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Egstad, Herman M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 31, Number 5 (Feb. 1930)

With the Badger sports,   pp. 206-207

Page 206

seventeen seasons; finished second
once; third, three times; and never
but twice has been out of the first
  Two of- Meanwell's teams-those
of 1911-1912 and .1913-1914-went
through their conference- seasons
without the loss of a single game. In
three other seasons they dropped
but one game.
  Nothing can tell so clearly the
story of Doc Meanwell's unap-
proached basketball coaching suc-
cess as the simple figures of the
record of games won and lost. Wis-
consin under Meanwell has a per-
centage of .727. Here is the record
of all the conference teams during
that period-exclusive of the cur-
rent season, in which the Badgers
Page 206
F-UJ:t ------- Joa -  - k---- -   --
less it won another first place. This
meant that no house had a permanent
trophy 'as a reward for its all-around
athletic prowess.
  A permanent, but smaller trophy
will be awarded with the Bowl be-
ginning this year. Plans are also be-
ing made to award individual medals
to members of first, place teams,
Steinauer announced. Two indi-
vidual awards will be made this year
to high game and high average man
in bowling, and plans are being
made also to make the awards in
such sports as cross country, in
which the individual plays a large
  As part of the steadily increasing
intramural program, Director Joe
  Ocock started the New Year riglt
by taking a pair of firsts in the'
quarter mile and the two mile races
at the National intercollegiate cham-
pionship held at Lake Placid. These
two first gave high scoring honors of
the meet and the individual Harding
  A few weeks later he journeyed to
Milwaukee to win a pair of races
and the. Milwaukee city champion-
ship. The following week he won
the senior championship of the
Central Interstate skating meet
held in Milwaukee. In this meet he
won the half and three-quarter mile
events receiving a total of 60 points
for high individual honors. On Feb-

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