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Egstad, H. M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 35, Number VII (April 1934)

This and that about the faculty,   pp. 211-216

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Page 214                                                                
     The Wisconsin Alumni Magazine
CAI.IFORNIA ALUMNAE-Officers: President, Mrs.
 ALUM        NI     CLUB         DIRECTORY                    A. W. Byrne,
'03; Vice-President, Caroline Burgess, '94; Corre-
   AKRON, OHIO-Meetings: Monthly. Officers: President, Charles   sponding
Secretary, Mrs. E. M. Kurtz, '96, 964 Oakland Ave.,
 Pfahl, ex-' 17; Secretary-Treasurer, Arthur W. Gosling, '28, 1084  Pasadena;
Recording Secretary, Blanche Fulton, '02; Treasurer,
 Jefferson Ave., Akron, Ohio.                                 Clara Lauderdale,
   ALTON, ILL., BIG TEN CLUB-Meetings: Monthly. Officers        SYRACUSE,
N. Y.-Officers: President, A. W. Bechlem, '07;
 President, Jerry Lofy, '31; Secretary, Ralph Wandling, Illinois.  Secretary,
Mrs. Florence V. Steensland, '95, 417 Waverly St.;
   CHICAGO ALUMNAE--Meetings: Monthly luncheons on the first     Local Secretary,
Agnes Martin, '03.
 Saturday at the Republic building, 19th floor, 209 S. State St.
 Officers: President, Mrs. Rhea Hunt Ullestad, '21; Vice-President,
 Mrs. Elizabeth Johnson Todd, '22; Treasurer, Helen Zepp, '27;        M 
 arshfield     Club     Reviews Book
 Secretary, Mrs. Lucy Rogers Hawkins, '18, 7735 Haskins Ave.
   CHICAGO ALUMNI-Meetings: Weekly Luncheons every Friday      THE REGULAR
January meeting of the Marshfield Uni-
 noon at the Hamilton Club. Officers: Pres., A. J. Berge, '22; Vice-  T versity
of Wisconsin club was held on January 22 at the
 Pres., Lowell A. Leonard, '17; Sec.-Treas., Ward Ross, '25, 209 S.  home
of Mr. and Mrs. M. R. Laird, '12.
 La Salle St., Room 1041. Phone Central 7577.
   COLORADO ALUMNI-Meetings: Occasional; Place: Denver, Col-        A  comprehensive
survey of Overstreet's "We Move in
orado. Officers: President, John H. Gabriel, '87; Vice-President,  New Directions"
was given by William R. Dixon, '31, a
Hamlet J. Barry, '92; Secretary and Treasurer, L. A. Wenz, '26,  member of
the faculty of McKinley high school, who pre-
3615 Federal Blvd., Denver.                                  sented the author's
opinion of the major forces at work in
  DETROIT ALUMNAE CLUB-Meetings: Third Saturday of each       the economic
and social world today, their weakness and
month. Officers: President, Mrs. J. J. Danhof, '07; Vice-President,  their
strength, placing great emphasis upon the industrial
Miss Grace Shugart, '24; Treasurer, Mrs. D. F. Schram, '22-
Secretary, Mrs. Paul E. Kavanaugh, Ex. '24, 6245 Miller Rd.'     revolution
through which we are now passing.
Phone Or-2534.                                                  The fallacy
of economics which only amasses more money
  LA CROSSE, WIs.-Meetings: Occasional. Officers: Pres., Mrs.    to produce
more machinery, which in turn causes unemploy-
George Ruediger, '26; Vice-Pres., Mrs. Robert Stone, '25; Secretary  ment,
was brought out by Mr. Dixon as being one of the
and Treasurer, Frank Schneider, '32, 305 Hoeschler Bldg.         great weaknesses
of the industrial system. He quoted, "The
  MARSHFIELD, WIs.-Meetings: Monthly. Officers: President,       more the
system  employs brain power of the people, the
Bernard Lutz, '30; Secretary, Mary Proell, '11.
                                     MILWAUKEE  W LU-etig: eky.Ofmore it
disemploys its hand or labor power. The more we
  MILWAUKEE "W" CLUB-Meetings: Weekly. Officers: Chris       sav
      , thoew   edt     eto    u   aig.
Steinmetz, '06; Vice presidents Edward Vinson, '28, and Ralph    save, the
more we tend to destroy our savings."
Spetz, '23; Treasurer, Elmer McBride, '28; Secretary, Franklin L.  He classified
crime as of two distinct types, those of un-
Orth, '28, 517 Caswell Blk.                                  controlled impulses,
and those of deliberate intent, classify-
  MINNEAPOLIS ALUMNAE-Meetings: Monthly. Officers: Ruth      ing under the
latter group the racketeer, the bootlegger and
Remington Carneghan, '17, President; Lila Ekern Ratcliff, '24,   seller of
worthless securities. The growth of organized
Secretary, 5745 Dupont Ave., Minneapolis.
  NEW ORLEANS BIG TEN CLUB-Meetings: Luncheon Meeting         crime was emphasized
as a major weakness of our social
