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Egstad, H. M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 35, Number VII (April 1934)

This and that about the faculty,   pp. 211-216

Page 216

Page 216                                                                
      The Wisconsin Alumni Magazine
Occupational Survey              Showvs New                   age, while
the oldest of the first year students is a 45-year-
                                                               old woman.
     Trends in       Demands of Employers                       The age group
in which most of the members of this
                 (Conttinued from page 193)                   year's yearling
class fall is 18. A total of 617 of the fresh-
                                                               men are 18
years of age, while 305 of them are 17 years
now to have some advantage over the too highly technically  old, 254 have
reached 19, and 106 are 20 years of age.
trained and specialized candidate, Prof. Edgerton said.   Only 95 members
of the first year class are of legal age or
  "In the study, employers advised that young persons    over, while
only 20 are 25 years old or more, and only
should come to them basically trained, but ready to receive  four are above
30 years of age. On the other hand, 36 are
special preparation 'on the job'," he declared. "Because of  only
16 years of age or younger.
the many-sided demands at present it is suggested that at
least a double vocational objective may be helpful for some
time. The future employee will be expected to prepare for  Germans Use  
 The U. S. Forest Products laboratory fire-
and do well two or three different kinds of work rather   Test Made Here
 test tube for wood has been adopted as
than one very specialized type as has been the case in the  the national
standard fire-test instrument by the German
past."                                                        Society
of Engineers, according to a letter received at the
  Actual placement promises to become more difficult,    laboratory from
Dr. Edgar Morath, chief of the wood re-
since a higher level of preparation is being asked for by  search institute
of the technical school at Darmstadt.
employers and everyone concerned will need to strive        As a result,
four copies of the laboratory instrument,
harder for successful wage-earning adjustment with some-  made in Germany,
are going into immediate use at im-
what less satisfactory results than formerly, Prof. Edgerton  portant technical
said the study showed.                                          The fire-test
tube was developed at the Forest Products
  He reported that several employers seriously believe that  laboratory as
a necessary preliminary to studies of fire-
for the present the standardization tendency, as found in  retardment chemicals.
It has filled a need for a reliable
large oil and power companies, telephone or telegraph sys-  standard apparatus
for testing the effects of fire on treated
tems, chain stores or chain newspapers, and governmental  wood, and apparently
it meets the same need in the Ger-
agencies, have placed definite limitations upon freedom of  man Reich. M.
E. Dunlap, who has developed a number
opportunity and individual initiative-a fact which youth  of other devices
for research on wood, was the inventor of
should consider in its future vocational plans as long as  the fire tube.
these conditions continue to exist.                              In use,
the instrument shows temperature, loss of weight,
  "The employers would have young people explore varied   and extent
of flaming or glowing on a 40-inch strip of
possibilities in small and local businesses, including family  wood subjected
to a standard flame during a standard test
interests or firms, and especially such enterprises dealing  period.
with creative ideas in science, art, mechanics, literature,  Rr
electricity, and merchandizing, which capitalize on personal  Rutgers Asks,
 Rutgers university has asked Wisconsin to
        g ,courage, and character," Prof. Edgerton maintained,  and
Receives,  cooperate in a new experiment in adult
growth, courage, and character," Prof. Edgerton maintained.  Badger
Aid  education that has been designed to aid
                                                               farmers and
other rural leaders with new and various prob-
       While te   Cloc      Stie         h       orlems which have given
rise to recent governmental action.
  While     the   Clocn  k  Strikes the Hour                     Prof. Asher
Hobson, of the Department of Agricultural
                 (Continued from page 195)                     Economics,
has been invited to attend meetings at five dif-
Faculty          The report of a study in rural standards  ferent points
in New Jersey for the purpose of conferring
Report           of living, conducted in several Wisconsin  with farmers
of that State upon international relations and
Published        communities by E. L. Kirkpatrick and      agriculture.
                 Evelyn G. Tough of the College of Agri-     This educational
experiment, the first of its kind to be
culture, was reproduced in a recent issue of Sociologus, a  undertaken in
this country, is being carried on through the
journal of sociology and social psychology published at the  cooperation
of the Agricultural Extension service of New
University of Berlin, Germany.                                Jersey and
the American association for adult education.
  Data, gathered from 900 Wisconsin families of which       Authorities in
agricultural economics and international
four-fifths were tenants, revealed little if any difference in  relations
are to be brought to New Jersey from many sec-
living costs between the tenant or owner families or be-  tions of the United
States. They will conduct forums once
tween families of different incomes.                           a week at
the university and address public meetings in
  The study revealed that some families were more de-     widely separated
points in that state.
termined than others to hold on to the formal schooling
and educational advantages. Others were more inclined     Upper Classmen
 Upperclassmen at the University who
to maintain the standards for clothing and other provisions  To Better  
 write poor English are going to get some
of a personal nature. Housing accommodations were about   Their English 
   ia t
the same for all families except that where income was                  
      special training in grammar, sentence con-
greater there was more of a tendency to make needed       struction, punctuation,
spelling, and organization of ma-
repairs.                                                      terial, if
the University committee on student English has
  In these studies, clothing appeared to be the element   anything to say
about it.
that impinged most on all the other costs that made up      All Faculty members
of the University were notified
the family expenditures.                                      recently to
send all upperclassmen who are weak in the
                          _t                                  fundamental
principles of good English to the committee,
                                                              which will
see that the students are given some additional
Generation       Almost a generation separates the ages of  training.
Separates        the oldest and youngest freshmen enrolled   Members of the
committee, which represents the entire
Freshmen         in the University this year, a survey coim  college of letters
and science, are Professors J. H. Mathews,
piled by the University statistician has revealed. The young-  chairman;
R. R. Aurner, L. R. Ingersoll, and M. H. In-
est member of the freshman class is a girl of 15 years of  graham, and Miss
Mildred Hergenhan, who acts as secretary.

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