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The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 2, Number 9 (June 1901)

On the hill,   pp. 379-389

Page 380

Wisconsin Alumni Magazine.
Milwaukee; John Pugh, Jr., Racine;
James G. Zimmerman, Milwaukee.
  The board organized by the elec-
tion of Richard H. Hollen as chair-
man, George R. Keachie business
manager, and Beulah C. Post sec-
retary, and the appointment of the
usual committees, with the following
as chairmen:
  Literary committee, Harry C. John-
son; chronicle committee, Chester
Lloyd-Jones; business   committee,
George R. Keachie; art committee,
Mary F. Cunningham; photograph
committee, Irving Seaman.
  The Board has followed the custom
of offering prizes for contributions to
the book. The prizes include copies
of the '03 Badger, subscriptions to
magazines and cash prizes. The com-
petitions include the following: Lit-
erary -Short stories of Wisconsin
college life, full page articles, collec-
tions of college jokes, college verse by
students, verse by members of the
faculty, and contributions from high
school students.  Art -- Full page
illustrations, illustrated  jokes, de-
partment headings, drawings     by
members of the present freshman
class, and sets of photos of university
  A meeting of representatives of the
different fraternities was called by
Professor Olson of the faculty social
committee for April 30th. Various
questions relating to social functions
in the University were discussed, and,
although no definite results were
obtained at the meeting, it led to a
better understanding between the
fraternities and faculty upon social
conditions. The question of "rush-
ing" was also brought up and dis-
cussed, but nothing was done regard-
ing its regulation. A  similar con-
ference of representatives of the
sororities was held not long ago, at
which it was decided to discourage
mid-week social affairs.
  The junior girls' basketball team
won the championship by defeating
the freshman team on May 1st at
Chadbourne Hall by a score of nine to
  The line-up was as follows:
  Juniors: Guards - Esther Donnel-
ly and Charlotte Simonds; center -
Mary Swain; forwards - Tinora Kas-
berg and Mary Wright.
  Freshmen: Guards-- Ethel Moore
and Elizabeth Pyre; center - Elva
Cooper; forwards - Adah Streeter
and Fannie Baker.
          CAPS AND GOWNS.
  On May 3d the junior class met to
make plans for the ensuing year.
After a long discussion it was voted
to adopt the caps and gowns, the
same to be worn on state occasions
throughout the year, the annual
Swing-Out being held in the fall in-
stead of the spring as has been cus-
  On the evening of May 7th the
Haresfoot Club initiated six new
members, Messrs. Harry Johnson,
John V. Brennan, Joseph E. Davies,
Francis Kales, Charles A. Lyman
and Ray Chapman.      The addition
almost doubles the membership of
the club, the present 'active Hares-
footers being Messrs.CharlesA. Vilas,
president of* the *club, Walton H.
Pyre, Edwin A. Snow, E. T. Fox,
Clifford Ireland and J. Bartow Pat-
rick. The Haresfoot Club is hopeful
that by extending chapters to sur-
rounding colleges a nucleus may be
formed for the     consolidation of
dramatic clubs into a national organi-

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