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Egstad, H. M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 35, Number VII (April 1934)

While the clock strikes the hour,   pp. 194-[200]

Page [199]

                       Japan Is the favorite of hundreds                
          ~~~~~~~One of many thrilling, Inexpensive
                                       Japan is the favorite of hundreds
           sidetrips when you go-as-you-
  of travelers, and when you go by
            please by famed President Liners
  President Liner from Seattle this
  ORIENT (RUISE                                    TAE EVEfwq           
                                          Watch For Your Copy of This Guide.
       for only $6  ;54    First Class
 costs only $24        Tourist                                          
                                           A  TRAVEL        SERVICE     
           President Liner world cruises are
  Nikko's temples, glistening like          FOR     GRADUATES           
           different from all others, for they
  jewels against their evergreen                                        
           allow you to see the world exactly
  background of giant cryptomeria.     A few days after you receive this
mag-       as you choose - stopping-over
  Nara's sacred spotted deer, serene   azine, a copy of the 1934 Graduate
          wherever you please, making side-
  with their run of the charming       Travel Guide (pictured above) will
  picture-town. Kyoto-capital of       be mailed to your home.          
  the handcrafts... Miyanoshita.       This booklet comes to you from the
             Sail any Thursday from New
  Kamakura.Yokohama. And gleam-        Graduate Travel Service, a non-profit
       York, through the Panama Canal;
  ing, modern Tokyo-rich with the      m   ate or    avel   esta        
last       or from California, via Hawaii and
  pageantry of this old world's old-   making organization established last
        the Sunshine Route; to the Orient
  est Court.                           year through the cooperative action
of        ... to Malaya, India and Europe...
    See them this summer. Low          the alumni magazines of 44 of the
           to 21 ports in 14 different coun-
  fares on the famous President        leading  universities, including 
our        triesl Your ticket is good for two
  Liners combine with magic ex-        own.                             
           full years. But you may make the
  change rates to give you the time    The Travel Guide contains informa-
          trip in no more than 85 days-if
----f--y-o-ur -life-for-no-more-than the -   ti-on - regarding -trips--of
every nature   -  you cross America bytrain. -
  costofaveryordinaryvacation...       in this country and abroad and en-
               ROUND AMERICA
  And if you want to add the thrills   closes a prepaid postal card which
  ofChinaandthefascinatingPhilip-      bring you, with no obligation or ex-
        No short vacation trip offers so
  pines, the cost will be but little   pense on your part, full details and
        much pleasure for so very little
  more.                                handsomely illustrated travel litera-
       money as a voyage on these luxu-
                                        ture about any trip that interests
you.      rious world-traveling liners, be-
      THE SHORT ROUTE                                                   
            tween New York and California-
  We would like to tell you all        As this magazine will benefit in the
         through the Panama Canal. Com-
  about these storied lands . .. just  form   of  paid   travel  advertising
       pleteroundtrips: one waybyPresi-
  what you may see and do, and         through your use of the Graduate 
            dent Liner, the other way by train
  exactly what shore costs will be.    Travel Service, we trust you will
avail      -Round America are from $255
  About these President Liners that    yourself of its facilities.      
           First Class, hometown to home-
  sail every week from Seattle via                                      
            town... There is a sailing every
  the fast Short Route to the Orient   GRADUATE TRAVEL SERVICE          
            Thursday from New York. Fort-
  -and that let you stopover as you      30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York City
        nightly from California to New
  please. No other service is like this                                 
            York. Stopover en route as youlike
  one. Get every detail from your      Travel Headquarters for Graduates
of:           Get all details of these famous
  own travel agent, or at any one      Boston               North Dakota
           President Liner go-as-you-please
                                        California (Berk.)  Northwestern
  of our offices.                      California (L.A.)    Notre Dame  
           cruises from your own travel agent,
                                        Case               Ohio University
          or at any one of our offices.
  604 FifthAve., NewYork; 110 S.Dearborn  Chicago           Ohio State
  St., Chicago.311 California St.,SanFran-  Cincinnati      Ohio Wesleyan
          604 FifthAve.,NewYork; 110 S.Dearborn
           St.,Chicgo; 11 Clifonia t., an Fan-Colgate      Oklahoma
  cisco.OrBoston;Washmgton,D.C.; Cleve- Colorado            Oregon      
            St.,Chicago; 311 CaliforniaSt.,SanFran-
                                        Columbia            Oregon State
            SChiscago 311onCalhifgorniaDS.Sa Frane-
  land; Toronto;Vancouver,B.C.;Portland,Cornell             Pennsylvania
  Ore.; Oakland; Los Angeles; San Diego.Creighton           Penn State  
           land; Toronto;Vancouver,B.C.; Portland,
                                        Dartmouth           Princeton   
            Ore.; Oakland; Los Angeles; San Diego.
                                        Duke                Rutgers
     AMERICAN                   a      -sIllinois          So. California
                                             Kansas        ~~~Stanford
     AMERIC AN wM I. T.                                    Syracuse     
                                        IAAeMichigan        Toronto     
        j44g      P 1X£Michigan State                       Vermonto
          LVJa .WLE                   Minnesota           Washington    
                                    --Z4~    P4E
   BEAD OFFICE: 760 STUART BLDG., SEAT.l   Missouri        Wisconsin
                                        Nebraska            Wooster
                                        N. Y. U.            Yale

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