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McCormick, Bart E. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 28, Number 3 (Jan. 1927)

Things in general,   pp. 94-95

Page 95

spirit oi cooperaton mIIrta    UlLWtL1 Li1: Lu~iiio
and professional men of the City of Madison and the
THE PARK HOTEL has been officially designated as
   the Intercollegiate Alumni Hotel of Madison, and as
an alumni hotel, the Park is prepared to render a
special service to resident and visiting alumni. The
current issues of the alumni publications of some eighty
colleges and universities in the Intercollegiate Alumni
Association will be on file at the Park in addition to a
card index of the names of all resident alumni of the
same institutions. The managers of all intercollegiate
alumni hotels are prepared to cooperate with individual
alumni and groups of alumni to the fullest extent. This
is especially so of Mr. Walter Pocock, irnnager of the
Park, whose middle name is courtesy.
THEWisconsin Alumni Magazine is a medium of con-
   tact between the University and the alumni. It is
owned and controlled by the General Alumni Association
and every member of the Association is a stockholder
and should beinterested in its success. It is a big finan-
       .n an -vistin                 alumn * . i.' The
Cial responsioility ror mne iissociaulon. .t~s nnaniilti su.--
cess depends upon its ability to "draw" advertising. The
value of magazine advertising depends upon the quality
of the publication. We are trying to make the Wiscon-
sin Alumni Magazine a quality magazine. The success
of advertising depends even to a greater degree upon
the support which subscribers give advertisers. If you
patronize our advertisers, advertising will become per-
manent and the income of the Association will be in-
creased. If you do not and our advertising falls away,
the scope of the magazine must be narrowed. Our
pages carry. high class advertising that should be of
interest to our readers. That our ads are read con-
sistently is evident from the frequency with which
members write us or speak to us about them. But let
us do more than read the ads. Let us patronize our
advertisers and mention the Magazine. It is only fair
to help those who help us.
   HE UNIVERSITY of Wisconsin Club of New York
       meeting at weekly luncheons regularly.  To
 accommodate members the following schedule has been
 arranged. First and third Tuesdays of each month,
 Towti Hall Club, 123 W. 43d St., (uptown). Second
 and fourth Tuesdays, Miller's Restaurant, 113 Nassau
 St., (downtown).   The meetings are 12:30 P. M.
 Visitors are always welcome. George B. Hill is in
 charge of luncheons.
               *     Th,  R; 5,-,  ,-'-". rh
  Following Chairman Sauthoff's appeal and before
the meeting closed, the following gifts to the field house
were announced: Wisconsin State Journal, $1,2oo,
The Park Hotel, $250, The Pantorium, $25'0.
  Following the banquet at the hotel, the party ad-
journed to the Strand Theatre where a special "pep
program,' featuring the Wisconsin team and student
life was put on for a capacity audience.
  Immediately following the banquet the "W" men
of the squad elected "Toad""Crofoot captain of the 1927
team. The men given W's this year were as follows:
  Barnum,.Burrus, Cameron, Cole, Connor, Crofoot,
Doyle Harmon, Kasiska, Kresge, Kreuz, Leitl, Rose,
Straubel, Von Bremer, Wagner, Welch, Wilke. Muegge
was awarded a letter for four years faithful service.
Shawand Mansfield -were awarded AWA's.
  The banquet was tangible evidence of the splendid
  Following Chairmn                      1-
  In this letter I want to re-
veal to you my deep feeling of
gratitude for your kindness and
sympathy toward me expressed
in graniting me the Birge Schol-
arship of the Class of 1900.
My words are too weak to give
a true idea of the feelings and
the thoughts awakened in my
heart by your deed.    These
   o~.,-m~~h1-o IT1-d*~ia.t-  I~fl inMP
and.I shall treasure them as long as I am able to. think
and to feel. Being conscious of the great honor that you
are doing me, I am encouraged to follow my' chosen
calling in spite of hindrances.
  Please be assured of my deepest gratitude.
                     Very respectfully,
                               T. M. DOBROVSKY.
AMONG callers at Alumni Headquarters during the
    month was Professor Frederick D. Heald, head
of the department of plant pathology of State College,
Washington. Professor Heald was called to Madison
by the serious illness of his mother.
A FTER MONTHS of planning and preparation, the
officers of the University Men's Glee club announce
a summer concert tour of Europe to be made by the well
known concert group next summer.
  The tour will begin with the embarkation on the Red
Star liner, Belgenland, June 25, 1927, and will terminate
with the return of the S. S. Pennland on August 6. The
following cities will be included: London, Oxford,
Cambridge, Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburg, Glas-
         1 - I1                  'Il_ I _ TT----. -11  _
gow , kjSLeUf _,  DI'-UbbriUI, .lUjtilY  ItllO. .I.V L..tLact.Ur"  C.1&oI
ranged for by the club's representatives in London.
  When it was ascertained that the club would have the
opportunity of making the tour, Prof. E. Earl Swinney,
conductor of -the concert group, announced that he
would choose the 32 best voices from the concert clubs
of the past three years, and thus organize a club even
finer than the regular concert group.  -
  Arrangements are being made at the present time to
book- several concerts on the trip from Madison to the
port of embarkation, New York. These appearances
will no doubt be made in Cleveland, Ohio; Rochester,
N. Y., and in New York City.
  The establishment of the European tour will by no
means alter the plans of the Club for its regular annual
spring tour of the Mid-West.                     I
  The contemplated tour is the culmination of plans
initiated and perfected by Carlton Johns, '27, business
6]E VERY ALUMNUS a reporter" slips have been
      sent out in office mail during the past month.
Many of them have been returned with real live up-to-
date news which, we believe, makes the News of the
Classes columns particularly interesting this month.
You want to read about other Wisconsin men and
women. They want to read about you. Don't "wait for
the slips. Send in the news while it is fresh. Send it now.
.7anuary, 19.27
Class of I90o,
Madison, Wis.
Dear Sirs:
Clai res pOnSlDlllty f or the

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