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The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 2, Number 9 (June 1901)

On the hill,   pp. 379-389

Page 382

Wisconsin Alumni Magazine.
cleared for the crew. The music was
furnished by the University Band
under the direction   of Professor
  The second sacred concert of the
year was given by the Christian Asso-
ciations on Sunday afternoon, May
12th. The program was attractively
arranged and excellently rendered. It
consisted of choruses by the Girls'
and Men's Glee Clubs, a trio by Mrs.
Noble, Miss Pickarts and Mrs. Voss,
and solos by Miss Marjorie McCaw-
ley, Professor Olson, Miss Ella Helm,
a piano solo by Mr. W. M. Fowler
and a 'cello solo by Mr. Ehlman.
The program was closed with selec-
tions by Anderson's Mandolin Or-
chestra. Music Hall was completely
filled by the audience attracted by an
opportunity of hearing the best uni-
versity and city talent.
  In the finals of the military com-
petitive drills, held May 14th, Com-
pany E, commanded     by   Captain
Kemp, winner of the first battalion
competition, won first place, with
Company F, under Captain Higgins,
which had obtained the highest rank
in the second battalion, second. In
the individual drill Paul Trowbridge,
'03, was adjudged the best. The
judges were Lieutenants Waldron
and Ross of Fort Sheridan and Colonel
Joachim of Madison.
  The annual meeting of the Mando-
lin Club was held May 15th, and
officers were elected as follows:
  Leader, Robert T. Smith, Jr.;
manager, Osmund M. Jorstad.
  Arrangements are being made for
open air concerts in connection with
the Glee Club and band.
  The second Choral Union concert
was given at Music Hall, May 16th.
The soloists were Mrs. Jane Stuart
Auer of Milwaukee and Mr. August
Hylested.:ok Chicago, the selections
of both being hfglfr, ppreciated.
The work of the chorus under Dlre-
tor Parker was excellent and showed
considerable improvement over the
preceding concert of th6 year. The
program was as follows:
1. Song of Peace    -      Sullivan
    Choral Union and Orchestra.
2. Piano -Sonata, op. 27, C sharp
      minor              Beethoven
          Mr. Hyllested.
3. (a) Das erste Lied -  Gramman
   (b) Who'llBuy my Lavender?
   (c) Snowflakes           Cower
            Mrs. Auer.
4. Part Song-The Linden Tree
          Choral Union.
5. Piano - (a) Ballade, op. 47--A
      flat                  Chopin
   (b) Valse Brilliante, op. 34-
      A flat          -    Chopin
   (c) Concert Polonaise, op. 27
      E major       -     Tyllested
          Mr. Hyllested.
6. Song - (a) Midsummer Dreams
   (b) Delight           Luckstone
            Mrs. Auer.
7. Piano -Overture from " William
      Tell"      -    Rossini-Liszt
          Mr. Hyllested.
7. Barbara Frietchie - Jules Jordan
Mr. Auer, Choral Union, Orchestra.
           GIRLS' CREWS.
  An innovation in the gymnastic
work for women was recently Started
by the formation of several girls'
crews. The first work was taken in
the eight-oar gig on Saturday, May
[Jun e

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