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Egstad, H. M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 35, Number VII (April 1934)

While the clock strikes the hour,   pp. 194-[200]

Page [200]

               TO THE~RDUTETAVLGUD
         CRRIBBERN~c FEEMTO                              ERIE
                   his Boo/lt o yo Cav~~,,,_eataIkpe late at
                                            WeAeaUng Thzs Booklet To You.
                                         WAre GRMatE MAAZZs
                                      A MOTOR SERVICE FOR TOURI         
                                        As a supplement to the 1934 Grad-
                     STA R
 W cJ     maut yW    ZJ      W      uate Travel Guide described elsewhere
    all            |fSin this issue, there is being issued a
G   R   Ea     Te1      H   ITE       descriptive booklet  (above  illus-
$110 (up) ONE WAY $198 (up) ROUND TRIP
         G R E R T                   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~trated) covering the latest
informa-According to steamer
             FLE      R      r       tion from the leading motor car man-
Acc   ord, yo                 see
                                      ufacturers about their new    1934
    As you stroll aboard, you will see
       HIS summer, come cruising on themodels.                          
   in your first glance into hospitable
       i friends. on a fleet abuilguest among  Over 8tpao of our graduates
are own-  public apartments . . . your first
       waters and led by six new snowy liners.  ers of one or more cars and
will wish  welcome by a White Star steward
       Above all, cruise informally . . to fas-  have this up-to-the-minute
informa-  . . . your first delicious meal . . .
       cinating tropical ports,whereintelligent
       shore staffs carry on the entertainmenttion.                     
          why it is that the Olympic,
       and intimate personal contacts of ship-
       board. Outdoor swimming pools-all  Many graduates also who are plan-
   Majestic and their companions
       rooms outside-a cuisine for the most  ning vacations by motor this
summer,  are always first choice with
       exacting-and a brilliant schedule of
       ship entertainment and shore trips.  wil wish to avail themselves
of the  those who know and appreciate
       from NEW YORK-Cruises of 10 to  road map service which is a feature
of  true enjoyment in Tourist Class
       20 days (some all1 expense")-variously to  thssplment.trvl
       HAVANAJAMAICA, PANAMACANALZONE,this supple                       
            Regular services to
       HONDURAS. From $95 to $200 minimum  There is, of course, no expense
or obli-  Ireland, England and France.
       Soilings Thursdoysond Soturdoys.  naininvolved. Your ueo  h  aii
       from NEW ORLEANS-Cruises of gation                use of the facili-
Arrange for passage through your
       8, 9 or 16 days-variously to HAVANA,  ties of the Motor Service will,
       GUATEMALA, HONDURAS, PANAMA. From                                
   local agent. His services are free.
       $75,$90and $115minimum.SailingsWednes-  ever, serve as a gauge for
motor car
       days and Saturdays.           manufacturers  who   are  watching
           Similar "Guest Cruises" from                       
wacigS. S. MA JES T IC
           LosAngeles and San Francisco  closely this test of the interest
shown     (World's largest liner)
       No  passports  required.  Optiona  shore
              exNursiso s at aptonarts.  by our graduates in the advertising
        April 13, May 4
       TO AND CALIFORNIA             run in this publication.           
        S. S. O LYM       I C
       FRTOMD CALIFORNIA            We trust that this service will prove
         April 27, May 18
          FIS CLASS-between New York and  of interest to our readers and
will re-
          California $180 up; between New
          Orleans and California, $180 up.  sult in a warm response. So,
watch for  M . V. B R I TA N N IC
               ervatnons apply any Authorized  the 1934 Graduate Travel Guide
and    April 6, May 5
               Cs, ,pEt ny, P7er 3 Norh River or  Motor Supplement in your
mail next  M.V. GEORGIC (new)
               332 FSth AvenuNew Tork.week. Your use of these two services
         A    20 M    19
                                      should prove of mutual advantage.
                                 '~GRADUATE MOTOR SERVICE WHITE SAR LIN
                                            30 Rockefeller Plaza        
                                               New York City

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