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Egstad, Herman M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 30, Number 4 (Jan. 1929)

Badgers in the news,   pp. 127-129

Page 127

Fanuary, 1929                     THE WISCONSIN ALUMNI MAGAZINE         
                                Page 127
                                Badgers in the News
                                       Zona Gale Breese Receives
Present and     Past Students          Zn     Gae Breese Receves        
     Research in Nitrogen Brings
  Fete Prof. William     Frost           Prize from   0. Henry Group    
    Recognition to Dr. E. B. Fred
                                       ZONA GALE BREESE, '95, Uni-
                                           versity regent andprominent author-
                                       ess, wrote the third best short story
                                       the year, The Society of Arts and
                                       Sciences at New York decided recently
                                       in making the awards of the 0. Henry
                                       memorial for the year's best stories.
                                       Miss Gale will receive a prize of
                                       for her "Bridal Veil," which
appeared in
                                       The American Mercury.
                                         Walter Duranty, Moscow corres-
                                       pondent for The New York Times, won
                                       first prize Of $5oo for "The~
                                       published in The Red Book. Second
                                       of $250 went to Margaret Stonebam
                                       Douglas for her Saturday Evening Post
                                       story, "The Peculiar Pleasure
of Kings."
                                         Other works by this Badger authoress
 DR. E. B. FRED, bacteriologist in
                                       include "Preface to a Life,"
"Yellow        the College of Agriculture, is one
                                       Gentians and Blue," "Miss
Lulu Bett,"  of four American scientists given an
                                       which won a Pulitzer prize for plays,
 award for his "outstanding achieve-
        Prof. William D. Frost         and  "Portage, Wisconsin,"
recently   ments in nitrogen research" by the
                                       published by Alfred A. Knopf, New
    American Society of Agronomy at its
PROF. WILLIAM DODGE FROST              York.                            
     Washington meeting recently.
   agricultural bacteriology, was guest  Zona Gale was married last June
to   This annual award, known as the
of honor at a dinner given Nov. io at  Mr.W. L. Breese, wealthy hosiery manu-
 Annual Chilean Nitrate of Soda Nitro-
the Memorial Union by students and    facturer of Portage, Wis., her home.
 gen Research award, is given to make
former students in recognition of his                                   
     possible a better understanding of the
former students in recognition of his
thirty-three years of service on the       .                            
     value of nitrogen to agriculture.
University faculty.                    Agricultural Journalists         
       Dr. Fred has done outstanding re-
Uiest faut.                                          jouralist          
    search since he has been at the Uni-
  Benjamin 0. D. Eggleston, distin-           Pick Sumner For PrexY     
     versity in  classifyingthe  nitrogen
guishe4 artist of Brooklyn, N. Y., life-                                
     baverity  in classifying the nrogen
long friend of Prof. Frost, presented the                               
     bacteraand fi investigatg the process
professor with an oil painting of himself.
  Prof. Frost was graduated from the                                    
     his desire to use the funds received from
     Unvriyof Minnesota in 1893 with                                    
     the award in stimulating the research
) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ieals of the College of Agriculture.
a B.S. degree. The next year was spent/
at his alma mater as a scholar in botany                             i
       Aie Honor Turneaure
and in graduate work, for which he       C- ies
received his master's degree.                                           
            On Dean's Anniversary
  The year i894-95 he was with the       /
Minnesota State Board of Health as                                      
     IN token of the respect they entertain
assistant in biology. He also gave in-                                  
        for him, seventy-five colleagues of
struction in bacteriology in the depart-                                
     F. E. Turneaure, dean of the College
ment of public health at the University                                 
     of Engineering, presented him with a
of Minnesota. In I895 he joined the                                     
     gold watch at a dinner given in Madison,
University faculty as an instructor in                                  
     Dec. ii, his 25th anniversary as dean.
bacteriology.                                   Prof. Wim. Summer       
       Dean Turneaure was graduated from
  Prof. Frost is a member of the Minne-                                 
     Cornell university in i889. After being
sota Academy of Science and of the     WILLIAM     A. SUMNER, associate 
   affiliated with the Lehigh Valley rail-
Wisconsin Academy of Science, Arts,         professor of agricultural journal-
 road some little time, he next went with
and Letters, and of other honorary    ism at the University, was elected
presi-  the Chesapeake and Ohio railroad until
societies.                             dent of the Agricultural College Maga-
i89i. While teaching for a year in St.
  He was born at Lake City, Minn.,     zine association at its annual convention
 Louis, Mr. Turneaure met Prof. D. W.
Sept. 13, 1867.                        in Chicago recently.             
     Mead. The next year he came to the
                                         Members of the association include,
 University, in i892, and has been here
                                       in addition to Wisconsin, the .ni
- ) since.  On the death of Dean J. B.
  More than eighty students are taking  In addition to Wisconsi, the Universi-
 Johnson in i903, Mr. Turneaure suc-
the first course in anthropology of-  ties of Ohio State, Cornell, Illinois,
 ceeded him.
fered at the University. Prof. Ralph   Iowa State, Nebraska, Tennessee, Ala-
  Dean Turneaure received an honorary
Linton, of the Field Museum, Chicago,  bama Polytechnic Institute, Missouri,
 doctor's degree from the University of
is giving it.                          Purdue, and Penn State.          
     Illinois in 1905.

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