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Thoma, Harry C. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 38, Number I (Oct. 1936)

The Diamond Jubilee Sweepstakes,   p. 15

Page 15

         The Diamonid Jxubilee SweepsIakes
 rV    HE big race is on!   More         HERE we are, folks, the big Diamond
Jubilee Sweepstakes is under way. These
        accurately speaking, all six   are the initial figures upon which
the winners will be based. These membership fig-
   ,   races are on. In the column    ures have been taken from the Diamond
Jubilee Edition of this past summer. Additions
        at the right is the class      which have come in since then will
be added for next month's chart. At the starter's
        derby  with  fifty  entries.   gun, the Class of 1898 leads by a
slim margin. The Class of 1933 brings up the
 This graph shows the percentage       rear with a 3.5 percentage. The race
is on -who'll be the winner?
 of each class now members of the       Class               Percentage
 Wisconsin   Alumni Association.        1887                 21.8
 Each month during the Diamond          1888                     28
 Jubilee Year this chart will show      1889                 23.3
 the progress made by the various       1890                2
 classes in the battle for the Gover-                        1.1
 nor's Cup, a beautiful trophy          1891                   25
 awarded by Gov. Philip F. La Fol-      1892               18.6
 lette, '1 9, to stimulate enthusiasm   1893               20
 in this membership drive.              1894                21.1
   At reunion time next June, the       1895                21.5
Governor's Cup will be awarded         1896               20
to the class officer who has done
the best job   in increasing the       1897                   25.1
Alumni Association   membership        1898                       30.9
of his class. The winner may be        1899                21.1
a president, who as the executive      1900         _         25.3
officer of his class will logically    1901              18.2
take the initiative in this drive. Or  1902                20
it may go to a membership chair- 2       0
man selected by the president to       1903              18.5
take charge of this membership         1904                 231
drive in your class.                   1905                20.5
   But-don't expect your class          1906               20.4
president or membership chairman       1907                21.3
to do this job alone. In the first     1908               19.1
place, it isn't a one-man job. It's    1909               19.6
a job that demands team-work, so       1909 19.7
cooperate with your class president    1910              17.7
when he asks for help. Secondly,       1911             16
your class president has the right     1912             15.9
to expect your cooperation. After      1913            13.2
all, it's your class as much as his,   1914             15.9
and in his efforts to make a good
showing for your class he needs        1915            14.4
your assistance.                       1916            14.4
  Furthermore, your cooperation        1917             15.5
in this race will not interfere in     1918            14.8
any way with any of the other          1919    _     12.6
races in this Diamond     Jubilee      1920         10
Sweepstakes.  For example, sup-        1921         9
pose you persuade your classmate
Bill Jones to join the Association     1922         10
as a result of a membership drive      1923       7
conducted by your local alumni         1924       8
club. When Bill Jones' applica-        1925       6.5
tion  reaches Association  head-       1926      5.2
quarters, his membership will be       1927      4.8
immediately credited to his class      1928  _    .8
and his membership included in         1928      5.5
preparing this chart each month.       1929      6
  If the graph at the right shows     1930 -   4.2
your class near the top, help to       1931  _   4.7              Let's fill
up this white space
keep it there all during the drive.    1932 _   3.8
If it shows that your class is lag-    1933 m   3.5             -a   little
effort on your part
ging, pitch in and help your presi-    1933 _  3 9
dent move your class upward in         1934     3.9             will help
a lot.
the standings. Let's go; the big       1935      5.4
race is on!                            1936     3.9

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