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Egstad, H. M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 35, Number VII (April 1934)

In the alumni world,   pp. 204-208

Page 205

April, Nineteen       thirty-four                                       
                                               Page 205
Gipromez, has cooperated in the develop-               Cl          f    12
                the third season under Joe's leadership.
ment of the steel industry of the Soviet                   ass -o     19
                  Some officials of the Relief Administration
Union.-F. T. HICKOX is president of the     Mary BUNNELL Cline writes from
Jack-     in Cook county view this subsistence garden
Northwestern Engineering & Supply co. of  sonville, Fla., that because
her daughter is  project as one of the most constructive
Tacoma, Wash. The company features the    in college and her son six feet
tall, she  measures for self-help. Its values are both
Nelson automatic coal stoker, heating spe-  has had time to be on the Emergency
Re-  practical and morale-building.-Katherine
cialties and pumps.                          lief council and on the Work
Projects com-     FAVILLE is associate dean of the School of
                                             mittee of the Council. From
that she be-   Nursing, Western Reserve university, Cleve-
         Class     0f 1909                  came chairman of the Women's
Work             land.
         Class of 1909                       Projects committee until all
dissolved. She             Class     of 1916
  A. L. BOLEY, city engineer of Sheboygan,  was re-appointed to the chairmanship
was elected president of the Engineering  the FERA   Educational projects.
Schools   Cy SEYMOUR, Wichita, Kans., has been ap-
Society of Wisconsin at the convention held  for illiterates, general education
for unem-  pointed state highway commissioner for the
in February. Ray S. OWEN, '04 was re-     ployed adults, along with vocational
train-  fifth district in Kansas. Cy is manager of
named secretary-treasurer, and Robert C.  ing and perhaps most important
of all,     the Lassen Hotel. He went to Wichita
JOHNSON, '17, was elected trustee-Adolph   nursery schools and parent education
com-  from  the Park hotel in Madison shortly
LEHNER'S new   book, "When the Trail      prise the list of projects.
She says: "Scho-  after his graduation from the University.-
Calls," has been published recently by the  lastically our state ranks
39th among the  Toppie RAU is now head geologist in the
Meador Publishing co. It is a lively, read-  48 but a few are working valiantly,
among  Seminole Field for Carter Oil Co.-C. N.
able tale of adventure and romance in the  them our county supt. of public
instruction,  MAURER is with the Wisconsin Public Serv-
north woods. The pages of the book are    to put ourselves up the list. NRA
rules    ice commission in Madison.
filled with vivid descriptions of the beauties  apply in my home. I work
on the projects
of the north country and there is plenty of  from 9:30 until 3:00, but then
I want to         Class     of 1917
excitement in the accounts of the experiences  get a glimpse of the above
mentioned son,
of "Mountie" Jim of the Mounted Police    have a chat with him,
perhaps go out to      George LEvis was the principal speaker
force and Jack McGee, a secret service man  golf with him, or leave him to
his friends  at the banquet in honor of the Lawrence
in the performance of their duties.-Amy   and their 'projects.'" Many
alumni will    college basketball team  held in Appleton
COMSTOCK was elected to the board of      remember her husband, McGarvey
Cline, as   on March 14.-Dr. Robert J. HYSLOP has
directors of the Tulsa Community fund to  the first director and builder
of the Forest  purchased the office and equipment of the
serve for a term of three years.          Products laboratory at Madison.
He carried  late Dr. Karl Snyder of Freeport, Wis.,
                                              some of his dreams to the Long
Leaf Pine   and has begun a general medical, surgical
                                              districts and has accomplished
some very   and consultative practice in that city.-Mr.
                      Class  of 1910         interesting results. Recently
he gave a paper  and Mrs. Harry A. BULLIS (Irma ALEX-
                    Class of 1910            before the American Chemical
society on   ANDER, '15) of Minneapolis enjoyed Feb-
  Ralph MORRISON of Greeley, Colo., was   some of the developments for which
he has  ruary sunshine in Florida and the Bahama
in Madison for a few days recently and    worked since leaving the "Lab."'-Charles
  Islands.-John MACKOWSKI is still with the
brought news of the latest developments   J. ANDERSON, dean of the school
