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Thoma, Harry C. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 38, Number I (Oct. 1936)

Sheer, Harry
Stuhldreher and team face stiff uphill struggle,   pp. 12-13

Page 13

ace Stiff Uphill Struiggle
       leads the corps of regular aspirants.  "Iron Mike"   halfback
position, Wis-
       should make his last season the best, what with his  consin's backfield
will            l
       two years of experience, more speed, less weight, and  be a three
cylinder af-
       Stuhldreher's tutelage. Either big Ed Christianson   fair-  with plenty
       or Paul Jensen, giant senior tackles, will line up on  power in the
fullback            l
       the other tackle position.  Both are back in the     and  right  halfback
       superb form they enjoyed in 1934, and both are       spots, and with
good l
       battling for the honor of first call every Saturday  blocking  and
       afternoon. Standouts in the reserve corps are Robert  from the quarterbacks.
       A. Grinde, who returns as a junior exactly 40 pounds   Ineligibility,
       lighter than he was as a sophomore; Abraham Soref,   sionalism, and
a confer-
       one of the few Jewish linemen in the conference, and  ence  by-law
       Eugene N. Brodhagen, a 204-pound, six-one sopho-     severed  all
the  vital
       more, who will be benched most of the season due to  cords from  what
       the senior competition, but who will come along fast  expected to
be a cracker-
       nevertheless,                                          jack backfield
this year.
         Stuhldreher literally puts his fingers in his ears  Little Johnny
      whenever he hears the word "guards" mentioned on     who
was called a "cdim-
      Camp Randall.                                          ax  baby"
  by   Coach           Allen Mahnke
         Guards have been scarce around Wisconsin for two   Stuhldreher,
and Em-        One of four centers
      years, but never has the crop been more meagre than  mett Mortell,
      this season.  Only one letterman, Walter Cole, a     the finest punter
Wisconsin has had in years, were
      former fullback, is available, and among the usual   both declared
ineligible for failing to meet scholastic
      "run-of-the-mill" residue there are probably three   requirements.
 Then Bobby Neubauer was left out
      men who will take over all of the duties this season.  in the cold
for having played a regulation game while
      Leading the trio is George Lanphear, a husky junior  a freshman at
Marquette, and to further the gloom,
      who was converted from a quarterback job under Dr.   Robert Ternes,
a Milwaukee      sophomore flash,
      C. W. Spears, and whose play these past two weeks    dropped out of
the university for a year. Jankow-
      has been impressive, but not consistent.               ski's failure
to make up his ineligibility before the sea-
         Coach Stuhldreher likes his men fast, and as a re-  son begins would
just about put the black cap on the
      sult he has put two midget quarterbacks into the line  backfield strength.
      to act as Wisconsin's contribution to the series of    As it stands
today, Wisconsin has only four letter-
      "watch-charm" guards. Johnny O'Brien, a rough and    men
to depend upon this year. Jankowski, fullback;
      tough sophomore youngster from   Rice Lake, and      Ervin Windward,
quarterback; Clarence Tommerson,
      William Vezina, junior, are both small, fast, hard-  right halfback,
and Steve Rondone, right halfback,
      boiled, and willing.  What they do this year may     are the men who
may have to bear the brunt of the
      be the fulcrum upon which the Badger offerse will    season's offerings
from eight opponents. The first
      balance.  For reserve play, Stuhldreher has Robert   three are standouts
for first string call.
      Weigandt and Arlin Schulz,                                        
            Among     the   newcomers,
      both sophomores, and Ervin                                        
          there are eight who     have
      Johnson, a    five-six, 190-                  _                   
     \    crashed the gates so far. Lead-
      pound junior, who turne n  a                                      
          ing this group are Bronko
      fine performance at tackle in b                                   
          Malesevich, a left-handed right
      the annual intra-squad clash                                      
          half; Howard Weiss, formerly
      last spring.                                                      
          a fullback but being groomed
        Like the tackles and ends,                                      
         for the vacancy at left half;
      Wisconsin's centers will be                                       
          Joe Jdziorek, a half-pint left-
      comparatively     strong. A    <F                              
        ,    bhander who is being tried suc-
      smacking battle is going on be-                           S       
          cessfully at full; Kenneth Bell-
      tween Joe Clauss, who played                                      
          ile, quarterback; Roy Bellin,
      all last year as first string, and                                
          a potentarl  i ethe     rgtc
      Neil Pohl, the pivot man who                                      
          half; Cliff Barrett, fullback,
      made good in 1934, dropped                                        
          and Herb Paul, Rice Lake half -
      out in 1935, and is back this                                     
      season with more speed, more                                      
 *j~        All of these men are good
      experience, and an eye on the                                     
          ball-handlers, fast, strong de-
      number one job. For reserves                                      
          fensively, and accurate block-
      there are Allen Mahnke and                                        
          ers. The only common thing
      Nick Deanovich, both seniors.                                     
          they need is experience.
      and both ready to shift with                                      
            Regardless of the outcome
      Pohl and'Clauss.                                                  
          of the games, the players and
        Unless  the  new   Badger                              -    ~   
         the spectators are bound to en-
     coaching  staff can  uncover                "Big Ed" Christianson
           joy the season under the new
     some dark-horse in the left-             Must reduce in order to play

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