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Egstad, H. M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 35, Number VII (April 1934)

In the alumni world,   pp. 204-208

Page 207

April, Nlineteen     ... ..iry~ rPg                                     
W. GREENE is a research chemist with the   ice. Alexander HALPERIN, -'29
is on the    Chicago, has taken her father's name of
Coronet Phosphate co., Plant City, Fla.    psychopathic service at the same
institution.  Yarmo and has gone into the interior dec-
                                           -Dr. J. Charlton FRICK, formerly
senior    orating business for herself under the name
                    1                     ~~~~~~~resident physician in the
urology dpr- o .DbrhYro           e   hpi oae
         C lass   o     9   5dpr-                                       
             o   .DbrhYro           e   hpi oae
                            1925          ~~~ment of the Wisconsin General
hospital,  at 817 Rush st., Chicago.-Douglas W.
  Laurence G. HOLMES has been appointed    is no practicing medicine in Johnson
Creek.  ORR, formerly adviser in the Experimental
extension landscape architect at the Univer-  Mrs. Frick was Evelyn GUNN,
'27.-Jack   college, is in his senior year at North-
sity.-Mary  ATwOOD   Binet of Geneva,     WILSON i5 working for the Roxo
co. in       western Medical school.-Paul C. CROSS,
Switzerland, is planning to spend some time  Milwaukee.-The Rev. Robert RASCHE,
for   M. S., is a national research fellow at the
in this country d'uring the coming summer.  three years minister of Mayflower
church  California Institute of Technology, Pasa-
She and her husband will visit in Canada   at Englewood, Colo., has recently
taken the  dena.-Carlton and Jane PERKINS BERRY-
and New York and come to Madison in        pastorate of the First Church
of Longm~ont,  MAN are living in Dodgeville. Carlton is
May or June.-Elizabeth JOHNSON is Still    one of the oldest Congregational
churches  a clerk in the First National bank.
working  in the American   Legation  in   of Colorado.-Ralph F. SCHUETZ is
Guatemala, C. A.-Leo T. KINCANNON          investment counselor and vice
president ofCls                 of13
has opened a new shop and engineering      the Investor Management co., Chicago.Cls
office in Blue River, Wis.-Herebrt A.                                   
               Herbert TSCHUDY, Monroe, was one of
BRAUN is a research pharmacologist with             Class    of 1929    
             more than 400 artists whose work was
the Upjohn co. at Kalamazoo, Mich.-                                     
             exhibited at the first municipal art expo-
Richard MARQUARDT IS sales manager of        Dr. John   SCHINDLER, who  
 practiced   sition held in the form of the RCA build-
the branch of the B. F. Goodrich Rubber-   medicine in New Glarus for the
past two    ing in Rockefeller center, New  York.-
co. at Watertown, Mass. He is living at    years, moved to Monroe in April
and has    Milt GANTENBEIN, who made a name for
454 Lowell ave., Newtonville.-Florence     become associated with the Gnagi
clinic.-  himself playing end on the Green Bay
POPPENHAGEN Weller spent the winter in     Cynthis STOKES, who has been working
      Pceprfotalteam, has been doing
Florida.                                   in the county relief office at
Elkhorn, hasequally well as a member of the Packer
                                           been made case supervisor for
Green county  basketball team.-David D. KRUEGER, at-
                                           with  headquarters  at  Monroe.-Ruth
      torney of Oshkosh, is a candidate for the
             Class   of1926                BUJELLESBACH Naset is assistant
to the sec-  office of municipal judge of Oshkosh and
  Roy Kopp, Platteville, and a companion   retary of the State Medical Society
of Wis-  Winnebago county.-Jerry ZIBELL i s work-
narrowly escaped death when their car      consin.-Ernest A. WEGNER is associated
    ing with the Geodetic Survey in northern
crashed into a milk truck near Beaver Dam.  with Axel A. Hofgren in the practice
of   Wisconsin, with headquarters in Mellen.
Roy suffered severe scalp wounds and in-   patent and trademark law, with
offices in  The survey is a fed eral project and will
ternal injuries. -  Waldemar  NAUJOKS      the Bankers bldg., 105 W. Adams
st., Chi-  consist of erecting  location  monuments
writes: "I received the degree of M. E.    cago. From the time of his
graduation. Er-  which will be marked and recorded as to
from Wisconsin last June. Still employed   nest has been actively engaged
in the prac-  to their latitude and longitude. Levels and
as mechanical engineer for the Steel Im-   tice of law. He received his LL.B.
and     elevations will also be made and recorded.
provement and Forge co., Cleveland. Last   LL.M. degrees, has been admitted
to the Illi-  -Jack STIBBS is the buyer for Marshal
semester I took a course in accounting at  nois Bar and to practice before
the U. S.  Field's basement picture department in
Cleveland college and had Prof. J. H.      Patent office.-Ellen Bussy'i teaching
in   Chicago.-Milton  H. KLEIN   is a case
MARCH, '16, for instructor."-Barbara COR-  the  high  school  at Elkhorn.-Maxine
     worker for the Cuyahoga County Relief
FIELD writes: "After receiving my M. A. in  MOORMAN is teaching in the
Jefferson Jun-  administration. His address is 10936 Drexel
