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The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 2, Number 9 (June 1901)

News from the alumni,   pp. 389-397

Page 396

Wisconsin Alumni Magazine.
    Professor of Greek in the Univer-
    sity  of Wisconsin.   Chicago.
    Charles H. Kerr & Co. Pp. 60.
  Professor Kerr has provided a care-
ful, accurate and thoroughly readable
English translation of the first book
of "The Republic."     It is to be
hoped that he will continue the work,
that the whole dialogue may be ren-
dered  accessible to   the  general
reader. The present booklet is ex-
cellently printed and bound in heavy
paper. Footnotes are supplied wher-
ever necessary to explain references
and allusions, and marginal numbers
referring to the pages of Stephanus
(Paris, 1578) are inserted'for the con-
venience of readers who wish to com:-
pare the translation with the text.
The Teubner edition has been fol-
lowed in the division into chapters.
    G. Libby. Madison. 20 and 35
  A book of interest to bird students
is this new field book, which is the
outcome of the bird-study in the
outdoor classes in Madison for the
past three years. It consists of an
outline of points to be observed in the
study of any bird in the field, On
the front cover is a conventionalized
bird form showing the principal areas,
such as chin, throat, wingbars, etc.,
referred to in the printed outlipe.
One of the points of special interest
is the blank to fill on bird songs and
calls. No small number of birds can
be identified better by ear than by
eye, and a still larger number can be
easily named from their peculiar song
or call.
    AMONG THE DEAF; by Hypatia
    Boyd, ('99), Milwaukee; Even-
    ing Wisconsin Company.
  This book is a fitting tribute to the
work of the man who was most in-
timately connected with the growth
of public schools for the deaf in Wis-
consin, Miss Boyd gives all the
credit for her success in school, in
college, and in literature and journal-
ism since leaving the University, to
Mr. Binner, whose pupil she was in
the Milwaukee Day School for the
Deaf.  The book    is substantially
bound in cloth, with gold lettering,
and has an excellent portrait of Mr.
    Frost. Madison, Wis.
  This new laboratory guide by Mr.
W. D. Frost, instructor in bacteriol-
ogy at the University, is especially
designed as a laboratory notebook in
the study of bacteriology.   About
half of it is taken up with blanks to
be used by students in describing
species of bacteria, while the other
half is devoted to various exercises in
general bacteriology.
  The Agricultural Experiment Sta-
tion has issued a special bulletin by
Prof. E. S. Goff on "The prevention
of oat smut." Professor Goff shows
that the damage to oats from smut
amounts on an average to about five
per cent. of the crop. This, on the
basis of the crop of 1898, would mean
a loss to Wisconsin farmers of about
$775,000. The method of prevention
by means of formaldehyd explained
in this bulletin has proved effective,
and the cost is trifling.
  The place of publication of By the
  Wayside, the official organ of the Wis-
consin Audubon Society, has been
changed from Milwaukee to Madison,
and the responsibility of publication
has been assumed by the Madison
society. The first issue under the
present management appeared during
May. The editors are Charles E.
Allen,499, and Arthur F. Beule, '01,

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