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McCormick, Bart E. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 29, Number 2 (Nov. 1927)

Alumni news,   pp. 62-64

Page 63

November, 1927
ex '25 1azel HALVERSON, Stoughton, to
      Walter Netterblad, Ironwood, Mich.,
      Aug. 17, Stoughton.  Mrs. Nettet-
      blad attended the University of Wis-
      consin and was graduated from Mil-
      waukee Normal in 1924.
1925 Myrtle May Porter, Ft. Atkinson, to
      John LeRoy HALL, Whitewater, Wis.,
      Aug. 20, at Whitewater.  Mr. and
      Mrs. Hall will make their home in
      Milwaukee where Mr. Hall is a
      chemist with the Pittsburgh Plate
      Glass company.
1925  Helen Marsden, Fennimore, to Ken-
      neth H. CORBETT, Iron Mountain,
      Mich., Aug. 20, at Fennimore. Mrs.
      Corbett is a graduate of Lawrence
      College, class of 1926. Mr. and Mrs.
      Corbett will live at 821 West B
      Street, Iron Mountain.
1925  Emma GOODFELLOW, Superior, Wis.,
1923  to Dr. C. Oliver HEIMDAL, Rochester,
      Minn., Aug. 24, at Superior. Dr. and
      Mrs. Heimdal will live in Rochester.
1925  Ruth E. GRAF, Mukwonago, to Fred
      L. Dickerson, Grand Rapids, -Mich.,
      Sept. 1. Mr. and Mrs. Dickerson will
      live in Grand Rapids.
1925  Helen MARSH, Elroy, Wis., to Charles
exs'24 W. RILEY, Madison, September 21,
      at the bride's home. After a wedding
      trip, Mr. and Mrs. Riley will be at
      home at 1442 Morrison street, Madi-
1925  Grace Marion, Iowa City, to George
      Wilder MITCHELL, August 30, at
      Iowa City, where Mr. and Mrs. Mit-
      chell will make their home.
1925  Eunice Clark, Waunekee, Wis., to
      Morse MUSSELMAN, Madison, Sep-
      tember 1, at Waunakee. Mr. and Mrs.
      Musselman will live in Milwaukee.
1925  Myra CONNELL, Chilton, Wis., to
1925  Arthur KOCH, Manitowoc, September
      10, at Chilton, where the couple will
1925  Helen Christine CALLSEN, Chicago, to
1925  H. Bowen STAIR, Brodhead, Wis.,
      September 17, at Chicago, where Mr.
      and Mrs. Stair will make their home.
1925  Celia E. Miller, Madison, to Harry J.
      KADWIT, Kenosha, in Madison on
      September 11. Mr. and Mrs. Kadwit
      will live in Kenosha, where Mr. Kad-
      wit is practicing law.
1925  Frances Vandervoort Trippi Brook-
      line, Mass., to Francis Crosby WHITE-
      HEAD, La Grange, Ill., September 3,
      in Barnstable, Mass. They will live
      at 108 Lincoln avenue, Riverside, Ill.
ex '25 Myrtle Brazel, Durand, Wis., to
      Palmer H. MILES,' Arkansaw, Wis.,
      Annct R1 in Minneannliq_ Mr. and
      Mrs. Miles will live in Shell Lake,
      Wis., where Mr. Miles teaches in the
      public schools.
ex '25 Muriel Welles NORTH, Chicago, to
      James H. Scott, August 31, at Chi-
ex '25 Marie Carpenter, Baraboo, to Earl
      W. HAUGH, Milwaukee, at the home of
      the bride's father. Mr. and Mrs.
      Haugh will live in Milwaukee.
1926  Wanda Janet SANBORN, Madison, to
      Dr. George W. Hunter III, Claremont,
      Calif., Aug. 25, at Madison.  Dr.
      Hunter received his Ph.D. from the
      University of Illinois in 1927, and
      Mrs. Hunter was awarded an M.S.
      degree at the same time. After a trip
      east, via the Great Lakes, Dr. and
      Mrs. Hunter will be at home in Troy,
      N. Y., where Dr. Hunter will be as-
      sistant professor of biology at the
      Rensselaer Polytechnic institute.
S.S, '26 Katherine L. MUNGAvIN, Superior, to
      John W. Frawley, Stillwater, Minn.,
      Aug. 10, at Superior. After a trip
      through Yellowstone Park, Mr. and
      Mrs. Frawley went to Stillwater,
      where they are at home at Officer's
ex '28 Margaret Connell, Fond du Lac, Wis.'
1926 to Walter C. FINN. Santa Anna, Calif.,
      Aug. 24. at Fond du Lac. After a
      short wedding trip Mr. and Mrs. Finn
      will make their home in St. Louis,
      where Mr. Finn is completing his
      medical course at Washington Uni-
1926  Carol Joe RAYOME, West Bend, to
      George E. Steckmesser, Manitowoc,
      Aug. 19, at West Bend.
