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The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 2, Number 9 (June 1901)

On the hill,   pp. 379-389

Page 387

On the Hill.
numerous other men have been "off"
;at different times. Some of the other
men have developed well, however,
and furnished surprises, notably
-Smith in the two mile, Poage,who ran
*the quarter against Illinois in 50f,
Webster, who took the discus in both
meets, and Meyer, whose high jump
├Żof 6 feet against Illinois equals the
western college record. While Mich-
igan looks, on form, like a winner in
the "Conference Meet" June 1st,
Wisconsin will be right in the run-
ning and may win yet. The sum-
maries of the dual meets are given
   One hundred yard dash -Bell,
 Illinois, first; Senn, Wisconsin,
 tsecond. Time, 0:10.
   Two hundred and twenty yard
 -dash - Bell, Illinois, first; McGowan,
 Wisconsin, second. Time, 0:22.
   Four hundred and forty yard run -
 -Poage, Wisconsin, first; Cayou, Illi-
 nois, second. Time, 0:50#.
   Eight hundred and eighty yard
Tun - Burdick, Wisconsin, first;Ross,
Wisconsin, second. Time, 2:03.
   One mile run - Hahn, Wisconsin,
first; Keachie, Wisconsin, second.
Time, 4:37.
   One hundred and twenty yard
hurdles - Schule, Wisconsin, first;
Boyd, Illinois, second. Time, 0:16 1-5.
  Broad jump -Thompson, Illinois,
first; Schule, Wisconsin, second.
Distance, 22 feet, 2J inches.
  Hammer throw - Beirs, Illinois,
-first; Lerum, Wisconsin, second.
Distance, 121 feet, 6 inches.
  Two mile run - Smith, Wisconsin,
first; McEachron, Wisconsin, and
Ketzel, Illinois, tied for second.
'Time, 10:13.
  Discus throw - Webster, Wiscon-
sin, first; Watson, Wisconsin, second.
Distance, 111 feet, 11 inches.
  Running higi
consin, first;
second. Heigh
  Two hundre4
hurdles -- Schu
Mills, Illinois, si
  Shot put -I
first; Graass, Wi
tance, 36 feet.
  Pole vault -
Muckleston,   I
Height, 11 feet,
  Scores by poil
Illinois, 35J.
   One hundred
 dles-- F. Molox
 Schule, Wisconi
 One hundred,
 loney, Chicago,
 Chicago, second.
 One mile run
 first; Keachie,
 Time, 4:46 1-5.
 Four hundred
 - Poage, Wisc
 Chicago, second.
 Two hundred i
 - W. Moloney,
 Wisconsin, secor
 Eight hundred
 -Lord, Chicago
 consin, second.
 Two mile run
 first; Smith,
 Time, 10:41 2-5.
 Two hundred
 hurdles - F. Mo
 Schule, Wiscon,
 Pole vault -V
 Discus throw -
sin, first, distan
tnd twenty yard hur-
Ley, Chicago, first;
dn, second. Time,
rard dash- W. Mo-
first; F. Moloney,
  Time 0:10.
- Hahn, Wisconsin,
Wisconsin, second,
and forty. yard run
Dnsin, first; Lord,
  Time, 0:53 2-5.
ind twenty yard run
'hicago, first; Senn,
d. Time 0:22 3-5.
and eighty yard run
first; Burdick, Wis-
Time 2.10.
-Hahn, Wisconsin,
Nisconsin, second.
and twenty yard
Loney, Ch.cago, first;
in, second. Time,
ron by Wisconsin by
- Webster, Whcon-
3e 11.3 feet; Place.
Chicago, second, 110 feet.
  Running high jump' Meyer and
 jump - Meyer,Wis-
Iughes, Wisconsin,
;, 6 feet.
L and twenty yard
le, Wisconsin, first;
,cond. Time, 0:25 8-5.
Vebster, Wisconsin,
gconsin, second. Dis-
Baird, Illinois, first;
Visconsin,  second.
I inch.
.ts -Wisconsin, 76j;

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