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Thoma, Harry (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 37, Number II (Nov. 1935)

Badgers you should know,   pp. 44-47

Page 45

November, 1935                                                          
of Mines at Houghton, Michigan, for the past ten    for a strong organization
through which the mining
years.                                                 companies-numbering
as many as 187 mines and
  At the time of his graduation from the University,  mills in  1926-could
cooperate in meeting these
Mr. Hotchkiss was doing exploration and geological  problems. The Association
which was formed also
work in Ontario, Canada. A few years later he car-  carried on a concerted
campaign to prevent accidents
ried on a state geological survey of Wisconsin, and in  and to improve health
and safety throughout the
1907 was placed in charge                             district. With the
aid of the U. S. Bureau of Mines,
of economic    geology  in                            the operator's group
established a clinic for periodic
the state. The next posi-                             examination of mine
workers and for study and
tion Mr. Hotchkiss held                               elimination of dust
hazards in the mines.
was that of state geologist                              In 1929, Mr. Conover
was elected secretary of the
for Wisconsin. He retained                            American Zinc Institute,
with headquarters at New
this position for 16 years                            York. He continued
activities in the public relations
and at the end of that pe-                            field, extending the
statistical work of the Institute
nod, in 1925, he beca e                               and its efforts in
behalf of the zinc industry in mat-
president of the Michigan                             ters of tariffs, freight
rates, and enlarged markets. He
School of Mines.                                      organized and directed
a campaign of sales promo-
  His new position opens                              tion, advertising and
educational work toward im-
greater fields for research                           proved quality and
greater use of zinc-coated or "gal-
and study in his chosen                               vanized" materials.
field. He has taken Scott
Mackay, a member of the                                   Harshaw      Assumes
New         Position
Wisconsin mining and me-
tallurgy department to be                              MlYRON T. HARSHAW,
'12, president of The
the first addition in his                                 Wisconsin Alumni
Association, is now advisor
program  of enlarging and       W. 0. Hotchkiss       and contact man on
old and new accounts of Erwin,
improving   the  staff  of   Named "Poly" President           
              Wasey & Company, Limited,
the "Poly" faculty.                                           
              the third largest advertising
    agency in the world.   Mr.
Conover Takes Important Mining Post                                     
    Hanshaw hadirbectr of thepCar-
JULIAN    DARST    CONOVER, '17, son of Mrs.                            
   roll Dean Murphy agency in
Grace Clark Conover, '85, is now occupying the                          
  Chicago  for a number of
important position of secretary of the American Min-                    
    years.  The two firms re-
ing Congress.  He was elected to this post at the                       
    cently merged and Harshaw
Thirty-seventh Annual Convention of the Congress                        
    was placed in the important
held in Washington late last year, and entered on his                   
    post of customer contact man
new duties the first of this year.                                      
    in the new firm.   It is ex-
  Mr. Conover received his B. A. degree in the Com-                     
   pected that he will be given
merce course in 1917 and immediately entered the                        
    an officer's post and a direc-
U. S. Army, where he won a commission as Second                         
    torship in the new company
Lieutenant, Field Artillery. Subsequently he was                        
    in a short time.
promoted to First Lieutenant, Captain, and finally to  Myron T. Harshaw 
   Harshaw's reputation in
Major, in command of the Ninth Anti-Aircraft Bat-                       
    the  advertising  field  has
talion. He remained in the service until September,  grown rapidly in the
past few years. He has been
1919.                                                 "account contact"
with a score of the best-known
  Returning thereafter to the University, graduate  business and financial
institutions in the United
work led in 1921 to the degree of Engineer of Mines.  States.  He knows advertising,
merchandising and
For a year, he taught a class in engineering geology.  sales management.
He is an experienced public speak-
At the beginning of his professional career, he was  er with a record for
the successful handling of scores
engaged in mining examination, exploration, and     of sales meetings and
convention talks for clients.
geological work that took him to Alaska, Arizona.
Idaho, and the Lake Superior Region. In 1921, he           Biroe Awarded
Medical Medal
went to Brazil to take charge of the operation of
Brazilian Iron and Steel Company in Minas Geraes.   pRESIDENT-EMERITUS E.
A. Birge was hon-
  As the first executive secretary of the Tri-State   ored by the Wisconsin
Medical Society at their
Zinc and Lead Ore Producers Association, Mr. Con-   meeting on September
19 when he was given the
over started in a field of work that has occupied him  society's award for
distinguished service to the so-
to the present time.  The Association consisted of  ciety, the medical profession,
and public health.
mine operators in the zinc-lead district of Oklahoma,  Dr. Birge was cited
in the presentation speech for
Kansas, and Missouri. This district had undergone   his development of a
course of training for medical
phenomenally rapid development during the War,      students, his vision
and perseverance over a forty-
and was then faced with problems of excess capacity  year period that led
to the establishment and de-
and production, taxation, freight rates, and legislative  velopment of the
pre-medical course in the University
difficulties in states whose interests were largely agri-  curriculum.
culture, and where the needs of the mining industry    A native of New York,
Dr. Birge has devoted
consequently were little understood. There was need  nearly fifty years to
the University as instructor in

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