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Egstad, H. M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 35, Number VII (April 1934)

This and that about the faculty,   pp. 211-216

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Page 212                                                                
  The Wisconsin Alumni Magazine
       Boxers Win Championship                                          
                (Continued from page 191)                    Handicapped
by lack of experienced material, Coach
                                                           Tom Jones of the
Wisconsin track team had to be content
rearranged on a seven, instead of an eight-bout, basis. Wis-  with 4 2-5
points in the annual conference indoor cham-
consin's victories were all clean cut, while one of the visi-  pionship meet
at Chicago, March 10. Bob Clark placed
tor's was at least extremely lucky, though technically not  third in the
70 yard high hurdles and Smith and Dorring-
open to question. Nick Deanovich had fought a furious    ton, Badgers, tied
with two other jumpers for fifth place
first round with Doug Voorhees of West Virginia, in     in the high jump.
Michigan won with 371/2 points; Indiana
which he had put the Mountaineer down and had had him    was second with
33 1-5; Illinois, third, 18; Ohio State,
so dazed at the bell that Voorhees could not find his own  fourth, 16.
corner. It was Nick's fight up to this time.                 In a triangular
meet with Iowa and Northwestern, held
                     In the second round, a glancing     in the field house,
March 24, Wisconsin won with 41‡2
                   right sent Deanovich to the canvas     points, Iowa scoring
341,/ and Northwestern, 32.
                   but did not really hurt him  at all.                 
                   However, after rising at once to one
                   knee, Nick became so engrossed in                    
                   watching Coach Walsh that he missed
                   the count and was a second late in        A prolonged
cold spell prevented Coach Uteritz' base-
                   getting to his feet ahead of the fatal  ball squad from
getting any work-outs on the playing
                   "Ten" of Referee Joe Steinauer, who   diamond
before they left on their annual spring training
                   had no option but to rule that the     trip. Until that
trip is completed, it would be difficult
                   Badger had been counted out.            to forecast the
caliber of this year's nine. There are only
                     Wisconsin lost a hairline decision   a few veterans
back and the team will undoubtedly be
                   when Ralph Russell was shaded by        composed largely
of sophomores, who are willing but who
                   little Pete Puglia of West Virginia,  lack the coolness
under fire that is necessary to win games
                   after one of the greatest college bouts  consistently.
Several members of the basketball squad are
                   of the year. One judge voted for Rus-  trying out for
positions on the baseball team. They are
                   sell; two for Puglia, and the scores of  De Mark, Poser,
Wegner, Church and McDonald.
                   all three were very close. Puglia, who               
                   has never been beaten, said it was his
 GEORGE STUPAR   toughest fight and that Russell hit him   Doc Spears starts
spring football practice on April 9. He
 harder than any boxer he had ever faced.                   expects to have
about thirty or forty men reporting daily.
 Badgers who waon werhe Boddy Fauer who ouboed w         Most of these men
will probably be those who did nor
                Badges wh  wonwere  oddyFadnr, wh  outoxed make the varsity
squad last fall or who were members of
Felix Espada in a fast and furious bout; Nick Didier, who  the freshman squad'.
won handily from   Towers Hamilton, West Virginia's
veteran 145 pounder; George Stupar, who defeated the
Mountaineer captain, Bill Neely, 135                          Chicago Alumni
Have Interesting
pounds, putting Neely down for nine                                     
counts in the first and third rounds;        ..                       Meetings
During           Past
and Max Knecht, three times Badger                                      
heavyweight champion, who scored a                                      
    Two Months
second rounhd knockowas conerdingelo 13                            ITHEWISCONSIN
  Alumni Club of Chicago, which
pounde.rJohn, te hom the wasconding 1meets every Friday noon at the Hamilton
club, has been
pounds. John Gallo, ace of the visit-           *.
                                                           having some very
interesting meetings during the past two
Wisconsin at 165 pounds. Zynda never                       months. In addition
to their regular noon luncheons, they
Wisonsin at 165k d seponds. Zydas neverg    Ehave had two joint meetings
with the alumnae club. The
took a backward step and was trying                        first one was
on Washington's birthday at which time Dean
ing left was just too good and hish-                       Scott H. Goodnight
spoke on University affairs. The
winning margin was clear. t                                second joint meeting
was held on March 17 at the Union
  Boxing has drawn well, except for                        League club where
President Frank spoke to the members
the Iowa match, when bad weather                           of both clubs.
cut the attendance far below normal.                         Professor Asher
Hobson, of the College of Agriculture,
Gross re   ceipts of the season, after de-                 spoke to the men's
group on March 2 on the subject:
dusting guarantees to visiting teams,                      "The Agricultural
Program  of the Government."     On
were $4g800.                             NIC DIDIER        March 9, Mr. E.
T. Blix, Chief Engineer of the Mississippi
                                                           Valley Structural
Steel company, talked to the club about
  (Editor's Note:-The author of this article, George     the building of
the famous sky ride at the Century of
Downer, didn't mention a vital fact in his write-up of the  Progress. Mr.
Blix was the engineer in charge of con-
current boxing season. No one is more responsible for the  struction on this
feature of the exposition and told the club
remarkable growth and success of intercollegiate boxing  many interesting
facts concerning its erection.
at Wisconsin than George Downer. His keen sense of           A joint meeting
with the alumnae group will be held on
sportsmanship has kept the sport on a high plane. His    April 22, at which
time William Ross, '17, well known
unflagging efforts have completely "sold" the University  singer
and radio artist, will hold a recital at the Union
and the city of Madison on the merits of boxing as a     League club.
form of intercollegiate competition. His boxers are well   Major John Griffith,
Western Conference sport commis-
trained, properly handled, and, above all, they are incul-  sioner, spoke
to the club on several occasions during the
cated with the finest spirit of true sportsmanship.)     month of February
on various phases of Big Ten athletics.

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