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The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 2, Number 9 (June 1901)

News from the alumni,   pp. 389-397

Page 395

News from t
ing American history in the high
  A new song by Fred H. Hartwell,
'99 1, now city editor of the LaCrosse
Republican and Leader, and Frank J.
Gifford of Minneapolis, has just ap-
peared, with the title, "My Old Wis-
consin Home."
THE BADGER: Published by the
    Badger Board of the Junior Class
    of the University of Wisconsin.
  Another Badger has appeared. The
1902 Board has followed worthily in
the footsteps of its predecessors, and
has produced a book that on the
whole is a credit to the University,
and one that compares favorably with
the annuals of other institutions.
  The increase of price from $1.00 to
$1.50, while not seemingly accom-
panied by any corresponding increase
in the- expense of publication, is,
nevertheless, more than justified by
the size and elaborateness ofthe book,
and is a change that should have
been made years ago.
  The mechanical get-up of the new
Badger is excellent. The binding is
of brown cloth and dark brown lamb-
skin, with a cover design represent-
ing the figurehead of the new battle-
ship "Wisconsin." This masterpiece
of naval construction is also illus-
trated by a photogravure insert. The
half-tones are uniformly good; indeed
the work of the engravers throughout
is ahead of that displayed by any
previous Badger. The one serious
defect of the book, one which detracts
much from its value for reference -
after all the chief purpose of college
annuals - is the number of typo-
graphical errors to be found on al-
most every page. The lack of careful
proof-reading is doubtless accounted
for by the unfortunate illness of the
chairman of the Board, Mr. Patrick,
he Alumni.
for several weeks
in process of pub]
  The statistical
occupying the grE
ume, covers the u
arranged, and see
the class of err(
carefully compilei
   "Literature," I
less in amount ea
the proportional i
departments. TI
of the book is tha
lege annuals. As
burlesques and pE
clever, the maj
good. The vers
verse, seems urn
its flow - two o
excepted.   The
both in quantity
means come up
the 1900 book. I
margin of silhoue
the Board.    Otl
trations are well
propriately place
feature of every
tographs, and wi
volume is profuse
include the usual
societies, fraterni
letic teams, stai
musical clubs an
ganizations; neA
structors; memb4
senior class; int
views of various I
bits of the Univi
portraits of Prof(
Sober and Whitn
during the year; i
the faculty, and
Birge. The froni
of Governor La I
    Translated I
while the book was
matter, necessarily
at bulk of the vol-
sual ground, is well
ms to be, except for
rs already noted,
I and accurate.
hough it is always
on year because o0
;rowth of the other
Le tone of' this part
t traditional for col-
usual, some of the
rsonal hits are very
)rity only passing
, even for college
.sually impeded in
r three bright bits
original art *work,
and quality, by no
├Żo the mark set by
, novelty is a page
ttes of members, of
ier marginal illus-
executed and ap-
d. An important
innual is the pho-
th these the new
ly furnished. These
groups - of literary
ties, sororities, ah-
rs of publications,
I sundry other or-
  assistants and in-
ars of the present
erior and exterior
buildings, as well as
arsity grounds; also
,ssors Rosenstengel,
-y, who have died
)f new members of
of Acting-President
ispiece is a portrait
  PLATO.  Book   I.
y Alexander Kerr,

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