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Egstad, H. M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 35, Number VII (April 1934)

In the alumni world,   pp. 204-208

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Page 206                                                                
         The Wisconsin        Alumini Magazine
ton. He was recently elected a director of  Park.'"-Chase DONALD is
a director of the  two elevations of one foot. This project
the Wisconsin State Chamber of CommnercIe.  Equity corp., investment trust,
and presi-  is being launched for the double purpose
Kate WHITNEY Curtis writes: "I am now      dent of the Distributors
Group, Inc., in-  of establishing an _accurate survey of this
teaching  physical education  at Manley    vestment banking. He is living
on Pequot   region and of furnishing work for unem-
Senior High school, Chicago. I taught at   road, Southport, Conn.-Margaret
L. WAG-    ployed men.' About 40 men are employed
the University of Michigan last summfr     NER, 1208 S. High ave., Freeport,
Ill., is  at present. Douglas has been at Case for
and have become an ardent 'Mexico en-      assisting her father in his business
there.  eight years. He was an instructor for two
rhusiast,' having spent two recent holidays  She reports a noticeable improvement
in  years and has been an assistant professor
in Monterey. Hope to get to Mexico City    business conditions.-Louise WELD
White,    since then. He is in charge of freshman
this summer."                              453 Claremont ave., West
Chicago, Ill., is camp where the freshmen are taught the
                                           always at home (involuntarily)
these days.  elements of surveying. He has also been
         Class     of 1918                 Her three youngsters are recovering
from   in charge of the technology division of
            Will . HASON i a secialagen for chicken pox.-Ruth SAYRE is still
assistant  Cleveland college. He is chairman of ath-
 the  l N.P. LifeO insuranc pec.inl Sagnt foran  superintendent of the Chicago
Home for  letics and is Case's representative in the
           the  . Y  Lie Isurnce o. n Sn Fan- the Friendless. She writes:
"Institutional  Ohio conference.-Florence LAMPERT Parker
cisco. He is still single and is living at *1 caeochlrnhsbe           dicniud
Montgomery   st.-Ruth  BEECH   Field is    Boarding chomdesnd housbekeepisoning
ed serv-sden of the A.A RU .ofchestr 152n mebersnc
teaching history in the high school at Rio Boresdin   fore ad  ahueepn  
     ev       fteA      .U     .O    h   5    ebr
           Hond, Teas, incethedeat of er hs - ice ar uefodependent children
in need   of the branch, sixteen are from Wisconsin.
bandoTxs,Harry    th FIEL, th1.-Dr  Cleveland   of temporary care. The Home
for the  Betty PATTISON, '32, is chairman of the
WHITEisanow asIstant p-rofCessoraof  J.   Friendless building houses, at
present, a  junior group, and Marguerite SCHNORR,
easTeiso  h  skin asitanth Nrorthesterno dis-  CWA project supervised by
the American  '31, is publicity chairman and editor of the
versieyscho of  Medicine.a Hh e N rtheterntlUni-  Red Cross. In this project
employing ap-  news letter.
         verit Shoo o Mdicne H   reenlyhad  proximately 550 women, clothing
is made
an exhibit of diseases of nails at Milwau-  by power machines and is distributed
among         Class     of 1923
kee and Cleveland.-Walter S. NATHAN        faiisrcvngelfinCo            
is sales manager for the Alloy Products    Thiles Dakwodeistict offieof theoo
 cunem-   Gus TEBELL, formerly assistant coach
corp., makers of dairy, food and commercial  ployment Relief Service, with
a staff of  of football and head coach of basketball
equipment of alloy metals at Waukesha.     approximately 200, occupies a
large section  and baseball at the University of Virginia,
                                           of the building as does also the
joint Serv-  hsacpted the position as head coach of
         C lass of 1919          -         ice bureau, department of child
placing,   the three sports at that institution.-Mr.
                                           an organization with a staff of
thirty, car-  and Mrs. Thomas A. TREDWELL (Aileen
  Milton E. and Breta LUTHER GRIEM,        in  o   prxmtl        0   eedn
     o-     HALL), surrounded by their happy family
3076 N. Bartlett st., Milwaukee, welcomed  ordcide        nbadn        oe.Te
         of three, are basking in Bronxville sun-
Lulu Margaret Griem  to their home on     building also houses a federal
work relief  shighes-Edwlard JOHnsONle Wis.tahn In tarhe
September 29, 1933. Mr. Griemn is assist-  project which does the laundry
work for    hg   cola      vnvle      i.I      ac
ant superintendent of a department of      alo   h   hlesi     h  iyta  
 r   pr      he addressed the regular meeting of the
Cudahy Brothers co., Cudahy, Wis., and     ated by the Fhedterai Rhecief
commissi on.r  P. T. A. on the subject, "The Philosophy
Mrs. Griemn is home agent for the Gridley  about eihy mhen Feeand weieomen
iareoem    of John Dewey.'"-Paul GANGELIN went
Dairy co. of Milwaukee.-Gladys FELLOWS     plye on this project."  
                  to Hollywood shortly after leaving the
returned in January from a short cruise of                              
            University and began his career as a screen
the West Indies and South America. Shef                                 
             writer. His first work was a series of two-
travels extensively during the winter and           Cls       of 1921   
             reel comedies. Later he worked for the
