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Egstad, H. M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 33, Number VI (March 1932)

Jamison, C. L.
Should faculty salaries be deflated?,   pp. 176-178

Page 178

The Wisconsin Alumni Magazine                                           
                  March, 1932
Association Directors Define Loan                      cies. Transmit your
views to the almni office. Such
                                                       action on the part
of alumni will help to make the
      Fund and Athletic Council Policies              work of the Association
more useful and the Maga-
                                                       zine more interesting.
THE Board of Directors of the Alumni Association
has approved the following recommendations with
regard to the Wisconsin Alumni Association Student     Frank M. 1       
             f Ct1
Loan Fund:                                             Frank Pvisquoted on
Gift Stand
  1. That the fund be administered by the faculty                  In February
Issue of MaSa2ine
committee on Loans and Scholarships in consultation
with a representative of the Alumni Association. (The  WE REGRET to announce
that the article reporting
Secretary of the Association has been appointed as           esident Frank's
discussion before the New York
the alumni representative.)                            alumni round table
group, which appeared in the Feb-
  2. That all incidental expenses relative to the rais-  ruary issue of this
magazine contained a misquotation
ing of the fund and its administration be borne by the  of some of the President's
statements. The error was
Association and the existing University agencies.    in no way maliciously
committed. Mr. Wittner who
  3. That the present situation be considered an     reported the story is
an able journalist, but in a mis-
emergency, and that repayment of loans, when made,   understanding of one
of the President's remarks
revert to the Association to                           caused Pres. Frank
considerable discomfiture from a
be held by it in a separate                            local newspaper's
criticism of his alleged remarks.
fund for student loan fund                             We are pleased to
print President Frank's denial be-
purposes in the future. That                           low and apologize
for this misquotation which caused
the funds be left at the dis-                          unwarranted criticisms
to be aimed at him:
posal of the faculty com-
mittee on loans and schol-                                              
            "February 24, 1932
arships until such time as                             "My dear Mr.
the Board of Directors shall                             "My attention
was called yesterday to a report in
consider the emergency at                              the current issue
of the Wisconsin Alumni Magazine,
an end.                                                of a dinner discussion
I had with the Wisconsin Alum-
  4. That in making loans                              ni in New York City
in January, in which the writer
from the fund, there shall                             quotes me as saying,
'And if you think it is only the
be no discrimination be-                               private institution
that welcomes gifts from founda-
tween men and women or                                 tions, you are mistaken.
Wisconsin would very gladly
between resident and out                               welcome them, even
with strings attached.'
of state students.            PRES. A. G. BRIGGS         "I cannot understand
what chance remark could
  5. That the maximum loan                             possibly have carried
this meaning to the recorder of
to be granted from the fund shall be $100.             the meeting. I could
not have made such a statement
  6. That loans shall bear two per cent interest while  regarding strings
in view of the fact that my convic-
the recipient is an undergraduate enrolled in the Uni-  tion regarding gifts
is exactly the opposite. I do not
versity, and four per cent when no longer enrolled in  agree with a policy
of excluding by blanket resolution
the University as an undergraduate.                    all gifts from foundations
or any other source. There
                                                       is no source of university
support that may not, in
  With regard to various proposals to reduce the num-  some cases, carry
danger, and, in other cases, benefit.
ber and method of appointment of alumni representa-  But the only intelligent
policy I know is to depend
tives on the Athletic Council, the Board of Directors  upon the intelligence
and sincerity of the governing
adopted the following resolution:                     board and administrators
of a university to know
   aoTedthe  foardlowinretors olution: Alumnwhen a specific gift should or
should not be accepted.
   The Board of Directors of the Alumni Association     "Two things
are essential to the greatness of a uni-
favors the continuance of the present method of ap-
pointment and number of alumni representatives on    versity-adequate support
of and complete freedom
the Athletic Council.                                 for its scholars. If
either must be sacrificed, it is bet-
   Bv action of the Board of Regents in 1929 the       ter to sacrifice support.
A great university destroys
   Blumni acpresentation of the Board CofnRegents inc e  itself if it accepts
support with strings that strangle
 alumni representation on the Council was increased   its freedom, whether
the strings are attached by an
 from one to three members to be nominated to the     individual, a foundation,
or the public. I say this to
 President of the University by the Board of Directors  makevidcmletl clearimy
os     the     muchis-
 of the Alumni Association. The present alumni rep-     ake completely sclear
my position on the much-dis-
 resentatives are:  Walter Alexander, '97, President,   cussed issue of strings.
 Union Refrigerator Transit Co., Milwaukee; J. P. Rior-  "I have made
this statement more than once to leg-
 dan, '98, Director, Agricultural Bureau, Wisconsin   islative committees.
It flas my judgment then. It is
                                                        mny judgment now.
I have communicated with the
Manufacturers Association, Madison; H. C. Marks, '13,  mnus w     osa n 
  tove atmdineand     h in-
President, H. C. Mlarks & Co., Chicago.                alumnus w-ho sat
next to me at dinner, and he in-
                           President, H. C Marks&Co.,Chiforms me that
this is the policy I stated respecting
   The Board also appointed a committee consisting of  gifts.
President Briggs, '85, Charles L. Byron, '08, and Judge  "Will you please
carry this correction in the next
Evan A. Evans, '97, to keep in touch with the athletic
              situation.                             ~~~~~~~~~~issue of the
Alumni M~agazine?
   The Board expressed a desire to receive from alumni                  
 comment concerning University problems and poli-                       
               "GLENN FRANK."
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