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Thoma, Harry (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 37, Number II (Nov. 1935)

This and that about the faculty,   pp. 50-51

Page 50

            7hz and hz
                                                    AbOUT T-IE
                                                    r ACU LTY
PROF. ALEXANDER MEIKLEJOHN, formerly                 fessor of French; JOSEPH
ROSSI, instructor in Italian;
   director of the Experimental College, has returned  WALTER R. SHARP, professor
of political science; C.
   to the Campus after an absence of two years.     F. WEHRWEIN, instructor
in agricultural economics;
He has been directing the San Francisco school of so-  RAY H. WHITBECK, professor
of geography; HELEN
cial studies during his absence from Wisconsin. He   C. WHITE, associate
professor of English; JOHN W.
will teach here for one semester, return to San Fran-  WILLIAMS, associate
professor of chemistry; and
cisco in the second semester and return to the Univer-  MARION L. ZILLEY,
assistant professor of nursing.
sity for the opening of the 1936-37 school year.       Members of the faculty
on leave for 1935-36 are
                                                     GREGORY BREIT, professor
of physics, one year;
  THIRTEEN   faculty members of the University      RAY A. BROWN, professor
of law, one year; CLIN-
staff took leaves of absence for                                       TON
D. CASE, assistant professor
the school year beginning 1935-                                        of
mechanical engineering, Mil-
36, 17 members on leave dur-                                           waukee
extension division, one
ing 1934-35 returned to duty                                           year;
this fall, and 16 new members                                          assistant
professor in teaching
were added who began teaching                                          mathematics,
first semester; HAR-
at the start of the year.                                              RIETTE
G. HOLT, assistant pro-
  Of the 13 members of the                                            fessor
of mathematics, Milwau-
faculty on leave, two are on leave                                     kee
extension division, one year;
for only the first semester, and                                       ELLIS
will return to teach for the sec-                                      ate
professor of rural sociology,
ond, while   Prof. FREDERICK                                           one
year; R. E. LANGER, profes-
A. OGG, head of the department                                         sor
of mathematics, one year;
of political science, will take his                                    RALPH
0. NAFZIGER, professor
leave at the beginning of the sec-                                     of
journalism, one year; FRED-
ond semester.                                                          ERICK
A. OGG, professor of Po-
  Members added to the faculty                                        litical
science, second semester;
in 1935-36 include:                                                    MAX
CARL OTTO, first semester;
  OLAF S. ASMODT, professor                                           WILLIAM
G. RICE, JR., profes-
of  agronomy;   HOWARD     W.                                          sor
of law, one year; ROBERT
BEERS, associate professor of ru-                                      VAN
VALZAH, professor of clin-
ral sociology; CHARLES S. COL-        Professors Otto and Meiklejohn  ical
medicine, one year; A. A.
LIER, visiting professor of law        One leaves, the other returns   VASILIEV,
professor of history,
2nd semester; ALBERT E. DAR-                                           one
LOW, associate professor of animal husbandry;
EUGENE FEENBERG, lecturer in physics; J. ALFRED        PROF. ORIEN DALLEY
of the School of Music and
HALL, lecturer in forest products; ELWIN E. HARRIS,  Coach A. L. MASLEY of
the Department of Physi-
lecturer in forest products; R. L. JEFFERY, lecturer  cal Education, have
been appointed to the chairman-
in mathematics; T. C. MCCORMICK, professor of        ships of the music and
the social recreation commit-
sociology; ROLAND K. MEYER, assistant professor of   tees of the WPA recreational
zoology; GAINES POST, acting assistant professor of
history; GRACE ROUNTREE, extension specialist in       LATHROP HALL, center
of the women's physical
home economics, assistant professor; DR. IRVING      education activities,
is loudly proclaiming the praises
SHULAK, clinical associate in neuropsychiatry; FRANK  of its latest author,
Miss HELEN I. DRIVER, instructor
THAYER, lecturer in journalism; SHERMAN L. WAL-      in tennis. Miss Driver
has recently had her book.
LACE, acting assistant professor of classics; and WIL-  "Tennis for
Teachers," published by the Saunders
LIAM WOERNER, assistant professor of physical edu-   Publishing co.
   Those members of the faculty returned from leave     CAPTAIN REMINGTON
ORSINGER, commandant,
 taken in 1934-35 are W. R. AGARD, professor of       Capt. W. F. DALTON,
and Capt. N. M. NELSON,
 Greek; EDMUND D. AGRES, professor of electrical,    instructors in the University
R. 0. T. C., have been
 steam, and gas engineering; H. H. CLARK, associate   appointed to the rank
of major in the regular army.
 professor of English; FARRINGTON DANIELS, pro-       These promotions were
due to vacancies and were
 fessor of chemistry; A. R. HOHLFELD, professor of    effective as of August
 German; 0. A. HOUGEN, associate professor of chem-
 ical engineering; M. H. INGRAHAM, professor of         DURING a recent trip
to London, Miss ABBY MAR-
 mathematics; ALEXANDER MEIKLEJOHN, professor         LATT, head of the Home
Economics department, at-
 of philosophy; WALTER A. MORTON, associate pro-      tended the International
Housing conference, which
 fessor of economics; S. G. A. ROGERS, associate pro-  opened on July 15.
Some forty-seven nations were

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