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The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 2, Number 9 (June 1901)

News from the alumni,   pp. 389-397

Page 393

News from the AlUmni.
  Annie M. Pitman will spend the Vera Cruz, Mexi
coming summer abroad.              extracts are from
  Henry H. Swain, grad '93-7, re- April 7th. " D
cently published' a paper on "Local have been helpir
government in Montana," in the house for my c
Bulletin of the Montana state normal same kind as the
school.                            living and consis
                '98                 walls of straigh
                                   pendicularly si(
  Leslie R. Burns, '98, and H. R. structural work
Chamberlain, '99, principal and as- logs and poles
sistant respectively of the Ashland inches to two inc
high school, leave for Europe June the floor is, of cc
22d. They expect to tour England Everything is
and the continent on wheels.        aerial roots take
  Joseph E. Davies delivered the climb into the h:
Memorial Day address at Columbus, whence they dro
Wis.                                ground.  Such
  On Monday evening, May 20th, at rather chilly to
7 o'clock, Miss Harriet Rosenstengel are quite comin
and   Max   Spindler of Cleveland, amometer seldom
Ohio, were married at the bride's in warm weath(
home in Madison, Rev. F. A. Gil- vantage of allow!
more officiating.  There were   no of air. For mon
guests but the immediate family, and my own cookiný
Mr. and Mrs. Spindler went- directly by myself, somet:
to their Cleveland home.            from morning til
  Annie N. Scribner goes to Chicago week, however,
at the close of the present college with his wife an(
year to take a position on the Chi- woman has been
cago Evening Post.
                1'99                  Andrew R. j
   Frank Laube has resigned his po- appointed to the
 sition at Brodhead and will study law in mathematics I
 in the office of Kronshage, Tarrant & Edward B. C
 McGovern in Milwaukee.             B. Mowry, '03,
   William S. Robertson has been in all the larger
 elected to the Bulkley fellowship in this spring on
 American history at Yale for next European trip.
 year.                              trated with over
   George Spencer, ('99), will play a opticon views mi
 summer stock engagement at Syracuse, taken by them,
 N. Y. He has been on the road this Oberammergau
 season with Jacob Litt's production  On the evenin
 of "In Old Kentucky."              Johanna Glenz,
   Harry L. v. Trott is situated on marriage to Dr. I
 his own farm, Hacienda El Eco, on a F. A. Gilmore
 branch of the Coatzacoalcos river, in man was A. F. N
co. The following
a letter of lis date
iring the week I
g my men build a
hiickens. It is the
one in which I am
)s of a palm leaf roof,
b.poles placed per,
[e by   side.  The
consists of unhewn
varying from eight
hes in diameter, and
urse, mother earth.
:ound together by
i from vines which
.ghest tree tops from
p their roots to the
i house may seem
'ou, but in fact they
)rtable, as the ther-
drops below 600, and
,r they have the ad-
ng a free circulation
than a month I did
and lived happily
mes not seeing a soul
1 night. For the last
have had a native
grandchild, and the
doing the cooking."
Lnderson has been
Thayer scholarship
or next year.
)chems and George
Lave been lecturing
towns of the state
their last summer's
The lecture is illus-
one hundred stere-
,de from photographs
md from views of the
)assion play.
g of May 15th Miss
'00 m, was united in
lerman Gilbert, Rev.
officiating.' The best
.enges,'86p, and Miss

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