M.A. '26 Wendelyn MayLinden, Berwyn, Ill.
      to Donald Edgar HOLLISTER, Madi-
      son, Aug. 20, at Berwyn. The couple
      will live in Madison, where Mr. Hol-
      lister is an interior decorator with
      the Crowl Construction company.
1926 Lida HOLLINGSWORTH, Sheboygan, to
      Durward Du Bois, Baraboo, in Sep-
      tember, at Sheboygan. Mr. and Mrs.
      Du Bois will live in Toledo, Ohio.
1926  Frances Vivian COBABE, Wauwatosa,
1926 to Sterling Hartwell ALBERT, Ocono-
      mowoc, Aug. 17, at Wauwatosa. Mr.
      and Mrs. Albert will live in Ocono-
1926 Helen CUSHMAN, Omaha, Nebr., to
1926 Elmer C. BECK, Racine, Sept. 5, at
      Omaha, Nebr., Mr. and Mrs. Beck
      will reside in Racine, where Mr. Beck
      is connected with -Peter C. Beck Co.
ex '26 Doris Albert Johnson, Rockford, Ill.,
      to Leslie F. MOHNS, Janesville, Sep-
      tember 14, at Rockford, where they
      will live.
Fd. Bd.'26 Elizabeth Sherer, Madison, to
      Malcolm B. GULDAN, Chippewa Falls,
      Wis., September 4. Mr. and Mrs.
      Guldan will live in Chippewa Falls.
1926  Garnet Irene MORRISON, Madison, to
1926  George Robertson SEARS, Madison,
      October 1, at the home of the bride.
      Mr. and Mrs. Sears will live in Madi-
      son, where Mr. Sears is an instructor
      at the University.
1926  Hazel Ehredt CRILLEY, Chicago, to
1926  Robert Murray WHEELER, Madison,
      September 3, at Madison. Mr. and
      Mrs. Wheeler will live in Chicago.
1926 Eileen Frances Locklin, Rio, Ill., to
      Jerome C. ZUFELT, formerly of She-
      boygan, September 3, at Rio. Mr.
      and Mrs. Zufelt will make their home
      in Chicago.
1926  Evelyn L. SCHMIDT, Wauwatosa, to
ex '28 Orlando M. MELCHER, Wild Rose, in
      September, at Wauwatosa.     The
      couple will live in Wild Rose. '
1926  Ingrid Johnson, Decorah, Iowa, to
      Carl B. VAN WINTER, Janesville,
      during the summer. Mr. and Mrs.
      Van Winter will live in Janesville.
 x '26 Ruth DAVIDSON, Milwaukee, to Fred-
      erick Winding, Milwaukee, October 1,
      at the home of the birde.
1927  Mary Elizabeth Snowden, Platteville
      Wis., to Gordon N. BEVINS, Muske-
      gon, Mich., July 9, at Platteville. Mr.
      and Mrs. Bevins will live in Muskegon
      where Mr. Bevins is head of the voca-
      tional guidance department of the
      city schools.
1927  Isabel Anita RHEINS, 'Milwaukee, to
ex' 26 Harold Godfrey SILJAN, Milwaukee,
      July 9, at Milwaukee.
1927  Eunice  C. Clough, Madison, to
      Thomas HOLLEY, Madison, June 15,
      in Rockford, Ill.
1927  Selma N gard, Mount Horeb, to
      Francis W. HERREID, Madison, July
      19. at Mount Horeb.
1927  Ruth I. Dahlen, Oldham, S. D., to
      Orlando SKINRUD, Klevenville, Wis.,
      June 29, at Oldham. Mr. and Mrs.
      Skinrud will live in Appleton, where
      Mr. Skinrud will teach history in
      the high school.
1927  Miriam M. WOLLAEGER, Milwaukee,
1922  to Walter Karl LINK, La Porte, Ind.,
      September 10, at the home of the
      bride. Mr. and Mrs. Link will go to
      Columbia, S. A., where they will live.
      Both Mr. and Mrs. Link are geologists
      and they will work in South America.
1927  Helen Ione Jamieson, Madison, to
      Helmar A. LEWIs, McFarland, Wis,
      Mr. and Mrs. Lewis will live in Madi-
1927  Virginia J. HIBBARD, Madison, to
      Anson Day Marston, Kansas City,
      Mo., September 6, at the home of the
      bride's parents. Mr. Marston is a
      graduate of Iowa State College.
1927  Lucille M. LEGLER, Marion, Iowa, to
1927  William  W. CHURCHILL, Monroe,
      Wis., 'September 10, at Monroe.
1927  Genevieve PRISK, Mineral Point, Wis.,
      to Andrew Ranous Schaller, Janesville,
      August 27, at Mineral Point. They
      will live in Janesville, where Mr.
      Schaller is manager of the Janesville
      Steam Laundry.
1927  Florence J. Elliott, River Falls, Wis.,
      to Robert A. PARKER, Tomahawk,
      Wis., August 18, at River Falls. Mr.
      and Mrs. Parker will live in Phillips,
      Wis., where Mr. Parker teaches.
