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McCormick, Bart E. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 28, Number 3 (Jan. 1927)

News of the classes,   pp. 111-[119]

Page 112

    engineer of Illinois he conducted some
    practical tests of concrete and other
    types of road surfaces" upon which the
    highway department spent a quarter
    of a million dollars. These are known as
    the Ames Bates Road tests often re-
    ferred; to by other highway engineers.
    '02O   Kittie BurTON Payne is a shin-
    ý02     'ing light in Denver, Colo. The
    past month she has :been shining in
    charity work.-Dr. Willis W. WAITE Of
    El Paso, Texas, was elected: president of
    the Medical and Surgical Association of
    the Southwest at a recent meeting in
    Tucson, Ariz. The members of the As-
    sociation are from New Mexico, Ari-
    zona, western Texas and old Mexico.
    Mrs. Waite was Lillian Adelle COOK,,,
    '3., Dr., and Mrs. Waite have two sons,
    Willis Willard Jr. and Charles Cook.
    '03 Hamlet BARRY, Denver, Colo.,
'       3   is dean of the Westminister Law'
    School. Yes, he has settled down to
    dignity much to the surprise of class-
    mates.ý-., C. FIsH, head 6f the history
    department in the Teachers' College. at
    Ellensburg, Wash., will soon have on the
    market a state history for the sixth
    grade. Mr. Fish is 'chairman of the state
    committee for the revision of history in
    the grades.
    '0     A. F. KRiPPNER is being wel-
        c1 Iomed back to Denver. Krip
    says it's for "'good." Sounds suspicious,
    but nevertheless promising.
    '05 Alice GREEN Hixon, Lake For-
        v-est., Ill., has been elected na-
    tional treasurer of the League of Women
    '.06    The University of Tubingen -has
            conferred on Conrad HOFFMAN
    the doctorate in political science "hon-
    oris causa." The German universities
    thus unite in voicing their gratitude for
    the splendid work of Mr. Hoffman in
    building the student self-help organiza-
    tion of the post-war years. Mr. Hoff-
    man was formerly engaged in Y. M. C.
    A. service to Prisoners of War in Ger-
    many; later he served     throughout
    Europe as secretary in charge of the
    student Friendship fund. He is now the
    secretary in charge of International
    Student Service. The Student Y. M. C.
    A. and Y. W. C. A. of the United States
    work through International Student
    Service in cooperation with similar
    student movements in Europe.-E. T.
    HowsoN, Chicago, western editor of
    Railway Age, was elected president of
    the American Railway Bridge and Build-
    ing Association at the annual conven-
    tion of that body held at Richmond,
    Va., in October.--John W. REID has
    been promoted from chief engineer to
assistant general manager of the Robins
Conveying Belt Co., address 26oo Park
Row Bldg., New York City.-Henry
SAUBERT is connected with the Illinois
Power &Light Corporation, St. Louis,
Mo.-I. L. REYNOLDS and wife, Wdl-
mette, Ill., recently made an automo-
bile trip to California.-Mr. and Mrs.
S. J. Steele (Florence DE LAP), Maiy-
wood, Ill.., visited in Madison during
' 7. _Lewis SHERMAN Was elected
" '~president 4i the National Coffee
Roasters Association at their sixteenth
annual convention held at West Baden,
Ind., November 8-ii.-T. J. LUcAs
and A. J. LUICK have opened offices as
consulting engineers in the Illinois
Merchants Bank Bldg., Chicago.,
Q       Malcornb J. HALLIDAY is with
  s'' the-Jones & Laughlin Steel Co.,
L. C. Smith Bldg., Seattle, Wash.-'
Charles SEMRAD hasn't missed a ban-
quet of theDenver alumni club for the
past two years. He, like Guy Faller,
is helping direct the.affairs of the Public
Service Co. of Denver.
'9 John D. BLACK-," professor of
        . economics at the University of
Minnesotai is the author of a recerit
volume entitled "Introduction 'to Pro-
