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Egstad, H. M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 35, Number VII (April 1934)

While the clock strikes the hour,   pp. 194-[200]

Page 196

Page 196                                                                
  The Wisconsin Alumni Magazine
    Military Ball Plans Announced                          Clara Leiser's
Latest Book
T  HE Twenty-second Annual Military Ball will be held                   
    Receives Praise of Critics
   in the Memorial Union on Friday evening, April 20             Jean de
Reszke and the Great Days of Opera.
according to a recent announcement by Cadet Major Robert                
     By Clara Leiser '24
0. Davis '34, general chairman of the affair.                           
  The committee has been exceptionally fortunate this year  Illustrated.
397 pp. New York: Milton, Balch & Company
in obtaining two nationally famous bands, Johnny Hamp       JEAN DE RESZKE
is a fabulous figure to most of this
and his Famous Orchestra and Bernie Cummins and his            generation.
He belonged to the great days of opera when
New Yorkers. Hamp, who is now playing at the Hotel          the world over
great operatic singers were the aristocracy
Netherland-Plaza in Cincinnati, will come to Madison direct  of culture.
In this book Miss Leiser has told the story of
from there and will bring with him all of his renowned     his career so
well that he lives again among the immortals.
specialty artists. Bernie Cummins, who is now playing at  Woven into the
biography of Jean de Reszke is the story
the Trianon Ballroom  in Chicago and                                    
   of his brother Edotliard and his sister Jos-
broadcasting over Station WG N, is well                                 
   ephine. Here is also the background of
known throughout the middle-west.                                       
   the opera with many illuminating inci-
  Cadet Major Davis has been active in                                  
   dents and interesting personalities.
Campus affairs, and is a member of Cardi-                               
     A thorough student, Miss Leiser has
nal Key, Tumas, Phi Kappa Phi, Beta                                     
   gathered by travel, interviews, documents,
Gamma Sigma, and Kappa Sigma. His                        m              
   fugitive reviews of performances, and the
home is in Cleveland Heights, Ohio.                                     
   like an amazing fund of information.
  Miss Dorothy E. West '35, of White-                                   
   This she has sifted, organized, condensed,
water, Wisconsin, has been selected by                                  |
  and set down honestly but with some-
Davis as the "Queen" of the ball. She is                      
             thing of the spirit of a hero-worshipper.
a member of Kappa Alpha Theta.                                          
   Her style indicates that she has taken
  All alumni of the University have been                                
   seriously de Reszke's admonition to his
cordially invited to attend the affair if                               
   1pupils, "cultivate the love of words."
possible. Tickets are four dollars and may                              
     Jean de Reszke was a great singer, a
be obtained at the Memorial Union desk                                  
   great teacher, a great artist, and a greater
or by mail from Philip W. Goldfarb at                                   
   man. One does not read many pages
131 Langdon street, Madison.                                            
   without having a picture begin to form
   in his mind. Soon he is literally walking
   and talking and listening to this man who
  W. A. T. A. Ca-mpain                                                  
   makes you understand that verse, action,
   and music may be combined to bring one
EVERY     thistle comes from   another           ROBERT 0. DAVIS        
   near the infinite and divine.
    Every thistle that blossoms                  Military Ball Chairman 
     Miss Leiser has given musicians a book
and goes to seed means a crop of thou-                                  
   for which music lovers will forever be
sands and thousands of new thistles the next year.         indebted to her,
and she has made a great tenor and his age
  Much in the same way that every thistle comes from       understandable
and real to the rest of us. The biography is
another thistle, every case of tuberculosis comes from an-  a fine piece
of work made possible only because it was a
other case, says the Wisconsin Anti-Tuberculosis Associa-  labor of love.
tion, now carrying on its annual Early Diagnosis Campaign.              
                        E. G. DOUDNA
   "The seeds, or germs, of tuberculosis, like the seeds of
the thistle, are scattered broadcast unless great care is taken.
Many persons have a chronic form of tuberculosis without                C.
P. A.'s Attention
its ever being recognized as such by themselves or their
relatives; they may suppose themselves to have merely a    THE     WISCONSIN
    CHAPTER     of the professional
chronic bronchitis or a bronchial cough or asthma. But         accounting
fraternity, Beta Alpha Psi, announces that
all the time these people may be handing out possible     it plans to erect
in the halls of the School of Commerce
death whenever they kiss or fondle a child," physicians say.  wooden
plaques with the names of all graduates who have
  Every case of suspicious illness in a family should be  obtained their
C.P.A. certificates.
checked up to make sure that it is not tuberculosis, the     The fraternity
asks, therefore, that each C.P.A. cooper-
W.A.T.A. points out. Whenever one case of tuberculosis    ate on this project
by sending on a postal card his name,
in a family is discovered, all the other members of the   address, year of
graduation, and the year and state in which
family should be examined at once. Because of the close   his certificate
was obtained. Please send these replies to
contact between members of a household, tuberculosis tends  Beta Alpha Psi,
1021 W. Johnson street, Madison, Wis.
to run in families.
   "Is there any tuberculosis in your family? Take no       A   REOIENA
           ONtaPrfR.0             Roslr
chances! Let your doctor decide."                          A    RECOMlMENDATION
       that Prof. R. O. Roeseler,
of the faculty of Ohio State University, be
                          -Q0-                              appointed professor
of German at the University of Wis-
   When you have finished reading this copy of the Maga-   consin, was approved
by the Board of Regents recently.
zine, give it to some interested high school student. In this  In making
his recommendation, Pres. Frank told the
way you may be responsible for some boy or girl deciding  regents that the
staff of the German department has been
to attend the University. If you know of no high school   decreased by the
retirement of Prof. Max Griebsch and
student, then pass this copy to some alumnus who is not a  the resignation
of Prof. B. Q. Morgan, and that Prof.
member of the Association.                                 Roeseler will
help to fill the vacancies.

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