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Egstad, H. M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 35, Number VII (April 1934)

Downer, George
Badger boxers win championship,   pp. 191-193

Page 193

  April, Nineteen thirty-four                                           
                               Page 193
  campus, the combined effort of the Wisconsin Players,        Calvin B.
Hoover-"Germany Enters the Third Reich'
  school of music, Haresfoot club, and Orchesis. As such it   Kallett and
Schlink--"100,000,000 Guinea Pigs"
  will be given shape by J. Russell Lane, acting director of  John Maynard
Keynes-"Essays in Biography"
  Wisconsin Players, Professors Orien E. Dalley and E. Earle  Alfred North
Whitehead-"Adventures of Ideas"
  Swinney, school of music, William Purnell, Haresfoot di-    Ella Winter
(Mrs. Lincoln Steffins)-"Red Virtue"
  rector, and Margaret N. H'Doubler, Orchesis director. At    Vladimir Bechterev-"General
Principles of Reflexology"
  least 100 students will appear in the operetta. A similar   Benedette Croce-"History
of Europe in the 19th Cen-
  production last year, "The Chocolate Soldier," played ten  tury"
  successful days.                                             Philipp Lenard
(Nobel Prize winner in Physics) --"Great
    The last week of March brought a Wisconsin Players'     Men of Science"
  presentation of Stephen Phillips' modern verse tragedy,     Harvey O'Connor--"Mellon's
  "Paolo and Francesca," with Katherine Rhodes, grad,         
Dr. Logan Clendening-"Behind the Doctor"
  Joseph Sturm, '35, and C. C. Duckworth, '35, in the three
  principal roles. It was the first verse vehicle staged by the
  Wisconsin Players since "Othello" in 1930. "Paolo and  
  Occupational Survey              Shows New
  Francesca" was J. Russell Lane's second directorial job
  since he took over Prof. William C. Troutman's post while       Trends
in      Demands Of Employers
  the latter, now in Italy, spends a semester on leave.         THE employee
of the future is to get and hold a job
    In May the Wisconsin Players, through its Studio, will    * T    employeero
he fustureai to geta   old a job
                     Ts T.,     s         .        >           ~~~~~~~~~in
a successful manner, he must learn to control his emo-
  stage Ibsen's "Enemy of the People." As in former stag-   tions
as well as he does his motions while he is at work.
  ings of the Studio, the play will be cast, directed, and   And        
               r                       b
                    l . . .  >.                 X        X         tu~~~~~nd
furthermore, the future employee will no longer be
  staged entirely by students,                               able to get
along successfully by just knowing how to do
                                                             only one kind
of job. He must prepare for and do well
                                                             two or three
different kinds of work rather than one very
  Class Of 1927 Memorial Now                                 specialized
type as has been the case in the past.
                                                               Such are some
of the more important findings of a series
         Has 23     Books in      Union     Library         of nation-wide
occupational trend and demand studies just
  TWENTY-THREE BOOKS, chosen as the "most signifi-           completed
by the University bureau of vocational guidance.
    cant and stimulating works on the social economic and  Carried on during
the past year by Prof. A. H. Edgerton,
    can   *  *t and  stimulating  works  on  the  social,  econ m ic,  a
d  director  of  vocational  guidance,  the  occupational  studies
 philosophic issues of the year 1933-34," have been added   eea
                 I *  1  r  _1  r  T * * T T  .l    s       ~~are expected
to be of great assistance to University grad-
 this month to the Class of 1927 Living Issues library by   u    an  g  
     w       i
                 , .,  ,.       .        ....................uates and guidance
workers in Wisconsin.
 the special selection committee consisting of President     With the cooperation
of 84 persons drawn largely from
 Frank, Dean Charles R. Bardeen, Professor Philo Buck, Lo-  a committee of
the National Society for the Study of Edu-
 well Frautschi, 27, and Allan Will-                        cation which
has been evaluating guidance work, 338
 son, '34.                                                  representative
employers; both large and small, were inter-
    The living issues 'volumes now                          viewed as a basis
for the study. The analysis forms used
 totaling 75, have become an impor-                         in the study
were filled out for 1,132 separate job specifi-
 tant part of the Union's recreation-CLASS5    OFf 1927*           *    
                                                rant ptfhUoseecations involving
4,104 actual positions in 29 states.
d --allibrary, -and are- much- -sought a-,
------I--lbrr,-ad-rmuhsgt                                     Emphasizng
control of emotions as one of the qualifica-
after by students. The purpose of                            Ep         
 oto                      fteqaiia
the by st det. Th    prpea   of                           tions of future
employees for their personal or social ad-
the  lass of '27     creating its                          justment to the
job requirements of a new time, employers
memorial was "to draw upon the                             suggest that
more be done in having students' attitudes
srvic  o cueptiona iteature in                             reflect the fact
that life, although interesting, likewise is
  bringing current and vital probles           ,a serious affair, success
in which demands resourceful ef-
  dramatically into the foreground of                        £    
  ltdra atilntot   of                                     fort, social obligations,
and personal adjustments.
  sTe  ann       ."                                          "The
individual who will be in demand is one who can
  The annual selections forPthe                           get along successfully
with other persons, since employers
  library hold interest for alumni                           believe social
intelligence is to be an increasingly impor-
  also, however, inasmuch as they      LIVINO  ISSUES      tant factor in
future vocational success," Prof. Edgerton
  stand as "the books of the year" in     LIBRARY            asserted.
"Such present-day shortcomings as poor self-
  the minds of an important Univer-  The Memorial Book Plate  control discourtesy,
dishonesty, and a lack of dependability
  sity comtte                                                           
                              stesin   ther ad.|a
  committee. The authors and                            should be overcome,
the employers insist stressin   the
  titles for this year are therefore printed herewith:      g        -  
    ty *   t                X      .
              SirJaes eas-''Te Nw  ackrond  f ciece        great indilspensability
of these necessary qualities in both
   Sir James Jeans-"The New     cuba"                      social
and occupational life."
   Carlton Beals-"The Crime of Cuba"                          Ad
aThe employers stressed the importance of future em-
   C. G. Jung-'Modern Man in Search of a Soul"             ployees having
social training and social experiences which
   George Seldes-' 'The Years of the Locust"               prepare for
living, working, and playing with others, and
   Laurence Stallings-'The First World War"                indicated
some concern about such essential qualities as
   H. G. Wells- The Shape of Things to Come"               openmindedness,
judgment, loyalty, thoroughness, initi-
   H. S. Jennings-'The Universe of Life"                   ative, interest,
natural humor, and neatness of person and
   Paul de Kruif-"Men Against Death"                       dress,
the study revealed.
   George Santayana-"Some Turns of Thought in Modem           Other
qualifications being equal, a college graduate will
 Philosophy"                                                have a far
better chance of placement and of advancement
   Edgar A. Mowrer-'Germany Puts the Clock Back"           in the future
than one without college training, the study
   Edward C. Hill-'The American Scene"                     revealed.
Notwithstanding past reported practices, one well
   Sir William Brogg-'The Universe of Light"               trained in
liberal arts and sciences plus basic thinking is
   Charles A. Beard-"A Century of Progress"                   
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