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Egstad, H. M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 35, Number V (Feb. 1934)

While the clock strikes the hour,   pp. 134-135

Page 135

February, Nineteen thirty-four                                          
                               Page 135
  The program was submitted to the annual meeting of       selected for activities
in drama, music, social games and
Wisconsin schoolmen held in Madison recently, and adopted  group dancing.
by them in full. The schoolmen set up the program upon      "The bureau
has been deluged with appeals for the serv-
the principle that education is a State function, and that  ices of these
field workers from communities in districts
educators have a social trust which places upon them the  where this new
personnel has begun its program," com-
duty to protect the common welfare by maintaining good    mented Miss Ethel
T. Rockwell, chief of the Bureau. "In
schools.                                                    accordance with
a rotating plan, these leaders have now
  The association went on record in opposition to groups  withdrawn from
their first fields of work to start similar
and alliances who are attacking free public education, and  activities in
other areas. They have received splendid co-
announced its unalterable opposition to any movement to   operation from
all quarters."
place the burden of this depression upon the backs of little  Although the
project divides recreation, for the sake of
children.                                                   convenience,
into the three main fields first mentioned, the
                                                            supervisors are
free to organize other groups, such as win-
                                                            ter sports clubs,
which do not come within a strict inter-
WHA Wins        Wisconsin radio rights were successfully  pretation of the
three activities above defined.
Radio Fight     defended by Attorney General James E.       Ice carnivals,
winter sports clubs, little theater groups,
Finnegan and his deputy, Joseph Hirschberg, from attacks  and music clubs
are among the types of recreation given
by three commercial stations which would put the State-   new impetus by
the 15 trained leaders who were selected
owned stations off                                                      
                       to carry forward this
the air.                                                                
                      enterprise for an en-
  To protect the                                                        
                      larged social and re-
the State's property                                                    
                      creational life in
the attorney general's                                                  
                       Wisconsin communit:
department, with the                                                    
                      ties. The work re-
assistance of Horace                                                    
                      ceives Federal and
Lohner, radio attor-                                                    
                      State cooperation.
ney from Washing-
ton, made plans for
a vigorous defense at                                                   
                      Add Fifteen Despite
the hearings before                                                     
                      New Courses thedcon-
the examiner. See-                                                      
                      tinued depression
ing the huge propor-                                                    
                      which necessitates a
tions to which the                                                      
                      restricted financial
case had grown, the                                                     
                      budget for the Uni-
little likelihoodof                                                     
                      versity, 15 ndew
the applicants get-        CR                                           
                      courses are being of-
ting what they were                                                     
                      fered to students
asking for, and the                                                     
                      during  the second
costly litigation in-                                                   
                      semester by various
volved, Mr. Hirsch-                    AGRICULTURAL SHORT COURSE DORMITORY
                    departments on the
uberg- negotiated withe- -                                              
                  --- Campus. -
the commercials for a settlement. All, including the State,  Heading the
list, the economics department and the Law
withdrew  their applications "without prejudice" simul-  school
are each offering two new courses that have not yet
taneously.                                                  been part of
the college curriculum. In the former depart-
  The withdrawal of these applications again leaves WHA   ment, Prof. E.
E. Witte will conduct two newly organized
and WLBL free from attack and in a position to carry on  courses, government
and business, and labor and law. These
their State service. Among the features which listeners will  first subjects
will tie up with the present economic condition
not be denied are: The Wisconsin School of the Air (broad-  prevalent in
the country and the NRA and will be given
casts for class-room use), The Wisconsin College of the   once a year.
Air (courses for out-of-school young people), The Farm      The Law school
will offer auto accident cases under Prof.
Program  (by the Wisconsin College of Agriculture), the   R. V. Campbell.
Prof. W. G. Rice will conduct legislation,
Homemakers Hour and numerous other non-commercial          which although
given last year has been changed entirely
broadcasts.                                                 and will touch
new lines of law technique, stated William
  The eyes of the nation have followed the Wisconsin radio  Garrison, dean
of the Law school.
situation because the Badger state is recognized as a leader
in the use of radio for governmental purposes. The extent     Ientcnucinwt
        h   giclua     cnmc       eat
topwhich citizens will support their own stations is shown by  m  Rural Regional
Planning will be led by Prof. G. S.
the resolutions, petitions, letters of protest and similar ex-  Wren   of
that deatmen Prf Jh   of   the
pressions which poured in to the commission from organi-  rural sociology
department, and Prof. F. A. Aust of the
zations and individuals,                                    horticulture
poetry, or English 127, has been offered
               Recretion The  niverity rojet in dulteduction to the regular
session students for the first time, declared
Reregatio       The Uiverstya   rjetinsta   adultr educametion  Prof. R.
E. Dodge. This course has commonly been a part
Succeeds        recreation found an immediate and wide-     Tofcomplyuwiththesmany
spread acceptance from community groups throughout Wis-     Tocmlwihteanrqussftesudtsakg
consin, according to its sponsors here. The B~ureau of Dra-  French courses,
French diction 191 is being offered by that
matic Activities, which gives supervision, has had requests  department taught
under Miss Elizabeth Trocmne, according
from every part of the State for services of the supervisors            
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