spring months, and during the summer con-  Charles W. DORRIEs reports that
he was     Universal studios as a reader. His first big
ducts a private camp for girls at Cass Lake,  married in June, 1929, to Dorothy
L. Vogt  story, "Beloved," staring John Boles and
Minn.                                      and is now the proud father of
Gretchen    Gloria Stuart, was released recently.
                    lass of 1920          ~~Vogt, aged 3, Charles Wetzel,
Jr., aged 16Cls                 f12
                 Classof 1920              ~~months. He is working as one
of Presi-Cls                    of12
            Cathrin DOOVAN wh ha bee tech- dent Roosevelt's "money-changers"
at the
                                           Manufacturers & Traders Trust
co., Buffalo,  Clr   LEER    whs    bok"enD
                     ing in Honolulu, Hawaii, will exchange             
           ~~Reszke and the Great Days of Opera" has
           ing  n Hnollu,  awai,  ill  xchnge N. Y. He would be pleased to
have any
positions with a Madison teacher during    Wisconsin people call when they
are in     just been published by Minton Balch & co.,
the next school year and will teach in one                              
             hdsm      neetn     xeine      ahrn
of the Madison schools.-Willard SANDEaS    the city.-John MacLAREN is With
Novotny    had  oeiterilfrtesting. experwience  gaheringb
writes: "If it weren't for the Alumni Mag-  co., investment securities
in New  York   mathedrial es for th ioo.follatowngaou heraub
           azin, te pst treeyeas wold  ave  City. He and Merle VAN HORN MacLaren
downed mhe, bust threyasprto wisonsin      arhiigat1vilcetrodeon        
             and Edouard de Reszke, her correspondence
           downd m , ut he pirt oWiconin, Vernon.                       
               grew to a point where she had to have a
the record of those who are carrying on                                 
             full time stenographer to handle it. Offers
and forging ahead, reported in your pages,          Cas         '192of marriage,
free singing lessons, and in-
is a never-failing source of inspiration to         Cls      0f192      
             vitations to collaborate on books which
me. I'm still with the State Mutual Life.    For the last five years, Hannah
Marie    other teachers and singers wanted to write,
My competition in the insurance field is   HAUG has been head of the department
of    poured in. One of Edouard's girl friends
keen with Charles HIBBARD, ex '12, and     history at Waterloo college, one
of the    changed her will so that all the photo-
Herbert MANDEL, '17, trying to insure all  colleges  comprising  the  University
 of  graphs, jewelry, letters, etc., that Edouard
of Detroit.'"-Dr. M. E. FINSKY received    Western  Ontario,  Canada.-Gerald
 M.     had given her, would go to Miss Leiser.
the degree of F. A. C. S. last October. The  CONKLlNG, formerly  with  Frazer
 and    Not the least of her experiences was a
American College of Surgeons conferred     Torbet, certified public accountants,
Chicago,  talk with Bernard Shaw  in his London
this degree on 622 candidates at the con-  is now in Washington, D. C., with
the      apartment, during Which he sang for her,
vocation.-Dorothy WOOD Neal writes from    Federal Reserve board in the Division
of  trying to show her how jean got certain
Chicago: "Members of the Chicago Alumnae   Examinations. He is living
at the Roosevelt  effects. On March 10 in New  York a
club are sponsoring a series of bridge teas  hotel.-Prof. Malcolm S. DOUGLAS,
assist-  memorial concert and reception was given
in their homes for the benefit of a scholar-  ant professor of civil engineering
at the  by the Polish Institute of Arts and Letters
ship fund. Those who have already enter-   Case School of Applied Science,
Cleveland,  in honor of jean De Reszke. Walter Dam-
tamned are Esther Van WAGONER Tufty and    has been appointed geodesist of
the geodetic  rosch was chairman of progress of the con-
Bess TYRRELL   Burns.  Greta  SCHULTZ     survey of the 16 counties of nothern
Ohio  cert, at which Miss Leiser was feted, and
Kranz and I are making arrangements to     comprising the Western Reserve.
This is   the list of patrons included such well known
entertain in the near future.' -A. Lee     a federal project under the CWA.
The       musical figures as Geraldine Farrar, Mine.
SCHRADER writes: "Just to inform you and   work consists of running
precise levels, es-  Ernestine, Schumann-Heink, and Mine. Gan-
my U. W. friends that my home address      tablishing bench marks, and making
accu-   na. Walska.-Carl E. MOHS of Madison,
is now 6319 Woodside place, Chevy Chase,   rate traversing in the area mentioned.
The  has been appointed executive secretary of
Md., just outside of the District of Colum-  bench marks are a form  of permanent
    CWA for Dane county.-Harold W. HART-
bia. Our friends who visit Washington are  markers which give the elevation
of that   WIG, Watertown attorney and former dis-
invited to call Wisconsin 4797 (a loyal    spot to within one-ten thousandth
of a     trict attorney of Jefferson county, has an-
and appropriate phone number). My work     foot. A precise level parting
will be run  nounced his candidacy for the office of
is still teaching and research in horticulture  from  Cleveland to Benwood
to discover  city attorney.-Earl E. SCHNEIDER is living
at the University of Maryland, College     an error in the difference between
their   at 1816 5. 3d ave., Maywood, I11.-Ernest

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