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Egstad, H. M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 35, Number VII (April 1934)

With the Badger sports,   pp. 201-203

Page 202

Page 202                                                                
     The Wisconsin Alumni Magazine
Visitors Commend             New      Curriculum;            Extension division
at Milwaukee are entirely inadequate
                                                             to meet the
present needs and much less future require-
                                                             ments of the
institution, the visitors urge the consideration
         urge    Student-T1 eacher Contacts                  of the purchase
of property in Milwaukee and the exchange
pROVISION      for more personal contact between stu-     of that property
with the city for land now adjoining
   dents and teachers, and further investigation of Faculty  University property
teaching load with a view to wiping out any inequalities    The report is
signed by all of the 11 present members
that may exist, are two suggestions made to the Board of  of the board, including
B. A. Kiekhofer, Milwaukee, chair-
Regents by the Board of Visitors in its annual report filed  man; Mrs. Charles
R. Carpenter, Madison, secretary;
with the regents.                                             George P. Hambrecht,
Madison; Loyal Durand, Milwau-
  The visitors also suggest in their brief report the organ-  kee; Alfred
C. Kingsford, Baraboo; Fred H. Dorner, Mil-
ization of the School of Commerce on a basis that will    waukee; Mrs. Carl
A. Johnson, Madison; Dr. W. W.
make it of greater service to State industry and business,  Kelly, Green
Bay; Mrs. Annette Roberts, Milwaukee; Dr.
greater Faculty and student support of the University Co-op  E. L. Schroeder,
Shawano; and Carl J. Hesgard, Orfordville.
store, expansion of the University extension center in Mil-
waukee, and a revision of the present Freshman orientation
period along lines that "will secure the best results of the     Prof.
E. H. Farrinoton          Dies
objective of orienting the freshmen to their environment."  WfITH the
passing of E. H. Farrington, former head
  Expressing their belief that this is the psychological time  of the dairy
industry department at the University
for special attention to the individual                                 
      of Wisconsin, on March 22, dairymen
student and for a large amount of per-                                  
      lost one of the outstanding men who
sonal work, the visitors assert in their                                
      have contributed in a most important
report that it is almost universal for                                  
      way to the upbuilding of Wisconsin's
men and women, active and useful ingradiyinut.
ahny commElunity, "to give all credit for                          
  v         daiProfessor Farrington, well known in
their right start to the teacher who had                                
       dairy circles throughout the nation, was
the gift of inspiration."                                          
           the first head of the Dairy Husbandry
  "The Board of Visitors finds no                                  
           department at the Wisconsin College of
dearth of excellent teaching when a stu-                                
       Agriculture, and had served the State
dent reaches the -work of his major, and                                
      for 32 years. During this time he ori-
comes in contact with men and women                                     
      ginated several important tests in con-
whose energies are devoted largely to                                   
         necrion with the manufacture of dairy
research and specialization," the report                           
           products. Among these were the Alka-
explains. "But investigation reveals that                          
            line Tablet Test for acidity in dairy
opportunity of student-teacher contact                                  
       products; the High Pressure Oven Test
is too limited in many cases. The board                                 
      for water in dairy products; the Milk
recommends that more opportunity for               FRED DORNER 05       
      Sediment Test; and the Butter Test for
afternoon conference of students be          Alumni Appointee on Visitors
 fat per cent. He was the author of sev-
            eral books on dairying.
  In connection with teaching load, the visitors commend    In recognition
of the great service of Professor Farring-
the excellent work done by Administration and Faculty in  ton to dairying
and to the State during his years of service,
revision of curriculum  in the interests of economy and   his friends and
former students had painted an oil portrait
education during the past few years, but they feel that a  which they presented
to the College of Agriculture and
further exhaustive investigation of the actual teaching load  which now hangs
in the rotunda of Agricultural hall.
should be inaugurated.                                          At the time
of presentation of the portrait it was said
  In view of rapidly changing business conditions, the    of him: "The
upbuilding of Wisconsin's Dairy greatness
visitors assert that steps should be taken at this time to  has been the
work of many men-none has made a more
see that "our University, through its School of Commerce,  devoted and
unselfish contribution than Edward Holyoke
will be ready to serve the interests of the State by having  Farrington.
As Professor of Dairy Husbandry in charge of
men and women available with the training that business   the Dairy School
at the University of Wisconsin, he has
requires."                                                   been teacher,
counsellor, and friend, alike, to those who
  "We believe that the School of Commerce, through its    have come
to the Halls of Learning at Madison seeking
faculty should be establishing and maintaining a service  knowledge, and
to that larger University of practical dairy-
to the business men of this State which will keep them    ingwtroghout th
in close contact with actual business conditions," the report  The trait
was pated
                maintains                                      ~~~~~~~~~~~The
portrait was painted during the summer of 1924 by
maintains.                                                   Arvid Nyholm
of Chicago and was unveiled at a banquet
  "In view of the extensive changes in the industrial and in honor of
Professor Farringon held at the National
business life as the result of the 'New Deal,' a service  Dairy Exposition
in Milwaukee, October 2, 1924.
should be rendered by the School of Commerce, possibly      Prossor     
ingtonwaskoni Maine, Dcm         r2
in cooperation with the Law school, with a view of assisPting
the smaller industries and business men, especially those  1860, was a graduate
of the Sheffield Scientific School at
in the communities without an association of commerce, so  Yale, and had
served as chemist at the Connecticut and
that they may comply with the government requirements     Illinois Agricultural
Experiment stations before joining the
without undue and burdensome expense of obtaining advice  staff at the University.
Since his retirement from active
such as is furnished to those engaged in similar activities  duty, Prof.
Farrington has devoted much of his time to
in the larger centers."                                      plans for
a suitable memorial to the work of his former
  Expressing the belief that the facilities of the University  colleague,
the late Stephen M. Babcock.

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