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Thoma, Harry C. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 38, Number I (Oct. 1936)

[Cover] The Wisconsin alumnus

          Museum Specimen?
N      OT from  the outside, perhaps-but    whole family. "New American"
living costs
what of the inside? You would not drive     are even lower than in your present
a 1920 automobile; it would be obsolete     This is not a dream house, but
a home you
and inadequate for modern service. Houses   can own-one to be proud of. General
become obsolete, too. Your house, if it is  Electric, by fostering "New
American" dem-
more than 15 years old, is probably almost  onstration homes, opens the door
to new
as inconvenient inside, compared with "New  living comforts for you.
American"   standards, as this outmoded     "New   American"
is not an architectural
museum specimen.                      style-it is a new conception of living.
Now, in 1936, your family should be living  information on how to obtain
"New Ameri-
in a truly modern, a "New American," home.  can" comfort,
convenience, and economy-
Scientific planning of rooms saves steps and  in your present home or in
a new house-
lightens housework. Electric servants work  write to the General Electric
Home Bureau,
for better health and greater comfort for the  570 Lexington Avenue, New
York, N. Y.
         Labor-saving appliances, developed by General Electric research
               engineering, are brightening the home life of America

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