of edu-    T. M. E. R. & L. co., assisting F. A. Coffin.
in the preservation of the cliff dweller  cation at the University, and George
A.    -A. F. KLETZIEN is secretary and con-
ruins of the Southwest in which he is great-  Hillier, professor of economics
at Eau Claire  troller of the Fox River Paper co., Apple-
ly interested. Through funds loaned by     State Teachers college, are the
authors of
the public works administation, the famous  "My Government," a
text book in Wis-
ruins of the Mesa Verde in Colorado and   consin civics for eighth and ninth
grade           - \\       I /V
those in the Aztec Monument in New Mex-      students.-Ernest L. LUTHER writes:
"On                                 *
ico will be repaired to prevent further de-  November 9, a doubtful driver
came around
cay and to restore them for archeological  a bend and down on my side of
the road      '          _i
study. Mr. Morrison also told of a Mesa   for a head-on collision in which
I suffered  /
Verde project designed by 0. K. PECK,      fracture of both legs and the
loss of four          I.
'07, bridge engineer of the Denver & Rio     perfectly healthy  upper
incisors.   Two               '        I
(wes      ~tern railroad. This-is an-eating  -months-of-hospital-and-two-months-of
home  7         /9
and recreation house to be built in cliff-  confinement have been my portion."
dweller abode style and to cost about
$30,000. It will be on the mesa just above             C      s      1914
the ruins which are in the ledges of the                   ass     f 1914
great canyon below.-Denton GEYER, after      Helen SEEBER Van Nostrand is
a week at the annual convention of the    cafeteria diretcor of the Y. W.
C. A. at
N. E. A. in Cleveland, reports that even   Pasadena, Calif.-Florence Ross
that erstwhile conservative body is listening  Marion FLANNIGAN Malone, and
to frequent discussions of the abolition of  OWEN Otto, '15 reuned in August
the profit system as the only effective rem-  Vera L. SIEB in Valparaiso,
Ind., and at-  A)           ,    (TflI
edy for the financial difficulties now con-  tended the Century of Progress
in Chicago.  (Come to Ihe cAj      ahamas
fronting schools everywhere.-Mary R. Mc-
KEE writes: "Since December 1 I have                               
                                  BRITAIN'S "ISLES OF JUNE"
been serving as chairman of a committee                Class      of 1915
of three planning and supervising Work       Fred M. WYLIE, a member of the
law              winter and summer, for Nassau's cli-
Relief Projects for Women under the CWA   firm of Chauncey and Yockey, Milwaukee,
           mate is June-like the year round.
for the University of Missouri. We had     has announced his candidacy for
the posi-         Every sport, including bathing, golf,
150 women on university research projects.  tion of attorney general of Wisconsin.-
        tennis, squash racquets, fishing, rid-
Since February 15 we have had to reduce   Carl F. WEHRWEIN writes: "I
now have               ing, polo, yachting and horse racing.
groups to 45 workers. Some job!"-Mr.      charge of a CWA project, consisting
of a           Live luxuriously at one of the superb
and Mrs. Archilbald W. NANCE are away     survey of rural tax delinquency
and farm           hotels at moderate rates, or rent one
for a month on their annual ocean voyage.  transfers in 29 counties of the
state." Mr.       of the quaint, charming cottages by
This year they are visiting the lesser islands  Wehrwein is on the staff
of the Dept. of    the month or season. You can reach
of the West Indies and points on the eastern  Agricultural Economics at the
University.-     Nassau quickly and delightfully by
coast of Sbuth America. Mr. Nance, one     In his annual report on relief
vegetable gar-     ship, rail or plane.
of the many successful engineers of the      dening, Joe MACHOTKA, director
of subsis-t                               see any travel
class, has many interests in the East and  tence garden service of the Relief
Adminis-       agent, or address Nassau Bahamas
frequently combines business with pleasure  tration in Cook county, Ill.,
states that 10,-   agentor adressNassau Bah
on some of these ocean voyages.-Hazel      in Chicago and Cook county produced
more          Street, New York City.
STRAIGHT Stafford, Madison, was recently  than 1,250,000 pounds of vegetables
initiated into Zeta Phi Eta, national speech  conserved over 40,000 cans
of products for
sorority. Mrs. Stafford has long been active  home consumption. For the 1934
as a speaker and in dramatic work in      plans are laid to supervise 16,000
Madison.                                     in the relief garden project.
This will be

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