1927  Dorothy L. SEERING, Fond du Lac, to
      Charles H. Van De Sande, Campbells-
      port, Wis., September 23, in Mil-
      waukee.   The couple will live in
1927  Leone Yapp, Madison, to Reuben J.
      POLLOCK, Manitowoc, September 2,
      at Rockford, Ill.
1927  Lorena DOUGLAS, Electra, Texas, to
Faculty Edwin Ray SKINNER, Madison, at
      the home of the bride. Mr. and Mrs.
      Skinner will live in Madison.
ex '30 Ruth FOXWELL, Racine, to Clinton
      CASE, Racine, during the summer.
ex '27 Luella J. Hvam, Madison, to Nathan-
      iel F. CRAMTON, September 7, at
      Madison, where    Mr. and    Mrs.
      Cramton will live at 330 Norris
1927  Marval Telfen, Cambridge, Wis., to
      Lawrence GUMBRECK, Madison, Sep-
      tember 14, at Cambridge.
ex '28 Norma E. JOHNSON, to Paul E.
1921 BOLLINGER, Sharon, Wis., September
1929  Frieda Riedemann, Deerfield, Wis., to
      Willard L. WEGNER, Lake Mills, Wis.,
      at London, Wis.    Mr. and   Mrs.
      Wegner will live in Madison.
ex '29 Hilda JOHNSON, Superior, to Karl J.
      Henrich, August 31, in Superior. Mr.
      Henrich is a graduate of Valpariso
      University, class of 1924.
Faculty Carol Seaver KEAY, Madison, to
Faculty Dr. George W. KE-ITT, Madison,
      August 30, at the home of the bride's
      mother, in Clifton Heights, Pa. Dr.
      and Mrs. Keitt will live in Madison.
1906  To Dr. and Mrs. P. F. BREY, a son
      Lawrence, July 12.
1904  To Mr. and Mrs. Benton B. BYERS
1909  (Mary RAYNE), Duluth, a daughter,
      Mary Rayne, July 6.
1909 To Mr. and Mrs. John R. Lange,
      (Barbara KLINEFELTER), Madison,
      a son, John Robert, August 10.
1911 To Mr. and Mrs. J. F. ALEXANDER.
      Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa., a
      son, John Fred, September 14.
1914  To Mr. and Mrs. Paul KNAPLUND
1925  (Dorothy KING), Madison, a daughter
      Katherine Barbara, June 8.
1917 To    Mr. and   Mrs. Fred   Groves
     _(Allene WILSON), Cape Girardeau,
     Mo., a daughter, Marjorie Allene,
     September 4.
1918 To Mr. and Mrs. L. P. Irvin (Lydia
      STITT), Oxford, Ohio, a daughter,
      Patricia Montgomery, August 28.
1917 To    Mr. and   Mrs. Clarence W.
1918  O'CONNOR   (Emma    DAMKOEHLER),
      Milwaukee, a son, James Frank,
      September 8.
1918 To Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Millioan
      (Christine BROWN), Bellefontame,
      Ohio, a daughter, Lucy Anne, May 24,
192 Tn Mr and1 Mrs na~rfrnn V1616
      Dayis DIETRICH), Hinsdale, Ill., a
      aughter, Jan, May 6.
1922  To Mr. and Mrs. Victor E. KROHN
1921  (Dorothy JONES), Detroit, Mich., a
      daughter, Barbara Anne, July 26.
1923  To Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. TRED-
1923  WELL (Aileen HALL), a son, Septem-
      ber 25.
1925  To   Mr. and   Mrs. Ralph   GILES
1926  (Katherine C. REID), Cumberland,
      Md., a daughter, Katherine Calvert,
      August 18.
M.A.'26 To Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J.
      SUCHY, Milwaukee, a son, Robert
      Raymond, March 8, 1927.
  JOHN B. SLATTERY, '72, died suddenly at
his home in Shreveport, La., in September,
after a brief illness. He was 83 years old,
and had been a resident of Shreveport since
  Mr. Slattery was born in New York City
in 1844, but his family moved to Wisconsin
while he was still a boy and settled on a farm
near Madison. After bein* graduated in 1872,
Mr. Slattery and his wife, who had been
Mary Herron, moved to Port Gibson, Miss.,
where he was principal of the school. In 1874,
they moved to Shreveport, where Mr. Slat-
tery began the law firm which became Slattery
& Slattery, when Mr. Slattery's son joined his
father, several years later. The only political
office Mr. Slattery ever held was that of
District Attorney  of Caddo Parish, of
  In recent years Mr. Slattery has been one
of the largest property owners in Shreveport.
He is survived by six children and fifteen
  Mr. Slattery spent a good deal of the past
summer in Madison, where he went to at-
tend the fifty-fifth reunion of his class. Until
the last few weeks, Mr. Slattery had been in
the best of health and his death was a sur-
prise to his family and many friends.

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