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Egstad, Herman M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 30, Number 4 (Jan. 1929)

While the clock strikes the hour,   pp. 125-126

Page 126

Page 126                           THE WISCONSIN ALUMNI MAGAZINE        
                               fanuary, 1929
Coaches All graduates last June of     Continue   Freshman Orientation  
   Publishes   Carroll Blair, Zona Gale
Start    the   four-year professional  Freshman   week will be continued
   Poems       scholar, sophomore in the
Work      course have started their      Week        next September, following
               Experimental college, is
          coaching work. They are:                   approval by the faculty
in  the author of "The Woman-Lake and
  Earl Burbridge, Antigo; George Von   general meeting in December.     
    and Other Lake Mendota Poems" which
Bremer, Watertown; Gordon Winder,        The week was inaugurated last fall
 were published recently. As a freshman,
Waupun; Burdette Ace, Clintonville;    when all freshmen reported to the
cam-  Blair won numerals with the cross coun-
Willis Jones, Beloit; Dudley Larson,   pus a week before the opening of classes.
 try and track teams. His room in the
Aberdeen, S. D.; Ernest Ziebell, Ra-   They were divided into groups of 
    dormitories overlooked the lake last year
cine; Edmont Harget, Whitewater; E.    twenty. Each group was assigned to
a  and it was the scenes which passed by,
E. Alton, Milwaukee West Division      professor and one chosen upperclass
stu-  the crew, the putting motor boats, ca-
High school.                             dent. The freshmen were taken on
       noes, cross country team, and campus
                                         tours of the campus. Individual
con-  classes, that supplied the verse material.
New      To promote interest in the    ferences decided their class schedules.
Honor    field of technical engineering  There were convocations. Upperclass-
 Five      Five faculty members are
                          ounais, enineeri  men did not report until after
the Orien-  Faculty  included in the 1928 ap-
Society journalism, a new honorary       tto     ek     rtriyrsigws     
        Fcly          icue     ntei1      p
          fraternity has been formed by  tation week. Fraternity rushing
was  Fellowships pointments to the John
students on the campus. Its name is      postponed one month.           
                      Simon Guggenheim Me-
Alpha Tau Sigma. A constitution has      Feeling that the period was suffi-
 morial foundation, the purpose of which
                                         cientvscesu      sa    dctoa   
been approved by the committee on stu-   ntly successful as an educational
en-  is to "advance human achievement by
dent life and interests. National expan-  terprise in its first trial to
warrant fur  aiding students to push forward the
sion is already contemplated.            ther experiment, t03 of 110e faculty
 boundaries of undertaking and to enrich
                                         members voted to continue it. Two
    human life by aiding them in the culti-
                                         thought it a failure; five were
uncertain.  vation of beauty and taste."
An Old   The ancient custom of "hang-  Asked if they would serve as
counselors  Those so honored are Helen C. White,
Custom   ing"  fraternity  pins, sup-  next fall, i02 said "yes."
          assistant professor of English; Warren
         posedly   proclaiming  be-      When asked to tell what, in their
  Stratman-Thomas, research pharmacol-
trothal, is still prevalent on the cam-  opinion, was the most valuable outcome
 ogist; Curtis P. Nettels, assistant pro-
pus if statistics recently given by four-  of the first trial, twenty members
said  fessor of history; Antonio G. Solainde,
teen sororities are accurate. One-sixth  that it afforded an opportunity
for pro-  associate professor of Spanish; and Carl
of all organized girls wear them.      fessor and student to know each other
 Stephenson, professor of history.
  Seniors, with the time advantage,    and to develop cordial relations before
 More than 6o0 requests for fellow-
claim forty-one. Juniors have twenty-  classes opened. Other opinions were
 ships were made to the foundation this
six, with the sophomores close behind  that it prepared freshmen to meet
new  year. Exactly sixty-one were granted.
with twenty. Freshmen women already    conditions, that it made the freshmen
claim five.                              feel at home on the campus, and
that it
  According to numbers of pins, the    gave a serious attitude and spirit
to the  Dedicate  Twenty years of progress in.
sororities interviewed rank Alpha Phi,   new student.                   
        Tablet      agricultural engineering
Alpha Delta Pi, Kappa Alpha Theta,       That they would have been materially
         were commemorated here
Alpha Omicron Pi, Kappa Kappa Gam-     helped had they had the guidance of
an  early in October when a tablet was
ma, Delta Delta Delta, Phi Mu, Kappa   orientation week was the unanimous
  placed on the agricultural engineering
Delta, Delta Zeta, Alpha Gamma Delta,  opinions expressed by the upperclass
 building, where the American Society of
Sigma Kappa, Beta Phi Alpha, Phi       students who aided last fall.    
   Agricultural Engineers was founded in
Omega Pi, and Chi Omega. Alpha Phi                                      
        December, i907.
has eleven. The average is seven.                                       
          The memorial was presented by Wil-
                                          Police  When The Daily Cardinal
ridi-  liam  Boss, University of Minnesota,
                                          and     culed the Madison police
force  president of the society. H. L. Russell,
Cattle  Wisconsin won second place in  Pueri  after the Minnesota game for
 dean of the College of Agriculture, ac-
Team    the sweepstakes at the Stu-           failing to arrest not more
than  cepted it.
Wins    dents' National Contest in     a half dozen ticket scalpers and less
than  There are thirty-three students en-
         Judging Dairy Cattle at Mem-   a score of liquor law violators at
a time  rolled in the course in agricultural engi-
 phis, Tenn., in October. There were    when both were apparently noticeable,
 neering at the University.
 twenty-seven teams competing.            the police took up the gauntlet
and an
   The Badger team was ccmposed of      "I am not," "You are
too" battle was   Kicks from  students were largely
Harold Clark, Boscobel, Ralph Hodgon,  waged in the Madison press for a time.
 responsible for the return of fifty-cent
Mazcmanie, Harold Wicker, Waukesha,      "If the students want law enforce-
 haircuts and twenty-five cent shaves in
and Claire Stallman, Elk Mount.        ment, we'll give it to them,"
the police  Madison in December. Claiming that
                                          wrote on copies of the student
daily  they were not making any profits, the
                                          whichw  ere posted at headquarters,
  barbers raised them shortly before to
Scribes  Five graduates are now heads  feeling that they were being roughly
 sixty-five and thirty-five.
Head     of agricultural journalism de-  handled for their lenient treatment
Depts.   partments in state universi-  the students. The Daily Cardinal per-
          ties. They are Charles Byrne,  sisted. The Madison press copied,
not  Don Meiklejohn, '30, son of Alex-
South Dakota; Tracy W. Johnson,          taking sides.                  
        ander Meiklejohn, chairman of the Ex-
North Dakota; Maynard Brown, Ore-        The "empasse" was forgotten
by the  perimental college, is captain of the
gon; Gunow Oleson, Massachusetts; and  student scribes when the influenza
epi-  Varsity hockey team this year. Don
E. H. Rohrbeck, Pennsylvania. T. L.    demic on the hill came to the foreground.
 Mitchell, captain, rated as the best
Cleary and L. L. Longsdorf hold posi-  In a petition bearing i,0CO names,
The  college "goalie" in the country, has been
tions with the journalism departments  Daily Cardinal was reprimanded for
the  ill and is ineligible for competition.
at Missouri and Kansas respectively.     situation.                     
        Meiklejohn was star center last year.

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