history at Wisconsin four years ago, I came  ior High School at Berwin, I11.-Mr.
and  ave., Cleveland.- Ray JACKSON writes: "I
to Brainerd to organize and take charge of  Mrs. Stephen R. MILLER (Arminta
HART-     have' been with the Wisconsin Highway
the new high school library. Two years ago  WIG, ex '30) are living at 802
W. Buttles,  Commission at Rhinelander for the past
the junior high building was opened and    Midland, Mich. Stephen is an analytical
   three years. My present address is Box 571,
I was given the job of starting the library  chemist with the Dow  Chemical
co.'-R.   Rhinelander.'"-Nathan  BERMAN   is em-
there. Now I divide my time between the    Lauriston SHARP, for a second
year, has re-  ployed as a social worker with the Jewish
two and enjoy the fun of seeing them       ceived a grant from the Australian
National  Charities of Chicago.-Jean WALKER Orr
grow."-Kenneth C. KEHL is a resident in    Research council for continued
work among  is at present employed at the Julius Rosen-
-medicine at the Ann Atbor, -Mich- --hospital.  -the -aborigines- of- -Australia.-
-His- address is  -- a- -ud  hcgo. -Until - --recently- --she- -
-Jack E. SMrrH is a special agent for the  Science house, Gloucester st.,
Sydney.-G.  hedapsto       spychiatric social worker
Aetna Insurance co. in Charlotte, N. C.    Sumner RICKER writes: "I
am-, now starting  at Cook County Psychopathic hospital.
                                            my third year as production manager
                  Classof 1927              ~~the Anaconda Wire & Cable
co. plant hereCls                  of13
                  Class of 1927    ~       in Marion, Ind. Do not see many
Wis-Cls                       of13
   Millard J. WILLIAMS is at Pontiac, Mich.  consinites in these parts.'"-Edith
with General Motors. He is living at the   writes: "Treaching at Walker
Jr. High        Millard HILL is working at Phillips,
Hotel Roosevelt.-Ernestine M. J. LONG      scol    iwue.Ihdocso         
   ovst      Wis., as surveyor for the Wisconsin High-
writes: "In addition to teaching, we are   theol cMpuseaofkever al univesitieso
vsinc  way commission.-Lucille GERL is on the
organizing a Young People's Conference     levn     icni.Sm          eybatfl
         staff of the Mfanitowoc Herald-Times as
for May of this year under the auspices    oevnes butsnoneinthat m supsedy
thattofuWis  Society editor.-In the examinations held in
of the Church Federation her. Dean Gilkey  consin. Is it possible that I'm
prejudiced?"  December, Frank M. WEINHOLD, Jr. of
    ofteUniversity of Chicago chapel is to -Jh       OHRi nenn          tAgsaa
       Milwaukee qualified as flying cadet in the
 beoeof the   prniaspaes"Hln                -onABOEi itrigtAusaa   
                   sixth corps area flying base. He is now
 be   i oneaue of the prniplspeakes.' '-Helaenhospital, Chicago.        
               stationed at the government flying school
 association of Chicago.-Lester T. EARLS            Class     of 19     0at
Randolph field, San Antonio, Texas. Of
 is attending the University of Michigan.-                         190the
214 boys from                   the Middle Western
 David WAGNER is a resident in obstetrics     Beth RITEli Kramer is librarian
in the   states who were examined, only two boys
 at Cook County hospital, Chicago.-Edgar    school library at Socona, N.
Mex. Her      were selected. Frank was one of them.-
 GORDON is a medical resident at Billings   husband is attending the School
of Mines.  Ben F. CARRUTHERS will teach French and
 hospital, Chicago. Next July he will go   -Sol DAviSON is a research assistant
in    Spanish this summer in the Samuel Huston-
 to Massachusetts General hospital as a     the economics department at Columbia
uni-  Tillotson College co-operative summer ses-
 pathologist.-Dorothy WALKER Crowley is     versity.-Maurice MINTON is teaching
and    sion in Austin, Tex.-George BROOME has
 now secretary to Dr. Michael M. Davis,     coaching at Minocqua High school.
Melvin   been playing a part in the Wisconsin ap-
 medical diretcor of the Julius Rosenwald  MINTON is athletic director at
Deadwood,   proach in the CWA. He was first em-
 fund, Chicago.-John V. and Frank H.        S. Dak.-Al GASSNER writes: "I
am still     ployed as a special investigator working
 FOWLER are now full-fledged doctors do-   with the Public Service co. of
Northern    out of the Regional Diretcor's office at
 ing surgery at the Norwegian-American and  Illinois. Although I am a graduate
in elec-  Elkhorn. Later he was transferred  and
 Cook County hospitals in Chicago.          trical engineering, at present
I am doing  appointed county injury clerk. Now   he
                                            engineering work and specializing
in gas   takes care of all claims for compensation
                  C lass  0f 1928         ~~house heating. The gas house
heating field  or medical expense in Walworth county.-
                  Class of 1928            ~~is comparatively new and offers
many in-  Doris JOHNSON is a dietitian at St. Joseph's
   Robert T. MORSE is serving a general    teresting problems, and intensive
sales cam-  hospital  in  Milwaukee.-Bernhard  C.
 rotating internship et Cook County hos-    paigns certainly kept us hustling."-Ruth
  LEMKE is an accountant-statistician for the
 pital and is now on the tuberculosis serv-  MARTIN, formerly of 1436 Granville
ave.,  Wisconsin Transient bureau in Madison.-

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