duction  Economics." -    Robert W.
BRIDGMA N is connected with the E. A.
Rowle Co., manufacturers of school
Supplies, Chicago.-Louis P. LOCHNER
is a staff member of the Berlin Bureau of
the Associated Press of America.
'-10    C. F. WATSON, Box II, Port
        Edwards, Wis., writes:    "I
really don't ever see any i9Ioers. "Ed"
GLEASON and I are about the only
representatives in these parts. Lillian
REMSBURG, who used to be one of
our gang is teaching at Oak Park,
324 N. Euclid Ave.-F. L. OLSON
resigned his position October 15 as di-
rector of the Bureau of Municipal Re-
search of the Minneapolis Civic and
Commerce Association, which position
he has held for nearly ten years, to ac-
cept the associate directorship 'of the
newly organized Pittsburgh Bureau of
Governmental Research    with offices
at 212 Oliver Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa.
Problems of finance including the budget
and debt as the most important and that
of working out a metropolitan area for
Pittsburgh and Alleghany county are
the immediate tasks confronting the new
bureau.-F. J. SiEvERs, head of the soils
department at Washington State Col-
lege, is president of the Pullman
Kiwanis Club. He is the author of a
recent bulletin published by the Wash-
ington Agricultural Experiment Station
on "The Significance of Nitrogen in
Soil Organic Matter Relationships."-
Jessie Jean SCHINDLER writes that she
has moved fromý 59 Fifth Ave., to High-
land Ct.,, Highland Ave., and 16,2nd St.,
Jamaica, L. I.-Jeanne KIRWAN        is
associated with the New York City sys-
tem of. public schools as a teacher of
English'in the training school for teach-
ers.7ý She.,has fecently taken a Master's
degree at.Colqmbia University Teach-
ers College.
9 | IElfrieda MERZ, who has worked
        for the Red Cross in Cleveland,
 0., since 1917, has beeno.sent to Miami,
 Fla., for work among the storm victims.
 She may be addressed % the Red Cross
 in the latter 6ity.-Whenever W. A'
 .SPENCER, Denver, district manager of the
 Massachusetts Life Insurance Co. ap-
 pears you involuntarily say, "That is the
 life:" He has the Wisconsin .spirit.
 I 3    Glen R. FoSTER has resigned
        his position with Wolf & Co.,
 accountants, Oklahoma City', and has
 joined the office, of   Kardex-Rand
 Corporation in the same city.-Alfred
 W. KrxLEFORTH still resides in Berlin,
 Germany, where he is United. States
consula-.The Santa Monica Evening
Outlook for December 4 carries a large
picture of Eddie Gillette, all-American
quarterback, in football togs, strikiing a
characteristically coach-like pose. Under
it is a; story which runs, something like
this: "Eddie-for while. he -may get
away.with that Edmond stuff at certain
times, the plainer cognomen will con-
tinue to cling to him wherever. football
is spoken-was out in      hniform   at
Samohi Athletic field at the start of
the season, and     the assistance he
rendered to Coach Max Berg, '18,
was invaluable.     Dashing, ducking,
tackling, and being spilled, Eddie re-
lived   his glorious gridiron days by
mingling with youths barely getting a
start in the grim game of men. He
couldn't have been kept away from a
Santa Monica game by a detachment of
marines. Under his guidance, the lads
learned to play one of -the best offensive
games in the Bay league."
'1 4 Arthur HALLAM was. recently
         elected grand secretary of Alpha
 Delta Sigma, professional advertising
 fraternity.-Herman E. KRANZ is chief
 engineer of Grigsby, Gruno, Hinds Co.,
 Chicago, manufacturers of Majestic
 "B'" eliminators.-Edna DYAR is regis-
 tered for her first year's work in the
 medical school of Cornell University,
 Ithaca, N. Y. She is also assisting in
 the department of anatomy.-W. A.
 FINDLAY is secretary of S. A. Stephens,
 Inc., Dodge Brothers dealer in Buffalo,
 N. Y. His address is ioio Main St.
.7anuary. 192-1

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