the first Monday of every month. Officers: R. J. Usher, '07, Presi-  life
dent; Mrs. Emma Lee Dodd, Ohio State, Secretary.                Overstreet's
theories of education, patriotism, religious
  NEW YORK ALUMNI-Meetings: Luncheons every Tuesday at           intolerance,
and race hatred and his remedy for the situa-
the Planters Restaurant, 124 Greenwich St. Also special meetings.  tion,
in the education of individuals toward loftier ideals
Officers: Pres., Carl Beck, ex-'12; Sec.-Treas., H. E. Broadfoot,
ex-'17, 40 Wall St. Phone Andrews 3-3607.                    with less thought
of self and profit, were explained.
  NORTHERN CALIFORNIA-Meetings: Monthly. Officers: Presi-       Miss Mary
Schubert, 32, gave a resume of the last three
dent, Helen G. Thursby, '11; Vice-president, E. V. Olson, ex-'20;  numbers
of the Alumni magazines, and Mrs. Denver Gar-
Secretary, Frank V. Cornish, '96, Morgan Professional Building,  ner sang
a group of solos, "When Love Is King" by Thomas
Berkeley, California.                                        Moore, and "I
Love Thee," by Grieg, with Mrs. Glenn D.
  CENTRAL OHIO-Meetings: Occasional. Officers: Pres., Dr. John   Tinkham
as accompanist.
Wilce, '10; Vice-Pres., Paul Best, '12; Social Chairman, Arthur    Later
refreshments were served, with a committee com-
Butterworth, Ex. '12; Secretary, William  E. Warner, '23, 64     posed of
Miss Marjorie Hugunin, '22, Miss Selma Bart-
Woodruff Ave., Columbus, Ohio.
             Woodruff Ave., Columbus, Ohio.                   mann, '14,
Mrs. Glenn D. Tinkham   '21, and Bernard Lutz
  PHILADELPHIA-Meetings:  Occasional. Officers:Chairman,                
              Tnhm                      Lutz,
Clarence Wheeler, ex-'28; Vice-chairman, I. H. Peterman, '22;    '30, assisting.
Secretary, Leroy Edwards, '28, 7206 Bradford Rd., Upper Darby.
  PITTSBURGH-Meetings: Occasional. Officers: Pres., John Farris,
  07; Vice-Pres., Montfort Jones, '12; Secretary Arch W. Nance, '10,    
440 S. Atlantic Ave.                                              Lafayette
     Honors Dr. Kremers
  PURDUE AND LAFAYETTE-Meetings: Irregular. Officers: William
A. Bodden, '27, President; W. A. Heistand, '25, Vice-President;  THE Wisconsin
Club of Purdue and Lafayette held a
and Helen Cobb, '24, Secretary.                                 dinner Monday
evening, March 20, 1934, honoring Dr.
  RACINE, WIs.-Officers: President, Harold Konnak, '28; Vice-    Edward Kremers,
'86, director of the course in Pharmacy
President, Dorothy Lawton, '24; Secretary, Della Madsen, '24, 827  at Wisconsin.
Dr. Kremers, who appeared on the semi-
Center St.; Treasurer, Glynn Williams, '26, 2028 Carmel Ave.
  BIG TEN CLUB OF SACRAMENTO-Meetings: Second Tuesday of         centennial
celebration program of the School of Pharmacy
each month. Luncheons at Wilson's. Officers: Pres., Henry Spring;  at Purdue,
was greeted by about thirty members of the
Secretary, W. E. Kudner; Wisconsin Representative, Dr. Richard   Club at
the Purdue Memorial Union. W. A. Bodden,
Soutar.                                                      President of
the Club presided and short talks were made
  ST. Louis-Meetings: Monthly luncheons on the first Wednesday   P      
at the Missouri Athletic Association. Officers: President, Carl  by Dr. Kremers
and Dean Jordan of the School of Phar-
Hambuechen, '99; Vice-President, Betty Brown, '25; Treasurer,    macy. Musical
entertainment was furnished by the male
James Watson, '24; Secretary, Miss Ruth Van Roo, '31, American   quartet
of the Men's Glee Club, and Miss Eddie Mae
Red Cross, 1706 Olive St., Phone Chestnut 2727.               Brown, violinist.
  BIG TEN CLUB OF SAN FRANCISCO-Meetings: Monthly. Officers:       T
President, Ed. Schneider; Secretary, Earl Olsen, '20; Assistant Sec-  The
Club meets at irregular intervals during the year,
retary, Vincent Raney, Illinois, 233 Post St.; Treasurer, Arthur  this being
the second this year.
Caldwell, Purdue.                                               Wisconsin
has a large group of alumni in Lafayette,
  SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA-Meetings: Held in conjunction with         being second
only to that of the Purdue Alumni Asso-
Big Ten Club in Los Angeles. Officers: W. K. Murphy, ex-'03,
President; James L. Brader, '23, Vice-President; L. G. Brittingham,  cWatPon.
ex-'18, Treasurer; Carroll Weiler, '23, Secretary.

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