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McCormick, Bart E. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 28, Number 4 (Feb. 1927)

UW clubs,   pp. 146-147

Page 147

   It had been nine years since Mrs.
Rosenberry had visited Detroit as a
guest of either Detroit Wisconsin
alumnae or A. A. U. W., so that it was
a greatly anticipated event.
TJHE WEEKLY noon luncheons of the
    Detroit Alumni have had a better
attendance this year than ever before.
In the future these luncheons are to be
held on Tuesdays, at the-Book-Cadillac
Hotel, which arrangement it is hoped
ýwill be more convenient for visitors to
the city.
  Thembowlinteam finishec~itsason
in third place in the All-University
League, losing first place by eleven pins.
This is not so bad after having won the
championship three years in succession
and playing this year with handicaps of
from  ten to one hundred twenty-five
   Plans are being made for a big party
in February when we hope to have
Messrs. Geo. Little, B. E.. McCormick,
'o4, and Charles Byron, 'o8, as our
guests.-CHARLES' K. HARRIS, 'I6.
 T  HE   INDIANAPOLIS      Wisconsin
    Alumni Club had its regular monthly
 meeting Wednesday, Dec. I, at the home
 of Miss Mildred Blacklidge, Miss Black-
 lidge and-Miss Elizabeth Nunlist acting
 as joint hostesses.
   The business meeting consisted chiefly
 in laying plans for our Founders' Day
 banquet on February 5th. The follow-
 pERHAPS some of our alumni have
   wondered about the activity in Mil-
 waukee. Briefly, this is the situation.
 There are about 2,40o Wisconsin alumni
 in Milwaukee. Possibly if some inter-
 ested group of alumni Would get to-
 gether and form a new club, we could
 get a better organized alumni body and
 be of some service to our Alma Mater.
 At any rate, here's a thought worthy of
 consideration. How    about a little
 thought on this matter from the Alumni
   We do have one active organization
 here known as the Milwaukee "W"
 %Club-Which is conposed-orr7wearers
 of the "W." The only requirements for
 membership is that a man must have
 earned his Varsity "W." We have all
 the old timers (?) such as Ikey Karel, "95
 Walter Alexander, '97, Loyal Durand,
 '91, H. H. Jacobs, '93, Lawrence
 Whetet, George Daubler, '97, and
 many others. Then, of course, there is
 the usual number of young bucks. We
 take in all men residing in the vicinity
 of Milwaukee. One of the rules of the
club call each member by his first
name or nickname.
   Our regular business meetings are al-
 ways interesting, but our two big meet-
 ings are the annual stag dinner, a few
 days prior to the Homecoming game and
 the football banquet for the first and
 second all-city high school football
 teams, the principals, coaches and other
 stars. George Little and the captain-
 elect of the University team are our
THE THIRD meeting of the year
   took the form of a -dinner and an
entertainment, held at the University
Club on December I3th. Forty members
-were there to eat, talk, and sing to-
gether, and to be made happier by
professional artists. Ted Jones, ex'o2,
Bob Purchas, '14, and Harry Kedney,
'14, kept the minutes filled.
  Then came one of the treats of the
evening with Judge Hallam, '87, re-
miniscing on the days of old Wisconsin,
when the. class bell rang from North
Hall. He spoke of alumni duties and how
groups, apparently dormant, rose in
earnest wwnen   VVisconsin's call was
urgent.  He developed in us a still
greater faith in President Frank and in
the "new era" for Wisconsin, wherein
larger responsibilities will be followed
by larger accomplishments.
  Clark Fletcher, 'ii, discussed the
purpose of the Minneapolis Alumni
Club and then described for us the true
  A committee, headed by Bob Pur-
chas, introduced a plan for financing, in
advance the total cost of the meetings,
including meals, for the coming year.
Almost unanimous endorsement was
given the project.
  Bridge followed  the dinner, with
Ralph Craigo, '05, and Tom Kennedy,
'i5, refereeing. The prize of 5-,ooo
B. T. U's, donated by Abbott Glick, '0o,
was 'well in order for the thermometer
outside stood at 2o' below.
  Coach Little and Arlie Mucks, '17,
will be en'tertained at the-January meet-
   .  . 11 TV-If'' " . I . *. . . .   "
with the Wex ctie c.mJmitteL Lt maLkeL
with the executive committee to, make
arrangements for the banquet: Earl A.
Heassler, '20, chairman; Viola Swain,
Martha Werz Scheuring,*'o8, Dr. Gene
  Following the business .lmeeting we
had an exceptionally pleasant social,
-evening. There was great expectation
shown for a banner b anquet and talk
turned with, anticipation to the coming
of Haresfoot in the spring.
  PresidentlArnold Bennett Hall of
Oregon University addressed a luncheon
meeting of the League of Women Voters
in Indianapolis on December 26th. Dr.
Hall's reputation as a speaker on muni-
cipal affairs is well known. Needless to
say he even exceeded expectations in
his very able discussion of the modem
trend in municipal politics. There were
three tables reserved for Wisconsin
alumni, who gave him a rousing wel-
  It is of interest to note that Judge
Charles E. Henderson, the bnly alumnus
of Oregon University now residing in
Indianapolis, was present and very
interested to meet and hear President
graduating athlete in each of the fifteen
high schools who has attained the high-
est scholastic standing. In other words,
this award of merit corresponds to the
conference medal. We also present a
loving cup to the school winning the
-championship in football and track. In
order to keep these trophies permanently
they -must be won three times in succes-
sion. We also have committees which
follow the progress of their men in
each of the high schools.
   We would like to see more "W"
 Clubs organized throughout the coun-
 try, especially in Chicago, Green Bay,
 Superiori etc. Think it over letter men,
 and we'll be glad to help you get started.
   We're all happy over our organization
 here, and we have the reputation of
 being a "live wire" outfit. The officers
 of the club for the'present year are:
 Howard B. Stark, '21, president, foot-
 ball; Dr. Irving H. Fowle, vice.presi-
 dent, baseball; Walter P. Hirschberg,
 '0o, treasurer, crew; and C. Iarold Ray,
 '21, secretary, track.
   Our motto is the same as was adopted
 many years ago: "There are no quitters
 at Wisconsin."-C. H. RAY, '2I.
ig, L . . ¥IU 1,L.Ul itILs   LIS  VILIfIILy
are extended an invitation to be present
at this dinner.-A. A. SCHAAL, '15.'
S IXTY MEMBERS of the Northern
  . Califtrnia U. W. Club met for dinner
at the Athens Club, Oakland, December
14th. The affair was to honor Dr. M. V.
O'Shea, who was in the Bay region to
deliver a series of lectures during the
Teachers' Convention.
  Frank 0. Cornish, '96, for twenty-
four years secretary of the club, sent out
his usual breezy    invitation which
brought the group together from Oak-
land, Berkeley, San Francisco, and
Richmond. Anga Bjornson,'i ,president,
presided. Nellie Angell Nichols, 'o7,
played accompaniments to the familiar
  D. L. Hennessey, 'o3, introduced Dr.
O'Shea, after President Bjornson had.
called the roll according to classes and
old students of the honor guest had
paid him their tributes. Dr. O'Shea gave
us a generous account of the Wisconsin
we are interested in and we lingered for in-
formal visiting with him and with each
February, 1927

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