore, you are              ~part in
rebuilding our membership to
making it possible for the Associa-                               pre-depression
strength. That's not
tion to give you more for your mem-                               a tough
job-but it means a lot to
bership fee. And when the member-yorAscain
ship gets large enough, we can reduce                               Inu resciturweiontiu.on
                 the membership fee. If we had 10,-               ~level
best to give you the best maga-
 000 members today we could reduce                                 zine ever
published and making your
 our membership fee immediately.         Coach Harry Stuhidreher  membership
increasingly attractive to
   Tell your fellow  alumni about   Becomes your special correspondent  you.

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