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The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 2, Number 9 (June 1901)

On the hill,   pp. 379-389

Page 385

On the Hill.
  The literary societies have all cho-
sen their semi-public men for next
year.   For Athena9, Arnold   and
Blackman are closers, with Randolph,
Wooledge, McEachron and Ludlow
as the other debaters. Philomathia
elected Wetzler, Tomlinson (closers),
Milbrath, Breslauer, Lyman     and
Cowells. Hesperia chose Yager and
Sargent as closers, the other men be-
ing Allen, Larsen, Pease and Fuller.
  The past -month was the season of
the freshman blowouts, Philomathia,
Athenee and Hesperia holding their
debates in the order named. The
societies have strong freshman classes
this year, and the blowouts were all
fully up to previous standards. In
Philomathia the successful leaders
were Wetzler and Breslauer, against
Lyman and Tomlinson. In Athenme
Arnold and Blackman got the deci-
sion over Marquissee and Trump
respectively, and Hesperia's winning
closers were Sargent and Yager, who
won out over Steinbrecher and Lar-
  May, the busiest month of spring
for college athletics, has at Wiscon-
sin witnessed some notable achieve-
ments by the baseball and track
teams. The ball team has continued
its good work of the earlier season,
winning from Northwestern, Minne-
sota, Chicago and Notre Dame, and
losing only to Beloit and Chicago.
As Beloit does not figure with the
big colleges op account of the lack of
suitable elegibility rules, Wisconsin
leads the "Conference Colleges ". to
date (May 25th), having lost but one
game to any of the so-called "Big
Nine." Beloit, however, is too good
for the "big" universities, and won
three straight games    from   the
'Varsity-- 10-8,
these games Wis
outbatted and (
only point in whi
at all strongly wf
where the team
several years. I
however, the tean
and fielded fairly
bad hole being al
number of men I
have done their I
been nearly goo
and Brobst have p
most of the gain
done rather bette
are weak hitter,
hitting has been
tain Pierce, Eric
Schreiber, and c
has been decided
one of those fre
afraid to wait till
right place, and I
keeps," and the
a home run or
single. He is pr
ter that Wiscons
days of "Indian
gie" Williams,
averaged over .5(
of 1894. Pretty
that Wisconsin h
been by a batting
the result of the
been a re-awak(
baseball, such a,
game have bee]
year since no oi
ago. When Piei
the winning run
May 11th, after
out in the ninth
regular old-tim
score of this go
western game,
Z-2 and 12-3. In
consin's men were
iutfielded, and the
ch they showed up
s on the base lines,
one of the best in
n the other games,
L has batted strongly
well, the only really
shortstop, where a
ave been tried and
est, but that has not
I enough. Murphy
layed the position in
es, Murphy having
r than Brobst. Both
8 The bulk of the
lone by Ware, Cap-
kson, Leighton and,
f these men Ware
ly the best. He is
e hitters who is not
he gets them in the
hen he swings "for
*esult is as apt to be
three bagger as a
Dbably the best bat-
in has had since the
Dillon and "Mag-
who, with Lyman,
,0 during the season
nearly every game
as won this year has
rally at the end, and
3e close games has
├Żning of interest in
the friends of the
k hoping for every
Le knows how long
'ce came home with
in the Chicago game
two men had pone
inning, there was a
celebration. The
me and the North-
Viay 8d, are given

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