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The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 2, Number 9 (June 1901)

News from the alumni,   pp. 389-397

Page 390

Wisconsin Alumni Magazine.
ing fund $3000, as a memorial to their
daughter, Mrs. G. S. Hendrickson.
  J. R. Robinson, formerly instructor
in butter and cheese making in the
Dairy School, has taken a position at
Phoenix, Arizona.
  At the recent biennial meeting of
the Iowa Federation of Women's
Clubs, Mrs. Alice Crawford Baily,
'75, of Des Moines, was elected pres-
ident. The retiring president was
Mrs. Mabel Dixon Hutchinson, ('86),
of Ottumwa. Mrs. Julia Clark Hal-
lam, '81, of Sioux City was elected
recording secretary. Mrs. Nellie F.
Cooke of Algona, at one time a spe-
cial student at the U. W., was elected
corresponding secretary. All of these
Wisconsin alumn.T have served the
federation in various capacities.
  Mr. James F. Willard, who has
held a fellowship in European history
the past year, sails June 22nd for a
summer in England and on the conti-
nent. Next year he returns to his
alma mater, the University of Penn-
sylvania, to accept a fellowship in
European history.
  Mrs. W. H. Hobbs will sail June
20th for a visit with her brother in
  D. K. Tenney, ('58), has recently
published a pamphlet controverting
all present beliefs in regard to the
planetary system. The title is "The
earth not born of the sun - fallacy of
all cosmic theories." In it he states
his belief in the permanency of the
universe as at present constituted and
refutes the belief that the sun or
earth will ever grow cooler and the
earth unfit for human habitation.
  See notice of class reunion, page
  See notice of class reunion, page
  Attorney-General E. R. Hicks de-
livered the Memorial Day address at.
  C. E. Buell and wife sail June 1st
from Montreal for a six months' stay
in England.
  Ex-Senator R. F. Pettigrew, '78 1,
has been mentioned as a possible
president of the Northern Pacific.
  At the final meeting of the year,
held April 29th, the Emily Bishop
League of Madison presented Mrs.
LaFollette with a case of handsome
spoons. Elsbeth Veerhusen, '91, made
the presentation. She spoke of Mrs.
La Follette giving her services to the
league, this making it possible for
them to bestow $200 upon the city
hospital, and mentioned that this.
year particular gratitude was due
Mrs. La Follette, realizing the many
demands upon her time.
  J. 0. Hayes, '80 S, and his brother,
E. A. Hayes, '82, have sold the Ash-
land mine to the Cleveland-Cliffs
mining company for $2,500,000.
  See article on class reunion, page
  Born to Mr. and Mrs. Selden Ba-
con in New York, a son, Lucius Fair-
child Bacon.
  McClellan Dodge has been chosen
city engineer of Eau Claire, and has
moved from Madison to that city.
  Herman Grotophorst of Baraboo
has recently been appointed a mem-
ber of the State Board of Control.

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